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'Highway code'

Pages complémentaires :

Panneaux (civilisation) - Panneaux (humour) - Panneaux (US)
Panneaux (vocabulaire et activités)

Route (vocabulaire et activités)
Transports (civilisation) - Transports (vocabulaire et activités)









  • United States Symbols Webquest (
    "You will be making a U.S. symbols book that will include 6 current symbols and the new symbol that you would nominate."


  • Ellis Island webquest - (Ac. Orléans-Tours)
    "Cette activité consiste en une visite virtuelle d'Ellis Island où les élèves travailleront le vocabulaire associé à l'immigration et rédigeront une page de leur journal intime en tant qu'immigré ou officier de l'immigration."
    Lien direct

  • Living in the Tenements - a knowledge hunt (Ac. Grenoble) :
    "Cette activité vous demande d'entrer dans la vie quotidienne des gens pauvres dans les grandes villes américaines il y a un siècle, qui habitaient entassés dans de grands immeubles appelés "tenements" ou "tenement buildings". (Philip BENTZ)





Pages complémentaires :

'Bugs and Insects' (vocabulaire et activités)


  • Insectweb - A WebQuest -
    "In this unit you will be learning about different kinds of insects. How they look, what they eat and how they are the same or different." (





Pages complémentaires :

Littérature : Ecrivains - Théâtre - Poésie


  • Investigate into the life and time of Sherlock Holmes and his creator A.C.Doyle
    - with interactive activities



Pages complémentaires :

Magasins (vocabulaire et activités)


  • I-SHOPPING or electronic shopping from your home (




Pages complémentaires :

Métiers (civilisation)
Métiers (vocabulaire et activités)





Pages complémentaires :

Musique / Chansons -
(vocabulaire et activités)



'Native Americans'

Pages complémentaires :

'Native Americans' (civilisation)
'Native Americans' (histoire)





Pages complémentaires :

Nourriture (civilisation)
Nourriture et Boissons
(vocabulaire et activités)




Parcs d'attraction

Pages complémentaires :

'Parks' (US) -
(vocabulaire et activités)





Peine de mort




Pages complémentaires :

Poèmes (vocabulaire et activités)





Pages complémentaires :

(vocabulaire et activités)





Pages complémentaires :

'Pub' (vocabulaire et activités)








Pages complémentaires :

Arbres (vocabulaire et activités)





Pages complémentaires :

Rêves (vocabulaire et activités)





  • Of Mice and Men, a Cloning WebQuest -
    "This activity is designed to help students of English as a foreign language understand the issues involved in the cloning debate and express persuasive points of view on the subject."




Pages complémentaires :

Sports (civilisation) - Sports (US)
Sports (vocabulaire et activités)



  • Extreme sports - a webquest (niveau 4ème / 3ème) - (Ac. Nancy-Metz)



Pages complémentaires :

comparatifs et superlatifs


  • Guinness World Records - a webquest
    (envoyé par Stéphane Juvancic qui a retravaillé complètement le travail qui existait déjà, car les liens étaient morts)


Symboles US

Pages complémentaires :

Symboles (civilisation US)
Symboles (histoire US)
Symboles (vocabulaire et activités)





Pages complémentaires :

Vacances (vocabulaire et activités)


  • Tour the USA: A WebQuest - (Education World)
    "You and your classmates will work in teams to explore six regions of the United States: New England, the Mid Atlantic states, the South, Southwest, Midwest, and West.
    Each team will investigate one region's landmarks, monuments, and other areas of interest, and then create a brochure describing and illustrating an interesting and informative tour of that region." ( +
    Teacher Page )

  • A dream vacation (
    "Newstime for Kids has requested that you submit the detailed plans for your dream vacation and prepare an oral presentation..."
  • My Summer Vacation - On the Internet! (a scavenger hunt WITH ANSWERS) - (Education World)
    "Travel and learn with Kate and her younger brother, Matt, as they explore the U.S. -- on the Internet! Visit Web sites connected to popular attractions, and search those sites for answers to questions from Kate and Matt!" - You will visit :
    - the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    - Colonial Williamsburg, in Virginia
    - the National Civil Rights Museum
    - Disney World.
    - the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.
    - The entire Grand Canyon is in northern Arizona.
    - Monterey Bay Aquarium.
    - Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
    - Wrigley Field (with the Chicago Cubs baseball team )
    - Cape Cod



Pages complémentaires :

Voyages (vocabulaire et activités)
Lieux : 'Buildings and Places' (vocabulaire et activités)


  • Create a Travel Brochure A WebQuest -
    "You and three of your classmates have just been chosen to be the founding fathers of a new company called "The Sky's the Limit."
    This company will be marketing a rare product, one which will be highly valued by all human beings who enjoy traveling, but don't have the time, resources, or perhaps the energy to research the area to which they would like to travel.
    You are not only going to entice the tourists of this world, but you are also going to have a hand in helping the tourism industry.
    Not only will this new position offer you the opportunity to work with your peers, it may also allow you to explore many areas of this planet that you have yet to see."


  • A FAMILY TRIP TO LONDON - A WebQuest - (absolutenglish-972)
    ("How will you go to London?
    Ø What will you do and see in London?
    Ø How much will the holiday cost ?
    Ø What photos will you take? )



  • Crisscrossing the U.S.A. (Education World)
    (Scavenger Hunts for Kids of All Ages - Learn about famous places, Plan a trip... )
    to learn about the history and landscape of the United States.


  • The Inter-Galactic Travel Agency (
    "is looking for exotic places througout the galaxy, for tourism, travel and resort pleasures for the traveller who has seen it all!"



  • Mississipi River (Education World)
    "Students explore print and online resources to learn about the Mississippi River and then use the information to complete a scavenger hunt."


  • City life or desert life ? (
    "You are a space traveler from a faraway planet.
    You have been sent here to find the best place to live."