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  • American Labor Day Arrives Five Months Late - Text + Audio - 2 September 2018
    "Labor Day also informally marks the end of summer. Many students return to school after Labor Day. The hot days of summer turn cooler.
    Many Americans celebrate the holiday with an outdoor family barbecue."


  • Infographic: Labor Day (
  • Labor Day (United States) - (Wikipedia)
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  • A working class hero is something to be: 23 proletariat classics - with VIDEOS
    "What better way to celebrate the holiday of the working person than to watch a movie about "the basic labor relations between the proletariat
    and the bourgeoisie"? There are 23 of them in this list: dramas, biopics, documentaries, and comedies that address labor in an entertaining way
    -and an educational way for young folks who don't learn these things in history class..."