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(Updated on 04/10/2013)


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Flashcards / Cliparts / Pictures :


  • Clothes : Jewelry and Accessories - (aussi en ESPAGNOL) flashcards
    Click on Flashcard Library.


Vocabulary :

  • Jewel : definition and examples (The Free Dictionary)
  • English Jewelry - photos and descriptions (

  • Traditional anniversary gifts by year :
    1 Paper 2 Cotton 3 Leather 4 Linen 5 Wood 6 Iron 7 Wool 8 Bronze 9 Pottery 10 Tin 11 Steel
    12 Silk 13 Lace 14 Ivory 15 Crystal 20 China 25 Silver 30 Pearl 35 Coral 40 Ruby
    45 Sapphire 50 Gold 55 Emerald 60 Diamond



Listening :

  • Listening + 9-Page Handout + Quizzes on:
  • Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio. (
    As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!

    Treasure Island


  • Clothes - sans exercice - mots écrits et prononcés - (
    Accessories / Jewellery / Parts of Clothes

Famous examples :

  • Russia’s Most Expensive Diamonds to Be Sold Online - Text + Audio - 6 August 2017
    "A mining company has announced plans to sell a collection of what it says are the most valuable diamonds ever cut in Russia. It took more than a year and a half to create the five-piece collection from one 179-carat rough diamond. The company expects to get at least $10 million for the collection."

  • Cheapside Hoard jewellery to go on display at the Museum of London (Running from October 2013 to April 2014)
    - "a priceless collection of 16th and 17th century jewellery found buried in London in 1912.
    The collection of 500 gems, including loose stones, ancient objects and even tools suggest this was the stock in-trade of a jeweller..."

    Watch Cheapside Hoard Preview.





  • Edinburgh Photo Library - Crown Jewels :
    "The Scottish crown jewels are also known as "The Honours of Scotland".
    They consist of a crown, sword and sceptre."


Idioms :


Interactive exercises :

  • Jewels - a quiz - ex :
    "Weighty Terms : Name the unit of weight for precious gems."
  • Sparkle plenty: a gemstone quiz - ex :
    "If you rub a pearl gently against your teeth, and it feels ever so slightly rough or ''grainy,''
    that's a fair indication that the pearl is: ...Fake / For real." ?


Lesson plans :



Webquests :


Games :

  • Treasure Island - a game to practise 'there is - there are' (
    "There are hidden dangers and we must be careful as we search the island to find the lost treasure.
    The game is played in pairs.
    One students plays the pirate and hides the treasure.
    The second student is the explorer and searches for the treasure."


Cartoons :



Superstitions :

  • Jewel (Webster) : "To see or wear jewels in your dream, signifies..."


Songs :


  • Smooth Operator by Sade :
    "He's loved in seven languages
    Jewel box life diamond nights and ruby lights, high in the sky
    Heaven help him, when he falls
    Diamond life, lover boy...
    A license to love, insurance to hold
    Melts all your memories and change into gold"