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Mystery :

  • See GAMES in Mysteries

  • Move or Die - interactive game
    You have to choose options, take decisions to play this game, you can also read and listen.


  • Fido Puzzle (
    "want to let me read your mind ?"

  • Magic Gopher - extra sensory perception - a game

  • The Description detective (
    " You are a police officer. When you press start, you will see an investigation. Read the description of the wanted person carefully. Then wait, and you will go to the playground, the airport, a restaurant, and the park . If you see the person in the description, click the person with your mouse."

  • The mystery of the body by the side of the road -
    "Incident Report : A young man is found injured in a ditch. What happened to him? Can you solve the mystery?"


Personality :

  • Personality Vocabulary Wordsearch - adjectives - (.doc) - (esl-lounge)



Pass the paper!


Pronunciation :


Questions :

  • Gut Instinct - interactive game - Answer questions : English / Maths / Science




Reading a map :


Roleplaying game :

  • Present Day Chronicles - A roleplaying game to practice and to learn English


Safety :


School :


Science :

  • GAMES - interactive (



Signs :


Simon says :

  • Simon Sez Santa
    Tell him what you want him to do and, chances are, he'll do it...


Sounds :


Spelling :


Sports :

  • Sports - word search (.doc) - 3 levels (




SPOT the DIFFERENCES Music Video - Rhett & Link (YouTube) + LYRICS :
"Your parents told you, that we don't exist
Well how in the world do you explain this
We gonna eat ya like we ate your neighbor Nathan
He tasted like waffles, gummy bears and turkey bacon
We forge a letter in your handwriting to say
you hate your family, so you ran away..."




Find the difference - At recess!
- with Teacher's Notes



Spot the difference puzzles
ocean scene - a pirate ship - farm scene -
classroom scene - street scene - cat -
outdoors scene - cooking scene - animals

Spot the 10 differences

How Observant Are You?
Spot The 12 Differences

Spot the 15 differences




Stop the bus! / 'Jeu du Baccalauréat' :


Talking cards :

  • Talking Cards (
    "Materials required:
    One or two packs of playing cards and the questions sheet.
    To get the student used to answering general questions at a level that resembles normal speech.
    To give the students conversational confidence."


Transport :


  • Transport - word search (.doc) - 3 levels (


Vocabulary :

  • Pumkinland - Games and Cartoons - with audio (


  • ON MY WAY TO SCHOOL I SAW... (Freida_vanStaden)

    Words for 'ch', 'sh' and 'j' game: a guide (with a picture board) -
    "On my way to school I saw a ... shark, people shaking hands, chick, change/cash, a person showing something to somebody, people watching a fireworks display, spaceship, some mushrooms, space shuttle, chef, shop, a dog in the shade, jug, fish, champion, church, bridge, dog sleeping...'shhhh', juggler, cherry, the sun shining, an orange, champagne, magic, people chasing/changing/exchanging a baton, ship, people shaking hands, jet, chef, cheese, jelly, I heard the bell / time for school / should we go inside?



    Words for 'l' game: a guide (with a picture board)
    "On the way to school I saw: a man playing golf, a man receiving a letter, a man holding a flag, a clock, a polar bear, whales, an apple, some broccoli, a lemon, a pineapple, a letter box, a clown, a girl/boy flying a kite, a bull dog, a person laughing, a person floating, a man lifting weights, a wishing well, a man climbing, tall buildings, a lion, a column, a lock, a pencil, a butterfly, a ladybug/ladybeetle, a fly, a lizard, a slice of pie/tart, a person looking through a telescope, an eagle, a sailing boat, a turtle, an elephant"



    Words for 's' game: a guide (with a picture board)
    "On my way to school I saw a: seahorse, suitcase, hose, glasses, salt and pepper, astronaut, a slice of chocolate cake, icecream, stapler, singer, strawberries, horse, grasshopper, an ambulance, scientist, spaceman, whirling star, blocks, telescope, screwdriver, scissors, pliers, basket, pencil, scale, books, mask, cross, mouse, a person playing soccer, steps, basket, snowman, dice, pizza, soccerball, dancers"



    Words for 'r' game: a guide (with a picture board)
    "On my way to school I saw: a rabbit, a trophy, red arrows, a rainbow, a reindeer, a scarecrow, a rhinocerous, a tractor, strawberries, carrots, an orange truck, a railway track, a train, a runner, a surprised person, a red rose, a carrot, a bear with a tray, traffic lights, a christmas tree, a red book, a parrot, a person with a ribbon, a tree with bare branches, a petrol pump, presents, a prize, a person running on grass throwing petals, a red tick, a crayon"



  • Common nicknames in English with a nickname game. (



  • Wuzzles - Brainteaser Picture Puzzles (

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