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(Updated on 06/11/2016)

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Native Americans (civilization)
The colonial period


Encyclopedia :



Vocabulary :


History and Culture :


  • The Cherokee Trail of Tears (1838-1839)
    "The Cherokee Nation was present in the United States for hundreds of years prior to the arrival of Europeans in the fifteenth century.
    Residing in the southeastern part of the United States, the Cherokee culture was highly developed and peaceful."

    - with in-depth/informative links




  • American History - PowerPoint Presentations (
    Explorers - Civil War - Government -
    Native Americans - Industrial/Immigration - Geography -
    Colonial Times - Great Depression - Patriotic Symbols -
    Revolutionary War - Civil Rights - Multicultural -
    Western Expansion - World Wars - Many More



  • American Indians Today (
    - Who is an Indian?
    - Why are Indians sometimes referred to as Native Americans?
    - How does one trace Indian ancestry and become a member of a tribe?
    - What is a federally recognized tribe?
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (N'oubliez pas de mettre le son!)
    "Dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of Pueblo Indian Culture, History and Art.
    The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is your Gateway to the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico."


  • First Nations Histories (Brief descriptions) :
    Abenaki | Acolapissa | Algonkin | Bayougoula | Beothuk | Catawba | Cherokee | Chickasaw | Chitimacha | Comanche | Delaware | Erie | Houma | Huron | Illinois | Iroquois | Kickapoo | Mahican | Mascouten | Massachusett | Mattabesic | Menominee | Metoac | Miami | Micmac | Mohegan | Montagnais | Narragansett | Nauset] Neutrals | Niantic] Nipissing | Nipmuc | Ojibwe | Ottawa | Pennacook | Pequot | Pocumtuc | Potawatomi | Sauk and Fox | Shawnee | Susquehannock | Tionontati | Tsalagi | Wampanoag | Wappinger | Wenro | Winnebago |

  • North American Groups (Native American Territories)


  • Native American chart
    with Habitat - Homes - Dress - Food Customs - Tools/ Weapons - Art - Famous Native Americans


  • Native American Indians - (historylink101)
    "connects you to the best of Art, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures, and Research."


Maps :





Pictures :

  • Show Examines Native American Imagery in US Culture - Text + Audio + Pictures - 23 February 2018
    "The exhibit, called “Americans,” opened last month at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.
    It explores the use of American Indian imagery over the years."


Listening :

  • Photos Show Today’s Native Americans - Text + Audio + Photos - 18 October 2015
    "Matika Wilbur has a goal that will take her across the United States.
    She plans to photograph every federally recognized Native American tribe in the country.
    She hopes that her photographs will help end the many stereotypes Americans and others worldwide have of native people."



Activities TO PRINT :


Lesson plans :

  • Learning About America's Natives
    November is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month -- the perfect time to explore Education World's resources on the history and culture of America's original inhabitants.
    Included: Lessons for recognizing America s Indian roots.

    (Education World)


  • Enseigner avec un vidéoprojecteur en classe,
    par Jean-Pierre Palasse
    (formateur TICE et anglais - IUFM de Bourgogne)
    La maquette de cours 'Guessit' permet de mettre en scène quelques écrans servant de support à l'expression orale des élèves.
    C'est l'enseignant qui dirige la présentation des données iconographiques et textuelles, à partir d'un ordinateur relié à un vidéoprojecteur, en mode local ou en direct sur le web. Il dispose de caches d'information qui incitent à la réflexion (ex texte à trous à compléter par un cliquer/glisser ou départ de phrases à construire), qui favorisent l'expression orale, en commun en classe.
    Un module de cette maquette, dont les textes sont affichés en gros caractères pour être lus de tous, permet aussi d'utiliser un espace d'écriture numérique pour résumer les idées essentielles, afficher l'orthographe d'un mot et même mémoriser et redistribuer sous forme de fichiers plus tard, ce qui a été dit et noté en commun, en classe.
    Voici un cours sur 'Native American Indians'. Comme les autres maquettes, celle-ci est personnalisable, si on possède quelques connaissances techniques. Voir les fichiers d'aide.

  • Native Americans/First People - Lesson Plans & Activities (
    - with a Comparison Chart : Indian Way of Life vs European Way of Life



Webquests :

  • see Webquests (civilization)

  • Civilisation d'Amérique du Nord (
    La revue « Textes et documents pour la classe » "entraîne les élèves à la découverte des cultures "natives" aux Etats-Unis.
    Le magazine propose, sur le site du Cndp, des fiches pédagogiques pour l'école, le collège et le lycée (du niveau A1 au B2). Elles utilisent des sites Internet, des textes, des sons."

  • Native Americans - a webquest (Ac. Nancy-Metz)

    - "recherche à faire par des élèves de 3e,

    en lien avec l'unité de New Live 3e sur les Native Americans."
    - proposée par
    Sylvie Chateau (Collège du Géhan - Saulxures sur Moselotte 88)
  • American Indians - a webquest (Ac. Rouen) :
    Origins of North American Indians - The Indian Cultures - Indian Tribes - Homes and shelters - Clothing and food -
    'The Trail of Tears' - Indian chiefs and heroes - The Battle of Wounded Knee - Pow-wows


Posters :



Stories / Literature :

  • Tony Hillerman (1925 - 2008)
    "was an award-winning American author of detective novels and non-fiction works best known for his Navajo Tribal Police mystery novels.
    Some of his works were made into big-screen and television movies."

  • Circle of Stories
    "Circle of Stories uses documentary film, photography, artwork and music to honor and explore Native American storytelling.




Songs :

  • True Pride Reality - a song
    "True Pride Reality is a music video by hip hop mc Melodic Soul feat. In The Woods.
    The video portrays and explains Native American struggles and contemporary issues involving assimilation.
    True Pride Reality was shot in Big Pine, California and captures the beautiful scenery of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.
    The song has hard hitting lyrics and gives a strong voice to young Native Americans. Directed by Echota Cheyenne Killsnight."



  • "Manifest Destiny" - a song by Jamiroquai
    "As I remember
    It was four hundred years or more
    Since you came to crucify
    And they were taken far away from home
    There were promises of paradise..."



  • Pocahontas - Savages (YouTube) + LYRICS :
    "What can you expect 
    From filthy little heathens? 
    Their whole disgusting race is like a curse 
    Their skin's a hellish red 
    They're only good when dead 
    They're vermin, as I said 
    And worse" 




  • Creek Mary's Blood by Nightwish from the film "Into the West" (YouTube)
    + the lyrics (
    "Wandering on Horizon Road
    Following the trail of tears
    White man came
    Saw the blessed land
    We cared, you took
    You fought, we lost
    Not the war but an unfair fight
    Sceneries painted beautiful in blood"

  • Cherokee - Trail of Tears (YouTube)
    + the lyrics (
    "The white mans greed, in search of gold
    Made the nation bleed
    They lost their faith
    And now they hade to learn
    There was no place to return
    Nowhere they could turn.
    Cherokee - marching on the trail of tears."

  • Indian Reservation sung by Don Fardon
    "They took the whole Indian nation
    put us on this reservation
    took away our way of life
    tomahawk and the prairie-knife...
    Although they've changed our ways of old
    they'll never change our heart and soul"

    - with a slide show (YouTube)
    or Indian Reservation
    or Cherokee Nation

  • Pocahontas by Neil Young





    "a provocative multi-media project that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history."
    + Teacher's Guide

    • EPISODE 1 : After the Mayflower
    • EPISODE 2 : Tecumseh's Vision
    • EPISODE 3 : Trail of Tears
    • EPISODE 4 : Geronimo
    • EPISODE 5 : Wounded Knee



Cinema :

  • Films Explore Native Peoples, Culture Conflict - Text + Audio + Video - 1 June 2015
    "A film festival in Los Angeles, California features films about indigenous peoples and cultures.
    The films show efforts to teach native languages, continue arts such as dance, and gain justice for native people.
    People of various backgrounds use film to share their ideas about preserving cultures."


  • The Activist (2014)
    "A political thriller during the Wounded Knee insurrection in 1973. Two activist are arrested and maintain in custody in a sheriff's office.
    They will meet a Nixon advisor, a lawyer, a senator and a movie star who is also an activist. Feb 2013 will be the 40Th anniversary of the insurrection..."


    Official site

  • How Hollywood stereotyped the Native Americans


  • We Shall Remain  "is a five-part, 7.5 hour documentary series about the history of Native Americans spanning the 17th century to the 20th century."