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(Updated on 09/09/2011)



Vocabulary :


  • LIGHT WORDS - with pictures, definitions, examples and translations into French



  • Examples (trismegistos) :
    Reflected or Indirect Light -- glare, gleam, glim, glimmer, glint, glisten, glister, glitter, gloaming, glow
    Indirect Use of the Eyes -- glance, glaze/d, glimpse, glint
    Reflecting Surfaces -- glacÚ, glacier, glair, glare, glass, glaze, gloss
  • Flash - definitions - with synonyms (
  • Glance - definitions - with synonyms (
  • Glare - definitions (Webster)
  • Meaning of gleam with related terms (Hyperdictionary)


Facts :


  • Extreme Christmas lighting - ARTICLE + VIDEO
    "Paul Toole's Christmas light show uses over 40,000 bulbs and attracts people from across Somerset...
    The decorations include a Ferris wheel, giant baubles and a 20ft-tall tree made of solid lights..."



  • Blackpool illuminations in row over 'shoddy' lights - 01 November 2011
    "For more than a century they have been the brightest, most popular attraction on Blackpool's seafront, drawing millions of tourists to the coastal resort each year."




    Audio slideshow: History of Vegas in neon
    "There is perhaps no city in the world more renowned for its neon than Las Vegas. But as times change, and as casinos and hotels come and go, many of Vegas' classic neon signs are in danger of disappearing.
    The Las Vegas Neon Museum is working to collect and restore the city's old signage, much of which is now on display in the museum's so-called Boneyard. Take a journey through the city's past with historian Michael Green and the museum's Danielle Kelly."




Proverbs and Cliches :

  • All that glitters is not gold.
  • Light at the end of the tunnel
  • Make hay while the sun shines
  • See the light
  • Who are you calling stupid? (Traditions UK)
    "People get upset if you call them "stupid" to their face, so there are many roundabout ways of saying it" :
    ex : "The lights are on but there's nobody at home"


Poems : A warm ray of light...

  • The House Of Dust by Conrad Aiken :
    "As evening falls,
    And the yellow lights leap one by one
    Along high walls;
    And along black streets that glisten as if with rain..."


  • The Plowboy by Carl Sandburg :
    "AFTER the last red sunset glimmer...
    The turf had a gleam of brown..."

  • I wandered lonely as a cloud
    by William Wordsworth (Read and listen) - (

    William Wordsworth, British poet


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Songs :


  • Coldplay - Christmas Lights (YouTube)
    + the LYRICS
    "Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on.
    Those Christmas lights, light up the street.
    Maybe they'll bring her back to me.
    Then all my troubles will be gone,
    Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on..."

  • Everything by Jehro (
    "City lights I can see...
    'Cause those lights are gonna shine on me"
  • Instant Karma sung by Tokio Hotel (
    "Who in the hell do you think you are?
    A superstar? Well, right you are ...
    Well we all shine on
    Like the moon and the stars and the sun"

    - VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Kiss From A Rose by Seal :
    "You became the light on the dark side of me...
    The light that you shine can be seen...
    And now that your rose is in bloom,
    A light hits the gloom on the grave.
  • All that glitters by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark :
    "All that glitters
    Is not gold
    So don't believe everything
    You've been told."
  • City Lights by Lou Reed :
    " We're supposed to be
    a land of liberty
    And those city lights
    to blaze forever"
  • The Wild Life by Bananarama :
    "You wanna live fast
    Cutting it fine
    Make hay while the sun shines"


Videos :

Lights of Las Vegas, Nevada.