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(Updated on 24/05/2016)


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Resource pages :


  • 4th of July Resource Page (Teacher Planet)
    Lessons and Units / Worksheets / Clipart & Images / Units / Poems and Quotes / USA Maps, Flags and Posters...

Pictures :


History :

  • America's Birthplace: Independence National Historical Park - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 3 July 2018
    "In honor of the America’s Independence Day, we visit the birthplace of the United States: Independence National Historical Park, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."



  • The story of American Independence Day - VIDEO
    "We take a look at the origins of American Independence Day, which falls of the fourth of July each year and celebrates the day the US secured independence from the British Empire after the Revolutionary War."



  • Historical Documents + Historical Places & Objects + People Who Made A Difference (

Listening :

  • Independence Day - Text + Audio - 3 July 2015
    "Independence Day is a huge celebration in the United States.
    People celebrate by having parades and picnics and usually end the day with fireworks.
    So what do some of these words mean?"


  • Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About the 4th of July - Text + Audio - 3 July 2015
    "Sure, you know Americans celebrate their Independence Day on the fourth day of July.
    But do you know they have the wrong date? Or where they get all those fireworks? Hint: not from the UK."


  • France's 'Freedom Frigate' to Celebrate 4th of July - Text + Audio - 3 July 2015
    "A warship from France that came to the United States 235 years ago became a sign of friendship between the two countries.
    The French ship traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to help defeat the British during the American revolutionary war.
    Now a full-scale replica has been making that same trip."


  • Celebrating America in Song - Text + Audio
    "Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with family gatherings, parades, speeches and fireworks. They also celebrate with patriotic music."


  • Kyle : Independence Day
    "Kyle talks about the way he celebrates the US national holiday on July 4th."


  • Frank : Independence Day
    "Frank talks about the way he celebrates the US national holiday on July 4th."

  • Cortney : Independence Day
    "Cortney talks about the way she and her family celebrate the US most popular holiday, July 4th."


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Cards :


  • Independence day : Card 1 + Card 2 (Jacquie Lawson's cards)

Poems :

  • Independence Bell - July 4, 1776 (
    "... How they shouted! What rejoicing!
    How the old bell shook the air,
    Till the clang of freedom ruffled,
    The calmly gliding Delaware!
    How the bonfires and the torches
    Lighted up the night's repose,
    And from the flames, like fabled Phoenix,
    Our glorious liberty arose!..."



Songs :



  • Saturday in the Park by Chicago :
    "I think it was the Fourth of July
    People dancing, people laughing,
    A man selling ice cream
    Singing Italian songs"

  • Fireworks - a song you can listen to.

Quotations :

Cartoons :

Cartoon: Independence Day

+ COMMENTARY + Related articles 




Independence Day Cartoons
"Today, July 4th, is  Independence Day in the U.S.A..."




Videos :




  • James Brown - Livin' in America - ROCKY (YouTube)
    + LYRICS
    "You might not be looking for the promised land,
    but you might find it anyway
    Under one of those old familiar names
    Like New Orleans (New Orleans),
    Detroit City (Detroit City), Dallas (Dallas)..."

    "This little ditty is dedicated to America’s birthday, the fourth of freakin’ July!
    Let the funky sounds of patriotism wash over you as you enjoy the grillin’, swillin’ and chillin’ with your loved ones.
    Or maybe the interwebs is your loved one, in which case consider this video a great big old happy birthday hug!
    Happy Fourth Of July music lovers!"