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(Updated on 07/09/2013)


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Noises - Sound / Sound effects


Vocabulary :


  • Onomatopoetic Words
    "Onomatopoeia means the "name" given to a sound. It's a word imitation of noise."
    ex : "Bong, a bell sound"

  • Onomatopoeia - a partial list of onomatopoeic words (
  • Onomatopoeia From Wikipedia

    1 Examples and uses of onomatopoeia
    1.1 Everyday Examples
    1.2 Examples in literature
    1.3 Onomatopoeia in music
    1.4 Non-auditory onomatopoeia
    1.5 Onomatopoeia in advertising
    1.6 Onomatopoeic names
    2 Onomatopoeias in pop culture


Facts :


  • Why did LOL infiltrate the language?
    "The internet slang term "LOL" (laughing out loud) has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, to the mild dismay of language purists.
    But where did the term originate? And is it really a threat to our lexicon?"

    "OMG! LOL's in the OED. LMAO!"
    + LOL around the world : mdr (and derivatives) / 555 / asg / mkm / ...

Listening :


INTERACTIVE exercises :



  • Now, what is an ONOMATOPOEIA? - with interactive exercises (

  • Interjections - (
    "Somebody has just stepped on your toe.
    Which interjection would best fit the situation? a. Yoo-hoo! b. Ouch! c. Eh! ..."


Exercises TO PRINT :


  • What's That Sound? (
    "What sound does each of the following animals make?
    What sound does each of the following objects make?
    What sounds would you hear if you were . . . at a football game? etc
    Onomatopoeic Words :
    "Use the following list to help you use onomatopoeic words in your poems."


Games TO PRINT :

  • Buzz-Whirr-Splat! - a game
    "Use onomatopeic expressions (words that sound like the sounds that they represent) to teach phonics."



Poems :



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March Madness




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Zap! Zonk! Pow!



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Obesity costs
Americans billions


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Songs :


  • Wheels On The Bus Song - Animated (
    + LYRICS
    "The horn on the bus goes "Beep, beep, beep"
    All through the town."



  • Todd Rundgren — Onomatopoeia
    "My senses tell me hubba...
    It's sort of lub, dub, lub, dub...
    It's sort of zoom, zip, hiccup, drip
    Ding, dong, crunch, crack, bark, meow, whinnie, quack...
    Screech, splash, squish, squeek
    Jingle, rattle, squeel, boing
    Honk, hoot, hack, belch"


    Listen to the song. (YouTube)


FLASH animations :



Videos :

  • TALK2US: Interjections - Video
    "Caty Weaver and Ashley Thompson are joined by a special guest, Anna Mateo, as they sing "The Interjection Song"



  • Alan Parsons Project - Don't Answer Me - une chanson
    avec une BD animée très bien réalisée, intéressante pour les interjections par exemple
    + the LYRICS
    "If you believe in the power of magic,
    It's all a fantasy
    So if you need to believe in someone,
    Just pretend it's me"