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(Updated on 19/03/2013)

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Pictures :

Microsculpture: Zoomable Insect Photographs by Levon Biss
"Microsculpture is a unique visual experience. A 10mm insect is shown as a 3 meter print, revealing minute detail and allowing the viewer to take in the structure of the insect in its entirety. The beautifully lit, high magnification portraiture of Levon Biss captures the microscopic form of these animals in striking high-resolution detail."

Check out more over at Levon Biss' Microsculpture - hit the hamburger icon at the upper left-hand corner.

Your best pictures of insects around the world
- 19 October 2017

A dragonfly






11 Amazing Spiders


A beehive




(aussi en ESPAGNOL)
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A butterfly net



15 Incredible Images of Bugs Up Close
"To browse through the complete collection
(which includes not just insects
or coloured photos)
check out the FEI Flickr page."


Spider's head



Vocabulary :

  • Names of Animals and Insects Formed by Folk Etymology
    "This post lists words derived from words in other languages as a result of folk etymology, a process by which speakers adopt the foreign terms
    after revising them by using existing elements from their native language."

  • Earwigs
    "These brown to black, elongated insects, 19 to 25 mm long, have a pair of large forceps at the end of the abdomen..."



  • Insects (
    (Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son)

Listening :


  • Insect idioms
    1. Knee-high to a grasshopper
    2. To have butterflies in your stomach.
    3. To have ants in your pants

    - with the script



  • Insects (
    (Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son)


Idioms :

  • The Bee Song by Arthur Askey :
    "I'd like to be a busy little bee,
    Being as busy as a bee can be."



Sayings :

  • Wise sayings :
    The fly on the water b
    uffalo's back thinks he is taller than the water buffalo. - Tagalog (Filipino)
    (on vanity and arrogance)
    The honey is sweet but the bee has a sting. - Ben Franklin (1706-1790)
    The human tongue is more poisonous than a bee's sting. - Vietnamese (on criticism)
    The spider and the fly can't make a bargain. - Jamaican (on buying and selling)
    You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. - Ben Franklin (1706-1790)


Facts :



  • 7 Fictional Cockroaches
    6. ______ THE COCKROACH ("This one is a quiz; answer at end of the article.")

  • A group of hungry ants
    "clamour to get their jaws around a piece of chocolate brownie left by photographer Andiyan Lutfi in his garden in Indonesia."



  • Chikungunya in France
    "Workers spray insecticide in La Gaude, southern France, during a mosquito eradication operation following the discovery of the insect-borne virus chikungunya in the area."


  • What's Eatin' You?
    Fleas / Bedbugs / Ticks / Chiggers / Face mites / Head lice / Crab lice / Human liver fluke / Mosquitoes

  • Mosquito laser gun offers new hope on malaria
    "Mosquitoes... kill nearly 1m people a year through malaria...
    The WMD laser works by detecting the audio frequency created by the beating of mosquito wings.
    A computer triggers the laser beam, the mosquito’s wings are burnt off and its smoking carcass falls to the ground."



  • Lorry carrying 12m bees overturns
    "Motorists on Canada's biggest highway ended up with a bee in their bonnet after a truck transporting 12m of the insects overturned.
    The lorry was carrying 330 crates of honey bees when it tipped over on a ramp in St Leonard, New Brunswick..."

    Vocabulary :
    - honey bee / bee experts / pollinate / beekeepers / protective suits / hive / sting / be angered
    - highway / motorists / bonnet / ramp / lorry / truck / overturn / tip over / seriously injured


    See Lesson plans




Museums :

  • Nature museum unveils 'cocoon'
    "London's Natural History Museum unveils the interactive centre that will soon house 34 million plant and insect specimens...
    The spectacular new wing of London's Natural History Museum has been unveiled."



INTERACTIVE exercises :



  • Bugs - "Match each bug with its name." (

  • Wild wordsearch (BBC) -
    "Can you find 17 creepy crawlies hidden in the scrambled letters?"

Exercises TO PRINT :

  • Insects - "Label the insects using the word list." (
  • Insect Vocabulary Quiz - "Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right." (


Lesson plans :

  • Where do bugs like to live in your house? (November 14, 2017) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Scientists have discovered where bugs most like to live in your house."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels: Household Bugs - Level 4  or  Household Bugs - Level 5
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities,
    crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)

  • Falling insect numbers dangerous to humans (July 28, 2014) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "The number of insects in the world has fallen by 45 per cent in the past 35 years.
    Scientists say this could be dangerous for humans. A report on insect numbers has been published."

  • United Nations asks us to eat insects (May 16, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "A new United Nations report says the we should all eat insects. The report is from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.
    It is called 'Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security'."
    See Videos
  • Bedbugs on the rise in the U.S.A. - a lesson plan

    Good Night Sleep Tight - a nursery rhyme (

    "Good night, sleep tight,
    Don’t let the bedbugs bite.
    And if they do
    Then take your shoe
    A nd knock ‘em ‘til
    They’re black and blue!"

    Sleep tight = Sleep well
    + Origin


  • 12 million bees on the loose in Canada - a lesson plan
    (Breaking News English)

    See Facts


  • Pest World for Kids
    Amazing Pests - Threats and Prevention - Send a Postcard - Learning Games - For Teachers



  • Insects - worksheets and online games (British Council)


Webquests :

  • Insectweb - A WebQuest -
    "In this unit you will be learning about different kinds of insects. How they look, what they eat and how they are the same or different." (


Symbols :



Stories :

  • Termites feast on trader's money
    "A trader in the Indian state of Bihar has lost his life savings after termites infesting his bank's safe deposit boxes ate them up."


Art :


Poems :


  • The Great Bug Hunt - interactive game
    "Learn about predators and pollinators."



Games TO PRINT :


Songs :


  • Good Night Sleep Tight - a nursery rhyme (

    "Good night, sleep tight,
    Don’t let the bedbugs bite.
    And if they do
    Then take your shoe
    A nd knock ‘em ‘til
    They’re black and blue!"

    Sleep tight = Sleep well
    + Origin


  • We're Going To Be Friends sung by The White Stripes (n° 9) - (
    "Walk with me, Suzy Lee
    through the park and by the tree
    we will rest upon the ground
    and look at all the bugs we found
    then safely walk to school
    without a sound
    - with the VIDEO (You Tube)


  • Yummy by Ohio Express
  • She bangs by William Hung :
    "'Cause she walks like she talks
    And she talks like she walks...
    I go crazy 'cause she
    Looks like a flower
    But she stings like a bee...
    if it looks like love..."
  • The Bee Song by Arthur Askey : - UPDATED
    "I'd like to be a busy little bee,
    Being as busy as a bee can be."



Cartoons :

Use trash bins!

Videos :


Cinema :

Give blood
- 8 million mosquitoes can't be wrong

Funny Signs From Around The World )