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Mail + Smileys + Abbreviations + Computers + How to use internet in the classroom : a few ideas...


Vocabulary :




  • A Glossary to DEMYSTIFY the jargon of the online world


    A new term - "wilfing"
    , "short for "What Was I Looking For?" and the workers who spend hours in aimless browsing are called Wilfers."


    WILFING FAT: Facts and Technology - 2

    Anglais : wilfing / Français : naviguerrance n. f.
    = "Fait de passer du temps à naviguer au hasard sur Internet, d'errer de lien en lien, de s'égarer dans les dédales du Web, se laissant distraire par l'information quasi illimitée disponible, au point d'en oublier l'objet de sa recherche initiale."



    • Meaning of Poke on Facebook (
      •  "A “poke” is basically someone trying to get your attention
      • It’s one of the meaningless features that are used just to annoy someone
      • If you poke someone not in your network and they poke back, you can view their profile even if you're not their friend!
      • A poke is when you allow someone to see your Facebook page for 3 days, so they can know who you are and hopefully add you as a friend."
    • Shannon D. Jackson: Woman Arrested For Facebook "Poke"
      "Poking" someone on Facebook may sound like a naughty double-entendre, but generally speaking it's a perfectly harmless
      (and totally G-rated) way of getting in touch with an online pal."
      Shannon "was arrested for allegedly violating an order of protection."

  • Cloud computing
    "is an example of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet.
    Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure in the "cloud" that supports them..."



  • The Twitter Dictionary aka Twittonary provides explanations of various Twitter related words.
    - with a list

  • Phishing
    "In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication."



  • Flaming (Internet)
    "is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users...
    In some cases, flamers wish to upset and offend other members of the forum, in which case they can be called "trolls".


    An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang,
    "is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or
    chat room
    , with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion."



  • WEBOPEDIA - Dictionary for Computer and Internet Technology Definitions
  • Internet + explanations (

  • Internet uses + explanations (

  • NetLingo "is an online dictionary about the Internet.
    It contains thousands of words and definitions that describe the technology and community of the World Wide Web."



  • Country Codes and Internet Domains (listes - abréviations)


Guide :

  • L'Internet Sans Embrouilles - Guide de 24 pages destiné aux ados et à leurs parents
    "L'Internet sans embrouilles" fait peau neuve!
    "Son contenu s4étoffe de nouveaux thèmes : les jeux en réseau, les intérêts de l'Internet pédagogiques,
    l'Internet et le téléphone portable et le podcasting."


Facts :


  • Shakes were spiked, cops say
    "Two Placer County teenage girls were arrested for allegedly using drugged milkshakes to knock out the parents of one of the girls so they could log on to the Internet..."

  • Profile: Saint Isidore - the Patron Saint of the Internet
    "The patron saint of the internet is widely considered to be Saint Isidore of Seville, a Bishop and scholar, who was nominated for the role by the late Pope John Paul II, although the Vatican has yet to make it official...
    Saint Isidore wrote a 20 book opus Etymologies, also known as the Origins, in which he tried to record everything that was known.
    Published after his death in 636, it was for a thousand years considered the encyclopedia of all human knowledge. "



  • Metal thieves using Google fo find booty - 3 November 2011
    "Metal thieves are scanning railway timetables for engineering disruption to find new stocks of cable to steal, police have said...
    Metal theft is a recession crime and as more people lose their jobs, more people are turning to it."


  • In 60 seconds... - an infographic (




  • Which is Better: Virtual Reality or Actual Reality? (


    Virtual Reality, Shmertual Shmeality
    "Do you wish to be in a VR world or a Real World? Discuss. Tell your claims!"

  • Points of Control - interactive map
    "More than any time in the history of the Web, incumbents in the network economy are consolidating their power and staking new claims to key points of control.
    Meanwhile, insurgents both large and small are hoping to gain footholds or take ground in new territories.
    Welcome to the first iteration of the Web 2.0 Summit's theme, Points of Control!"


    "Information has never been so free, but threats to the free flow of information on the Internet are growing.
    How governments and societies confront new and transformative Internet technologies is the subject of this eJournal USA."

    View PDF (1.5 MB)


  • Internet censorship - an infographic "showing countries that censor the Internet the most."


  • The Internet - an infographic



  • New internet piracy law comes into effect in France
    "Illegal downloaders will be sent a warning e-mail, then a letter if they continue, and finally must appear before a judge if they offend again.
    The judge can impose a fine, or suspend their access to the internet."

  • Cyber-bullying - PowerPoint presentation
    Click on ICT: General Resources


  • Social Isolation and New Technology
    "This Pew Internet Personal Networks and Community survey finds that Americans are not as isolated as has been previously reported. People’s use of the mobile phone and the internet is associated with larger and more diverse discussion networks. And, when we examine people’s full personal network – their strong and weak ties – internet use in general and use of social networking services such as Facebook in particular are
    associated with more diverse social networks."


  • Twitter Lessons in 140 Characters or Less
    "For a lot of teachers who started off using Twitter as a professional-development tool, they've been building a professional learning community
    and using information that's been shared...
    The more they've seen the value in making connections with each other, [the more] they're realizing the same process might be valuable to students as well...
    A few studies have found some positive correlations between text-messaging aptitude and literacy. Research on gaming and educational multimedia
    programs have also shown some positive impact on learning..."

  • Youth 'cannot live' without web
    "A survey of 16 to 24 year olds has found that 75% of them feel they "couldn't live" without the internet...
    The survey ... looked at how the web influences the well-being of people aged between 16 and 24.
    Its author ... names this age group "digital natives" as they have grown up in an environment rich with computer and mobile technology."



  • Twitter
    "is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets."

  • Plan to monitor all internet use
    "Communications firms are being asked to record all internet contacts between people as part of a modernisation in UK police surveillance tactics...
    The new system would track all e-mails, phone calls and internet use, including visits to social network sites...
    Communications data is an essential tool for law enforcement agencies to track murderers, paedophiles, save lives and tackle crime"


  • UK housewives rule in online time
    "A survey of more than 27,000 web users in 16 countries has shown that the Chinese spend the largest fraction of their leisure time online."
    + How much leisure time do you spend on the internet?




  • Issue tracking system
    "An issue tracking system (also called trouble ticket system or incident ticket system) is a computer software package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization...
    An issue tracking system often also contains a knowledge base containing information on each customer..."


    Report on dangers and opportunities posed by large search engines, particularly Google

    Google hacking
    "is a term that refers to the art of creating complex search engine queries in order to filter through large amounts of search results for information
    related to computer security..."


  • Dangers of World Internet Governance
    "Internet communications spill over national borders, connecting and uniting people everywhere.
    Other countries fear that cultural fragmentation and the violation of national sovereignty will result from increased interconnection."


  • Cybercrime
    "Internet crime is booming as more and more people use online services.
    Jackie and Callum talk about the language of some of the most common computer-related crimes, otherwise known as 'cybercrimes'."




  • Japanese steals million for imaginary boyfriend
    He "had emailed her a picture of a good-looking man."
    She "met the man on an Internet dating site...
    He asked her to send him money, saying he needed it for treatment of his sick mother...
    He reportedly used the money to fund a life of debauchery"








Listening / Pronunciation :

  • How To Say: "Web 2.0"? - "There seem to be many possible ways of saying this..." 

  • ** Lindsey : I couldn't live without the Internet (1/2) **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : B1 par  Lindsey (Houston, Texas) - 9 février 2012
    Lindsey explains what she uses the Internet for and why she couldn't live without it.

  • ** Lindsey : I couldn't live without my Ipod either (2/2) **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : A2 par  Lindsey (Houston, Texas) - 9 février 2012
    Lindsey explains what she uses her Ipod for and why she couldn't live without it.

  • Internet + explanations (



  • Cybercrime
    "Internet crime is booming as more and more people use online services.
    Jackie and Callum talk about the language of some of the most common computer-related crimes, otherwise known as 'cybercrimes'."

  • Little Red In Cyberspace
    "A modern day take on the classic fairy tale is designed to teach young children about Internet safety.
    Little Red just wants to surf the Net but the Big Bad Wolf is always lurking"




INTERACTIVE exercises :


  • Internet - Matching exercise (avec images) - (


  • E-mail Cloze Exercise (


Exercises TO PRINT :

  • LEARN WITH DRAWINGS : INTERNET (dessins et questions) - (


Lesson plans :

  • Internet Access Is A Human Right - a lesson plan
    WARM-UPS :
    See Facts

  • Twitter Conference Held in Los Angeles - a lesson plan
    "The original idea of the gathering was to explore "the effects of Twitter on celebrity, the media, advertising and (maybe) politics”.




  • Information societies.
    "Take a look at the articles, poem, word game, cartoon, trivia and links."

    (British Council)


  • Cyber-bullying spreads in the US - a lesson plan
    (Breaking News English)

    Cyber-bullying : "- A bully is someone who hurts your feelings or scares you over the internet."

  • Are you a learner of the future? - a worksheet (
    - with Teacher's Notes
    Level: pre-intermediate students and higher
    Aim: students talk about possible future developments in education and
    decide whether or not they are already a learner of the future .
    Language: used to; future forms (going to, will)
  • The ABC's of Web Site Evaluation (
    "Students and teachers need practice in critically examining sites to determine authority, authenticity, and applicability to purpose.
    The sites listed ... are useful for looking at pages with a specific critical purpose in mind."
  • True or False? - a lesson plan (Education World)
    "Students complete a tutorial on Web literacy and use what they learn to determine the reliability of Web site content."




  • "Wild Web Woods" (
    "est un jeu mis en ligne par le Conseil de l'Europe et disponible en plusieurs langues européennes - dont l'allemand, l'anglais, l'espagnol, l'italien,
    le portugais et le russe.
    Principalement destiné à des élèves de niveau collège, ce jeu apprend aux enfants la sécurité basique sur Internet dans un environnement amusant et sympathique de contes de fées. Le but du jeu est d'atteindre une "ville électronique" mais les chemins sont semés de labyrinthes, de dangers et de tâches à accomplir. En route, on présente à l'enfant les règles de sécurité sur Internet ainsi que des notions de droits de l'homme et de respect des autres..."
    (Commentaire de Laurence Altibelli - Ac. Versailles)


    "Stay safe using new technology."


  • Word Game
    "We all know that 'WWW' stands for 'World Wide Web', but the internet has lots of other abbreviations like this."

    (British Council)
  • Internet safety - Game for kids ( :
    " The premise is a town with a nasty character lurking about, sending inappropriate e-mail and such.
    Students enter 8 different buildings and answer a question on Internet safety." (bluewebn)



Games TO PRINT :



Cartoons : (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille initiale.)


Cartoon: Gift From God

+ COMMENTARY + Related articles




Cartoon: Chinese Pirates





Tweeting and Texting
- Cartoons 




Cartoon: Evil Mastermind Revealed
"This cartoon by Adams from 
The Daily Telegraph
 relates to the news
that an Essex teenager has been arrested
on suspicion of launching cyber attacks
against international organizations." 





Cat vs. Internet
- a comic strip



Internet safety

We're Being Googled


Christmas shopping


Support group for internet addicts



What are you doing ?






What's human contact ?


Tweeting - Cartoons


The computer was right...
(Site unknown)

Internet danger

Beware of Online Predators


Honesty on the internet



There's no place
like Home Page



Internet addiction

I'm a computer addict.


Ready to start











(dessins et questions)



I am not



Email and fax



Go to bed!


Web addict



  • Prisoner Computer - Escape



Songs :




Stories :

  • Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely
    "More than 100 drivers in Austin, Texas found their cars disabled or the horns honking out of control, after an intruder ran amok in a web-based vehicle-immobilization system normally used to get the attention of consumers delinquent in their auto payments..."

  • It's a Wonderful Internet - an interactive story (



Videos :

  • Life Changing: 25 Years Of The Web - Video publiée le 12 mars 2014
    "Today is the 25th anniversary of the invention of the internet. Now the man behind it -- Sir Tim Berners-Lee -- is calling for an online Magna Carta to protect the people who surf it. So how has it changed our lives... Our Social Affairs Editor Afua Hirsch reports."







  • Claire Thought She Knew video
    "An educational video for young people, produced by the UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) as part of the ThinkUKnow UK initiative."





  • Online hackers threaten to expose cartel's secrets
    "Group called Anonymous demands release of one of their own who was kidnapped...
    An international group of online hackers is warning a Mexican drug cartel to release one of its members, kidnapped from a street protest, or it will publish the identities and addresses of the syndicate's associates, from corrupt police to taxi drivers, as well as reveal the syndicates' businesses."


    Editor's note: Video contains language that may be offensive to some viewers



  • Twitter, Facebook and YouTube the royal wedding
    "Receiving royal tweets, posting well-wishing videos on YouTube and downloading phone apps are among an array of technological ways to get involved with the royal wedding.
    Rory Cellan-Jones asks Kat Hannaford from technology site Gizmodo about some of the best ways of following the marriage of William and Kate."
    + Digital royal wedding: or #rw2011 : an article
    "The official Royal Wedding website will be at the centre of an operation which will use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr to provide material about the day’s events - and to solicit content from the public."




  • Lundgren vs. Unicorn - a commercial
    "Don't let Dolph destroy your fairytale unicorn. Keep your dreams and computer safe with Norton." 


  • Cleanternet - for a cleaner and safer internet
    "Cleanternet is a campaign to support European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in her plans to introduce a website blocking system in Europe.
    All European countries must be forced to fight for a cleaner and safer Internet."





    "See what occurs when good manners are overlooked on the Net! You can watch the video with or without subtitles."


  • History of the internet (en anglais - sous-titrée en français)
    It is "an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.

  • Pick a Movie! (with sound and quizzes) ex : INTERNET (History)



Cinema :

  • The Net 2.0 "is a 2006 direct-to-video written by Rob Cowan and directed by Charles Winkler....
    Hope Cassidy (played by Nikki DeLoach) is a young computer systems analyst who travels to Istanbul for a job.
    Ali Abay confirmed by telephone that she had been recruited at Suzer International and her first assignment would be to provide security to the internet security network of a Russian company...."