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Lists :

  • 16 Substitutes for “Because” or “Because Of”
    "Many words or phrases can be used to set up an explanation. The most common is because (or “because of”), but others have their uses.
    Here are alternatives and a discussion of their uses and their merits."

  • Discourse markers :
    Let me see / Mind you / Well / Listen / You see...
    "Words like 'actually', 'so', 'OK', 'right?' and 'anyway' all function as discourse markers as they help the speaker to manage the conversation and mark when it changes."


  • Mots-outils (

  • How to use 'unless' and 'otherwise'
    - unless = if not
    I'll see you at the gym this evening, if you're not too tired. OR: I'll see you at the gym this evening, unless you're too tired.
    - otherwise = apart from this / if not
    The sea was very rough and we couldn't swim all week, but otherwise / apart from this we enjoyed ourselves.
    It also has the meaning of if not, in the sense of if this does not happen, or if this were not the case, when it is used as a linking device...



INTERACTIVE exercises :




  • But... - Matching / Flashcards (Java / non-Java) / Concentration / Word Search
    Activities created by Renée Maufroid
    - ex : "I like peanut butter BUT I don't like gaining kilos."
  • Linking Words Exercises (
    - Matching and MCQ exercises
    - Mixed up sentences (VOA examples)
    - Cloze exercise

  • Basic Coordinating Conjunctions - Introduction & 1 exercise - ex :
    "Jaewon was cold, ... he put on a coat."

  • Basic Subordinating Conjunctions - Introduction & 2 exercises - ex :
    "Paula got the job, ________ she had no experience."
    1) as 2) even though

    In the second exercise, "combine the sentences using the subordinating conjunction in parentheses. For example:
    "I put my coat on." "It was cold." (because) ---> I put my coat on because it was cold."

  • Mots de liaison (adverbes, prépositions, etc) - 24 exercices (Yvan Baptiste)


  • CONTRAST (although / even though / but / despite / yet...)
    " On the left is the first half of a sentence. On the right is the second half.
    One of the halves contains a linking word or expression.
    Can you match the first and second halves of the sentences?" (interactive)
    (British Council)



  • Conjunctions - Short-answer quiz - Link Words of Contrast :
    but - while /whilst / whereas - (al)though - however - even though
    You can see the grammar usage.

  • Conjunctions - Short-answer quiz - Link Words of Contrast :
    yet - still - nevertheless - nonetheless - all the same - whatever - however
    - with : USAGE of LINK-WORDS

  • Mots de liaison : a) for example b) as a result c) therefore d) however - exercise
    (Better English)
  • Mots de liaison : a) because b) because of c) so that d) to - exercise (Better English)
  • Connectives :
    therefore - however - otherwise - consequently - furthermore - moreover - hence - nonetheless - besides - although - thus - though - unless



Exercises TO PRINT :

  • talents
    The topic of this worksheet is talents. Students have to write what they can do and what they can't do.
    The worksheet also presents link words such as "and, too, but" and it also provides plenty of speaking practice as well as reading.

    Created by Isabelle Boresy (Ac. Amiens)


  • Miss Plump's routines - Guided Composition 4 (Elementary) - UPDATED
    "Look at the pictures and write about Miss Plump s routines.
    Use simple present and linking words (First, then, after that, later, and, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening)
    Try to give as many details as possible."


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Songs :

  • As - Stevie Wonder - UPDATED
    "Just as hate knows love's the cure...
    As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow...
    Just as all that's born is new..."


    Listen to the song.

  • Conjunction Junction (YouTube)