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Internet + Newspapers + Press + Television :
vocabulary and activities

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Facts - Clips

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Television : vocabulary, information and activities





Facts :

  • See Facts (TV page)

  • Famous Japanese TV and Movie Characters : - UPDATED
    Astroboy - Totoro - Godzilla - Pikachu - Doraemon - Sailor Moon (


  • Samsung's 'future-proof' voice-controlled television
    "A "smart" internet-connected television that has the ability to have its hardware upgraded every year has been unveiled by Samsung...
    In addition to its "smart evolution capability" Samsung has also added gesture, voice and face recognition features to the ES8000 model..."



    Pimp My Ride
    "is a TV show produced by MTV. Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring it, as well as customizing it...
    This show picks young car owners living in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California and pimps their ride for absolutely no cost. "



  • Media influence
    "In psychology, communication theory and sociology, media influence or media effects refers to the theories about the ways the mass media
    affect how their audiences think and behave.
    Critics of the media effects theory point out that many copycat murders, suicides and other violent acts nearly always happen in abnormal upbringings. They were raised in a violent, emotionally neglected or aggressive environment which influenced their behavior more rather than watching certain programs, films or listening to certain music. Most people who carry out these acts are also mentally unstable to begin with.
    Critics also point out that just because an audience sees acts of violence on TV, etc, this does not mean they will actually do it themselves.
    Of the millions of people who watch violent films, only a small number have carried out acts of violence as a direct result..."


  • Watching TV 'harms back muscles'

    "Slumping in front of the television or a computer for hours at a time may damage important back muscles, according to scientists."





Clips :

  • BBC Worldwide's Channel - The best of British TV
    sur YouTube
  • UK Television Adverts - (
    "adverts for Abbey National, Adidas, Becks, Boddingtons, British Airways, Budweiser, Carling, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Dime bar, Dry Blackthorn, Dunlop, Frontera 4x4, Guinness, Honda, KitKat, Labatt's, Levi's, Lilt, Lynx,
    Morgan stanley, Nike, Nintendo gamecube, Olde English cider, o2, Orange, Pringles, Reebok, Sony, Stella Artois, Strongbow, Tango, Tennent's Pilsner,TTA, T-mobile,Vodafone, Volvo, Worthingtons."
  • "Short sound clips together with their transcripts. (
    Clips come directly from commercially produced TV series and movies,
    like Star Wars and Black Adder." (The English weblab)







Vocabulary - Activities - Lesson plans - Games -
- Videos

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Internet + Newspapers + Press + Television : vocabulary and activities


Vocabulary :


  • La une : vocabulaire - UPDATED



Activities :


  • Free From Edutopia “Back-to-School Guide: Jump Start Learning With New Media” - You need to sign in to view this page.
    "Edutopia’s updated guide of the best tools, tips, and resources to help you get the school year off to a great start!
    Whether you're new to teaching or a classroom veteran, this resource-packed collection of 10 top new media tips provides fresh ideas and easy-to-use tools to engage your students and make learning more collaborative."




  • Phrasals4Fun. - Unit Four: Media
    "In each unit you can learn 6 common phrasal verbs on different topics.
    Each unit has three different sections: Listening , Vocabulary and Reading.

    (British Council)
  • Subjunctive - examples :
    - Common expressions
    - Specific examples in different media



  • Newspaper Vocabulary - Gap-fill exercise by Barbara Dieu (advanced) - interactive (



Lesson plans :



Games :

  • Social Media Monopoly Board Game
    "This is the best thing since BUMP for the iPhone which allowed you to instantly add friends to Facebook – it’s Social Media Monopoly. Pete Cashmore, Kevin Rose, Tom, Amber MacArthur, Crystal Gibson and Ariana Huffington are fighting for social media dominance.
    Race around the board picking up smartphones and computers but make sure you don’t get sent to MySpace or you’ll risk losing everything, including your reputation."



Songs :


Videos :

  • Social Media in Plain English - 3 minutes and 44 seconds - WITH subtitles
    "A simple story that illustrates the forces shaping social media."



  • Epic 2014 - Watch a future history of the media. (


  • Summary Of The World: Googlezon And The Newsmasters EPIC (
    "In the fascinating scenario explored in this story, newsmasters will be the key news directors and producers of the future.
    They will be able to connect, filter and prioritize information for every media-consumer on the planet,
    using a single source of media content that contains everything that anyone could possibly ever want to know about.
    That single source is called EPIC: The 'Evolving Personalized Information Construct'."

    "The Museum of Media History has recently produced a short film which charts the evolution of media from 1984 up until 2014
    and how newsmasters eventually claimed their professional crowns." (
    - with
    the transcript (