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Newspapers + Media + Press : vocabulary and activities


Vocabulary :

  • Television and the Media Quiz - interactive - ex :
    ""Those were today's headlines. And now it's Angela McCarthy with her weather ...... ". forecast / broadcast / presentation" (world-english)
  • La une : vocabulaire (Ac. Nancy-Metz)



Resources :


  • Newseum - interactive map
    Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up...  
    Double click and the page gets larger... you can read the entire paper on some if you click on the right place. 



    • How about that?
      "From the unusual to the funny and the downright bizarre, we bring you a sample of weird news from around the world, along with cartoons, blogs and games..." 


    • Most curious - (top right) with 4 links per day to the weirdest articles.


  • World News For Children - Podcasts - 4 minute weekday news bulletin
    Accompanying scripts available on the BBC World Class website -



  • « Presseurop » propose un choix d’articles de la presse étrangère en 10 langues (
    Lire le commentaire d'APLV (


  • News Archive Search
    "provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives.
    Users can search for events, people or ideas and see how they have been described over time.
    In addition to helping you search, News archive search can automatically create timelines which show selected results from relevant time periods."



  • Media influence
    "In psychology, communication theory and sociology, media influence or media effects refers to the theories about the ways the mass media
    affect how their audiences think and behave.
    Critics of the media effects theory point out that many copycat murders, suicides and other violent acts nearly always happen in abnormal upbringings. They were raised in a violent, emotionally neglected or aggressive environment which influenced their behavior more rather than watching certain programs, films or listening to certain music. Most people who carry out these acts are also mentally unstable to begin with.
    Critics also point out that just because an audience sees acts of violence on TV, etc, this does not mean they will actually do it themselves.
    Of the millions of people who watch violent films, only a small number have carried out acts of violence as a direct result..."




  • The media. (British Council)
    "The (news) media refers to the section of the mass media that focuses on presenting current news to the public.
    These include print media (newspapers, magazines); broadcast media (radio stations, television stations, television networks), and increasingly Internet-based media (World Wide Web pages, weblogs)...
    Have a look at the article, story, word game, cartoon, history, trivia and links."


  • Show me : News - Many topics - Places to go - Games...
    Un site signalé par Renée Maufroid.


  • Epic 2014 - Watch a future history of the media. (

    Summary Of The World: Googlezon And The Newsmasters EPIC
    "In the fascinating scenario explored in this story, newsmasters will be the key news directors and producers of the future.
    They will be able to connect, filter and prioritize information for every media-consumer on the planet,
    using a single source of media content that contains everything that anyone could possibly ever want to know about.
    That single source is called EPIC: The 'Evolving Personalized Information Construct'."

    "The Museum of Media History has recently produced a short film which charts the evolution of media from 1984 up until 2014
    and how newsmasters eventually claimed their professional crowns." (
    - with
    the transcript (

  • Current events - courts paragraphes (Wikipedia Encyclopedia)
  • Current events! (Education World) :
    "Using the news" - whether in the form of the daily newspaper, TV news reports, or classroom discussions of important events"

  • KIDSNEWSROOM : Kid Style News for Kid Style People


  • Country Reports provides over 6,600 pages of data ... on over 260 countries!
    (with Maps and News)


  • News 2003 (texts with symbols) - (
  • British Media Online - (
    Newspapers: national, local, daily, weekly, plus major magazines & portals.
  • Googlert
    "is an experimental free service that keeps you updated on what the web is saying about you or your interests.
    It does this by performing regular Google searches on your behalf and sending you email alerts of any new results that appear."
  • Maps in the news (University of Minnesota) - See where the news is happening. (
  • Slate (
    "This American site features a recap of the top stories of the day as reported by the major US newspapers, focussing on "how" the news is reported - where each paper places a particular story, what angle they take and what questions they neglect to ask."
    (Media Awareness Report)
  • News Now - "Automatically searching 20931 news sources every 5 minutes" (
  • Quick found ( :
    "QuickNews Multisearch allows you to search for news at 13 major news websites with one click."
  • Find Articles dans les archives de plusieurs centaines de journaux et magazines de la presse anglophone. (
  • Newspapers and magazines from Around the World (
  • World press links - (
    The daily world press on line :
    5204 newspapers - 192 countries


  • The Magazine Boy - "Read Over 1500 Magazines Online for Free" (


  • Investigating Magazines - lessons ( :
    "Investigate magazine headlines, front covers, contents page, language and horoscopes."








History and Archives :

  • 'Newseum'
    "A new museum dedicated to the history of reporting the news has opened in Washington. The 'Newseum' aims to tell the story of how journalism
    has changed over time through momentous events and the constantly changing means of communication."

    Listen to the story.



  • News on the Web (Social studies school service) -
    the history and technology of modern news reporting.




Front pages and Headlines :

  • 7 Types of Headline Headaches
    "Throughout the history of journalism, headlines have evolved as a method for distilling the content of an article into a handful of words that will draw readers into the piece, and they serve that function for other types of informative content such as newsletters and reports. However, in publications that are not carefully edited, especially on post-it-right-now websites, headlines can invite the wrong kind of curiosity, combined with confusion or derision, when they’re published with errors. This post examines various types of common mistakes."


  • Newspaper map "lets you click on the front page to gain access to the entire newspaper."



  • NEWSEUM - Today's Front Pages - 528 front pages from 49 countries. (


  • KIDSNEWSROOM : Kid Style News for Kid Style People




  • SKY NEWS - A great site "which allows you to view (and print) the front pages of British newspapers, both tabloids and broadsheets "


  • Headlines from newspaper, broadcast & online sources. (



Adverts :



Slideshow :



The British Press :

  • British Media Online - (
    Newspapers: national, local, daily, weekly, plus major magazines & portals.
  • SKY NEWS - A great site "which allows you to view (and print) the front pages of British newspapers,
    both tabloids and broadsheets"