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Facts :


    "This is a website about race, racism and life - as seen through the eyes of the Britkids.
    Would you like to...hang out with a Britkid, or go into town?"



Clipart :

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Vocabulary :

  • Words and terminology about 'race' (

  • Positive Language Empowers - ex :
    - Affirmative Phrases : "Person with psychiatric disability"
    - Negative Phrases : "Crazy, nuts"

INTERACTIVE exercises :


  • Minorities (Hervé Humbert)
    ( = the visually impaired - the elderly - the blind - the sick - the unemployed -
    the deaf and dumb - the handicapped
    - etc.)
    - Matching exercises (3 pages)

Exercises TO PRINT :



Lesson plans :

  • The Conditioned - a lesson plan
    "This EFL lesson plan is designed around a short film by Facebook Stories about Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho
    who was homeless in São Paulo, Brazil, for nearly 35 years. Raimundo sat in in the same spot and wrote every day...
     In the lesson students describe two pictures, write a narrative, watch a short film and discuss questions related to the narrative shown in the film."

    Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2)
    Time: 90 minutes
    Topic: Empathy
    Language: Adjectives to describe a person and narrative tenses


    Empathy "is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being.
    One may need to have a certain amount of empathy before being able to experience accurate sympathy or compassion." 


  • Youth Homelessness - Documents divers et pistes d'exploitation rassemblés par Cyril Brot


  • HOMELESSNESS - a lesson plan
    + A SONG STUDY: "It's probably me" by Sting and Eric Clapton



Idioms and Proverbs :

  • Newborn by Elbow : - UPDATED
    "I'll be as deaf as a post"




Cartoons :





Blind and dyslexic


Ads :


Songs about Homelessness :


  • LIKE A HOBO by Charlie Winston :

    • “Like a Hobo” by Charlie Winston 
      + Activities :
      "The activities consist in
      - a matching exercise of the lyrics before listening
      - a sequencing activity of the lyrics while watching, with no sound
      - a series of questions about the title, the characters’ philosophy of life,
      and the grammar in the song"

      Like a Hobo, Charlie Winston + the VIDEO or on YouTube - a worksheet

    • Like a hobo (animation) - sung by Charlie Winston (YouTube)

      n. , pl. -boes or -bos . = "One who wanders from place to place
      without a permanent home or a means of livelihood."


      - the lyrics :
      "I’ve always known
      Since I was a young boy
      In this world, everything’s as good as bad
      Now my father told me always speak a true word...
      The less I have the more I am a happy man...
      Like a hobo from a broken home
      Nothing’s gonna stop me"

      + the video (

  • It's probably me by Eric Clapton :
    "When your belly's empty and the hunger's so real
    And you're too proud to beg and too dumb to steal,
    You search the city for your only friend,
    No one would you see."
  • HOMELESSNESS - a lesson plan (absolutenglish-972)
    + A SONG STUDY: "It's probably me" by Sting and Eric Clapton
  • Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development :
    "Two dollars means a snack for me,
    but it means a big deal to you...
    I saw a man with no clothes, no money, no plate...
    no one ever knew his name cause he's a no-one...
    Now that I know him, to give him money isn't charity
    He gives me some knowledge..."
  • Only A Hobo by Bob Dylan :
    "I spied an old hobo, in a doorway he lay.
    His face was all grounded in the cold sidewalk floor...
    A blanket of newspaper covered his head,
    As the curb was his pillow, the street was his bed."
  • Talkin' Bout A Revolution by Tracy Chapman :
    "While they're standing in the welfare lines
    Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
    Wasting time in unemployment lines..."

  • The Streets Of London by McTell Ralph or The Beatles :
    "Have you seen the old man
    In the closed-down market
    Kicking up the paper,
    with his worn out shoes?...
    Have you seen the old girl
    Who walks the streets of London
    Dirt in her hair and her clothes in rags?...
    ... a world that doesn't care"


Videos :

  • Kitra Cahana: A glimpse of life on the road
    "As a young girl, photojournalist and TED Fellow Kitra Cahana dreamed about running away from home to live freely on the road.
    Now as an adult and self-proclaimed vagabond, she follows modern nomads into their homes — boxcars, bus stops, parking lots, rest stop bathrooms — giving a glimpse into a culture on the margins."



  • How street cat named Bob saved busker - 30 June 2013
    "Busker James Bowen was homeless when a ginger tomcat walked into his life.
    Since then his book about the unlikely friendship, A Street Cat Named Bob, has sold over 700,000 copies, and been translated into over 20 languages.
    James and Bob joined Jeremy Vine on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show."


  • The Power of Words (YouTube)
    - "a great video to get students to think more carefully about their writing." (Larry Ferlazzo)


Cinema :

  • Moments - with a lesson
    "This lesson is designed around a beautiful short film called Momentos by Nuno Rocha and the theme of homelessness.
    Students use vocabulary to describe appearance, character and feelings, write a story, watch a short film and speak about homelessness."

    Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (C1)
    Time: 90 minutesActivity: Writing a story, watching a short film and speaking