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(Updated on 06/02/2013)




Presentation :

  • The imperative : Presentation + Interactive exercises


Listening :

  • Language for describing a process or giving a set of instructions
    "When you have to give a series of instructions to make or produce something there are some common, useful and simple language features you can use to sound fluent and natural. In this programme we use the example of how to cook the perfect omelette to demonstrate this."

    + script + activity to print



Exercises :


  • Instructions - Advice on writing and following instructions. - interactive
    Is it 'Destination Impossible'? Can you find your way around the map?




Lesson plans :

  • Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart: Imperative - Negative Forms - a lesson
    "This is a beautiful, magical and dramatic story of a mother who has to make a very difficult decision in life - giving her baby to be raised
    by someone wealthier, because she does not have the means to nurture him. It is a French animated movie spoken in English I loved it."





  • Be Happy - a lesson plan
    "This lesson plan is designed around a short video which was inspired by Be Happy: A Little Book to Help You Live a Happy Life by Monica Sheehan.
    Students speak and write about happiness, and watch a short video.

    Language level: Pre-intermediate (A2) - Intermediate (B1)
    Learner type: All ages
    Time: 60 minutes
    Activity: Speaking, writing and watching a short video
    Topic: Happiness and being happy
    Language: Gerund as subject of sentence and imperatives



  • Boardgame
    Created by Michèle Dahbi (Ac. Rouen)

  • Simon Sez Santa
    Tell him what you want him to do and, chances are, he'll do it...



Cartoons : (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille initiale.)


Ban fox-hunting!



Let me explain!

I'm bored

Quit smoking!




Have a seat!



Poems :

  • Don't put mustard in the custard - a poem by Michael Rosen and read by him. - UPDATED
    "Don't put toffee in my coffee
    don't pour gravy on the baby
    don't put beer in his ear
    don't stick your toes up his nose..."




Songs :

  • Moby - Mistake
    The lyrics are below the video on YouTube.
    "Don't speak to me this way, don't ever let me say
    Don't leave me again, don't leave me again..."





  • Please Don't Go - K.C. & The Sunshine Band
    " don't go, don't go away
    don't leave me now"




Videos :

  • Get out of there! - with a list of films referenced in the montage
    Avec des variantes :
    Get the hell out of there!
    Get the fuck out of there!
    Get her / him / them out of there!
    Get your guy out of there!
    Get this fucking asshole out of there!

    Also on YouTube