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The eruptions :


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  • Iceland volcano in maps 
    "A massive cloud of volcanic dust has covered vast areas of northern Europe after the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano erupted in Iceland on 14 April. 
    See ... for details on the extent of the dust cloud and for projections of its future spread.



The volcano cloud :

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  • Why ash and aircraft don't mix

  • Q&A: Volcanic ash cloud
    "Aircraft across much of Europe have been grounded as a result of an ash cloud caused by an erupting volcano in Iceland."

  • Why Is Volcanic Ash So Dangerous For Planes?
    "A volcano erupting hundreds of miles away in Iceland is causing havoc for air travellers in the UK - but why is volcanic ash so dangerous for pilots?...
    Ingesting ash dust can cause partial or total engine power loss...
    The ash will also damage aircraft ventilation, hydraulic, electronic and air data systems along with the plane's paint, windscreens and powerplants."

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