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Hangman :


Harry cards :


Harry Potter :

Health :


Hidden things in pictures :


History :

  • See GAMES in each country : HISTORY
  • What comes from when ? (BBC)
    "Can you place the right objects in the right room ?"

  • Walk through time (BBC)
    "Here's your chance to walk into the past!
    But look closely - there are things that don't belong in each scene.
    Click on the odd items and send them flying down the Time Tunnel."

  • Spot the Anachronism -
    "There are Ten Anachronisms in the Roman Scene below.
    Click on the object that you think is an anachronism to see if you are right."
    Lesson plan for teachers)
    - Possibilité de faire le bilan écrit de ce jeu à l'aide de "There was / was not... - There were / There were not..."

    (History on the Net)


  • Interactive games ( :
    The Murder of Archbishop Becket! - Have a one-to-one with King Henry VIII! - The Tudor Portrait Mystery - Jack the Ripper... (search by topic / period)

  • Christopher Columbus - a game -
    "Do you know enough to make your teacher walk the plank ?"


  • Name that President - (primarygames)
    "Look at the picture of the President and click on his name. This game has 10 questions."


House :


"I spy..." :



Ideal place :

  • Find your Best Place to Live -
    "Our powerful new tool lets you describe your ideal place to live.
    Then our expert system compares your preferences with our database of hundreds of cities, and presents you with rankings for your further investigation."




Good or evil ?


Optical Illusions - the top 20



Double Vision (.pps)


Is this woman old...or young?


Man or woman ?

A face of a Native American
or an eskimo ?



A young lady
or an old lady?


A man's face,
or the word Liar ?


Jazz Lady

Rabbit or Duck

Optical Illusions
"If you stare at the ... picture long enough,
you should see a giraffe"...!!!




Imagination :

  • Fripple Place - a game - 3 levels (

  • Perp Walk ( :
    "Meet 5 suspects. In each case, only one is the perpetrator of a crime..."

  • Internet Anagram Server - (
    Rearrangement Servant anagrams, wordplay, solve, crossword, transmogrify, pangram, shuffle, fun

  • Believe it or not! - Try to find if the statements are TRUE or FALSE . (activitice)


  • Riddles (rinkworks)
    "I'm light as a feather, yet the strongest man can't hold me for much more than a minute.
    What am I?"...

  • "Guess the sex of these names! (
    Some names are commonly used for both men and women,
    so there are three choices 'Male,' 'Female' or 'Both'.


  • Picture sentences - (teach-nology)
    "Look at the picture. Circle the sentence that tells about the picture."


  • Let's have some fun ! (activitice)
    1. Read right through all the sentences. Then do what is told to you as fast as you can.
    2. Can you understand this sentence ? 3. And that one ?
    4. Can you guess the names of the 3 boys ?(with pictures)
    5. Can you guess their jobs ? (with pictures)
    6. Is she old or young ? (with a picture)
    7. And here , what can you see ?
    8. And how do you write ? witch ? which ? with ?


Internet :

  • See Interactive games

  • "Wild Web Woods" (
    " est un jeu mis en ligne par le Conseil de l'Europe et disponible en plusieurs langues européennes - dont l'allemand, l'anglais, l'espagnol, l'italien,
    le portugais et le russe.
    Principalement destiné à des élèves de niveau collège, ce jeu apprend aux enfants la sécurité basique sur Internet dans un environnement amusant et sympathique de contes de fées. Le but du jeu est d'atteindre une "ville électronique" mais les chemins sont semés de labyrinthes, de dangers et de tâches à accomplir. En route, on présente à l'enfant les règles de sécurité sur Internet ainsi que des notions de droits de l'homme et de respect des autres..."
    (Commentaire de Laurence Altibelli - Ac. Versailles)


'Jeu pour 6ème' :

  • Jeu proposé par Cyril Dussuchaud (Ac. Limoges) :
    "Voici un jeu proposé à mes 6èmes en cette fin d'année 2017 (mais utilisabe en 5ème).
    Il est largement inspiré des incroyables Escape Games réalisés par Mme Haquet - visibles sur son site.
    J'ai voulu varier son Escape Game 'Routines' en proposant 3 fiches de compréhension écrite :
    une au présent, une seconde au passé et une dernière au futur !
    Tout est là :"


Jobs :

  • Occupations - word search - 3 levels (
  • Métiers - What do they do ? (Choose the right answer) - (eflclub)


Literature :

Money :

  • Change Maker - 4 levels (
    "Figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something.
    For example, if something costs $3.75 and you pay with a five dollar bill, you would expect back one quarter and one dollar bill."

  • Money matters and Euro - exercices (activitice)


Monuments :

  • Paper toys (
    "Print, color, cut, fold and glue to create your own" monuments,
    for example the White House, the Statue of Liberty, or a London taxi, patriotic emblems...


Music :

  • Rocking English (
    "When you press the start button you will see two lines of a song. The last word is missing.
    You must decide what the last word is; and you have to get it right quickly,
    or the singer won't be able to get out of the way of the rotten tomatoes the audience are throwing."

  • Musical instruments - word search - 3 levels (