(1919 - 2013)

She was a British writer.


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The writer :

  • Doris Lessing - 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature


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Listening :

  • Audio Interviews with Doris Lessing
    1) 1988: "Doris Lessing, author of African Stories, The Fifth Child, The Golden Notebook, The Good Terrorist, and many more stories, poems, essays, and novels, comes to talk with Don Swaim about her start as a writer, the difficulties that she encountered, and what she has done to challenge herself as a writer."
    2) 1992: "Doris Lessing comes back for a second interview with Don Swaim in 1992 and she talks about her opera and how she considers herself a workaholic. She says she is descended from a long line of dreamy men and women going mad from exhasperation. Lessing discusses growing up in the racist culture of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and talks about her latest book, African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe."

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  • Literature - Worksheet :
    The Fifth Child (Doris Lessing)
    (Ac. Lyon)
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