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LIGHTS (vocabulary and activities)






L = Lingolex
M = Merriam-Webster
n. = noun
RC = Le Robert & Collins
S = Saber Inglés
W = Wordsmyth
v. = verb
WOD = Webster's Online Dictionary
WR = WordReference

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beam (v.)
- to transmit or send (an electronic signal). /
- to send out rays. (W)
- give out heat and light. (S)
"It's a fabulous day, the sun is beaming!" (S)
rayonner, darder ses rayons (RC)
blaze (v.)
- to burn or shine with or as though with fire. (W)
- give out a bright light. (S)
- "The logs blazed; ; Her eyes blazed." (W)
- "The sun blazed down on the beach." (S)
- flamber (WR)
- (fire) flamber;
flamboyer, darder ses rayons (RC)
blink (v.)


to gleam or shine sporadically; twinkle. (W) "We saw airplane lights blinking across the night sky." (W) clignoter (WR)
- to give off flashes of light; sparkle; glitter. (W)
- Reflect brightly (WOD)
"Unquarried marble sparkled on the hillside."
briller, scintiller (RC)
Make unable to see clearly or act normally because of too much light. (car headlights) (L)

"I'm sick and tired of motorists who dazzle the oncoming traffic because they are too lazy to switch to low-beam." (L)

éblouir (WR)
flash (n.)

Sudden burst of light. (L) "The flash of lightning was so strong that it lit up the street for two or three seconds." (L) éclair (WR)
flicker (v.)

- Burn or shine unsteadily. (candle, old Charlie Chaplin film, stroboscope) (L)
- shine (or burn) unsteadily. (S)
- to flicker, as a light or candle. (W)
- "The candle flickered in the wind." (L)
- "The lights flickered for a moment." (S)
- "The candle flickered in the breeze." (W)
= (vaciller, trembler)
glare (v.)
- to give off a steady, blinding light. (W)

- 1. Look at with a fixed gaze
2. Be sharply reflected
3. Shine with a harsh, uncomfortably brilliant light
4. Shine intensely
1. "The girl glared at the man who tried to make a pass at her".
2. "The moon glared back at itself from the lake's surface.".
3. "Not even the sea can glare like the sun.".
4. "The sun glared down on us".
briller = éblouir (lumière) (WR)
gleam (v.)
- to give out a flash or beam of light. (W)
- give out a soft and bright light. (S)
"She had polished the ornaments so that they gleamed." (S) briller = luire, reluire;
glimmer (v.)
- Emit a weak uncertain light. (L)
- give out a faint unsteady light. (S)
- "The only thing I could see was the glimmer from the luminous dial of my alarm clock."
- "We could see lights glimmering in the distance." (S)
(lamp, light, fire) luire;
(water) miroiter
(n. / v.)
- A small flash of light, usually a reflection on steel or shiny surfaces (L)
- to give off flickers or small flashes of reflected light; shine briefly.(W)
- "King Arthur's sword glinted in the sunlight as he led his troops into battle." (L)
- "Sunlight glinted on the lake." (W)
briller = étinceler
glisten (v.)
- Shine brightly, especially on wet or polished surfaces (tear-stained cheek, morning dew. (L)
- shine brightly (for polished or wet surfaces). (S)
- "His forehead glistened with sweat" (L)
- "Her eyes were glistening with tears." (S)
scintiller (pour l'eau);
briller = luire, scintiller;
chatoyer (pierre, bijou, etc)
glitter (v.)
- to shine brightly, with sparkling or lustrous reflected light. /
- to shine with a harsh cold light, or sometimes with greed or cruelty. /
- to appear brilliantly attractive, often falsely.(W)
- shine brightly with flashes of light. (S)
- "Their eyes glittered as they uncovered the treasure." (W)
- "Her necklace was glittering with diamonds." (S)
(d'une couleur éclatante)
glow (v.)
- Send out light or warmth without flame. (cigarette end, red poker) (L)
- give out heat and/or light without flames. (S)
- "The fire had gone out but the embers were still glowing." (L)
- "The embers were still glowing." (S)

- (coal, fire) rougeoyer;
luire (RC)
- luire, briller (WR)


- to send out sparks. (W)
- Emit or reflect light in a flickering manner; of stars (WOD)
"Does a constellation twinkle more brightly than a single star?". (WOD)
(star, jewel) scintiller (RC)
- Shine with a wavering or soft light. (moonlight or sea) (L)
- give out a soft trembling light. (S)
- "The moonlight shimmered on the sea." (L)
- "The moonlight was shimmering on the sea." (S)
miroiter (WR)
(shone, shone)
- to give forth or glow with either emitted or reflected light. /
to show forth clearly or intensely. (W)
- give out light, be bright.(S)
- "The light shone from her eyes." (W)
- "She cleaned the glasses until they shone." (S)
briller (WR)
spark (n.)

(no link)
A flash of light produced by the breaking of an electrical current. (L) "The electric heater started to spark so I turned it off." (L)
jeter des étincelles (RC)
sparkle (v.)
- Send out flashes of light. (a diamond) (L)
- shine brightly with flashes of light. (S)
- to throw off or reflect little flashes or gleams of light; glitter. (W)
- "The Queen's diamond necklace sparkled as she entered the room." (L)
- "The diamond sparkles in the light." (S)
- "The rubies and emeralds sparkled." (W)
resplendir = briller;
scintiller (diamant, regard);
chatoyer (pierre, bijou);
briller = étinceler
twilight (n.)
Faint half-light before sunrise or after sunset. (L) "I could just make out the face of our new companion in the twilight." (L)
twinkle (v.)

- Shine with a light that gleams unsteadily. (stars, street lights from a long distance) (L)
- shine unsteadily. (S)
"Our first sight of land was the twinkling harbour lights." (L)
- "The stars were twinkling in the sky." (S)
scintiller (pour les étoiles);
clignoter = pétiller, briller
waver (v.)

- to weave or sway unsteadily to and fro (M)
- to flicker, as a light or candle. (W)
- Move back and forth very rapidly, as of a candle. (WOD)
- Move in an unstable manner. (WOD)

"wavering flames" (M) vaciller (WR)

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