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United Kingdom

St Thomas Becket

General information :

  • Britons, Saxons, Scots and Picts (Early British Kingdoms for Kids)
    Introduction - What Happened when the Romans Left - King Arthur - King Arthur's Life in the Story Books -
    People - Famous Kings - Places to Live - Kingdoms - Religion - Fashion, Art & Literature - The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial


  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ( :
    1. Introduction
    2. Who are the British?
    3. Geography
    4. Climate
    5. History
    6. Main historical events
    7. National Anthems
    8. Authonomic Areas belonging to the UK - Isle of Man - Channel Islands
    9. The Map of Counties


  • A - Z of History - links to websites offering historical information (History on the Net)

  • Virtual Museum. (
    "It provides a showcase for some of the treasures at the PRO s new Education and Visitor Centre at Kew, including a host of landmark documents from the past 1000 years of British history. Many of these items have never before been on display.
    Visitors can explore everything from Famous Names to Crime & Punishment, and from War & Defence to Kings & Queens.
    They can find out surprising facts about famous people - including William Shakespeare, Robin Hood and Sir Elton John - as well as the extraordinary feats of ordinary people."


  • The great coverups and conspiracies include:
    JFK's Assassination, Adolf Hitler, Big Foot, Marilyn Monroe, Abe Lincoln, Roswell New Mexico, Princess Di, Jimmy Hoffa, Waco Texas,Area 51, Bermuda Triangle, TWA 800, and the Lochness Monster.




  • The National Archives Learning Curve (Great-Britain) is an on-line teaching resource, structured to tie in with the History National Curriculum from Key Stages 2 to 5. The Learning Curve contains a varied range of original sources including documents, photographs, film and sound recordings. There are three different types of resource: Exhibitions (with interactive tasks, Focus Ons (with quizzes and activities) and Snapshots. Each has a distinct approach to suit different styles of learning. (

SNAPSHOTS : Educational Features and Activities based on visual sources from the National Archives A few examples :

- Henry VIII. How did Henry VIII get up in the morning?

- The Royal Seal. What can it tell us?
- Guy Fawkes. Why was Guy Fawkes tortured?
- How We Were Taught. What was school like nearly 100 years ago?
- The Streets of London. Late Victorian London


Population :

  • Population Animation
    - "Choose the animation or the interactive timeline to find out how the population of Britain (or Ireland) has changed since earliest times." (BBC)


Maps :



Pictures :


  • Pictures of England - "Exploring the most Picturesque & Historic parts of England" -
    You can explore England by map.


Legends :

  • British legends : Robin Hood - King Arthur - The Witch of Wookey Hole... (British Council)


Medieval England :



  • Medieval England - (
    Medieval Kings and Queens - William the Conqueror - 1066 - The Battle of Hastings - Scenes from the Battle of Hastings - The Bayeaux Tapestry - Castles - Food and Drink in Medieval England - Thomas Becket - Canterbury Cathedral - Magna Carta - The Black Death - Medieval Christmas...


Videos :

  • Bedpans and the Blitz - Historic England
    "A fascinating collection of more than 4,000 photographs uncovered in the Historic England Archive is giving up its secrets after more than 70 years and is now accessible to the public."


  • Breathing new life into old places with Heritage Action Zones - 25 May 2018
    "The Heritage Action Zone initiative aims to encourage economic growth and improve quality of life in communities across England.
    Old buildings that have been neglected might be restored and brought back into use as housing, retail or community spaces;
    conservation areas improved to kick start regeneration; and historic sites developed as visitor attractions..."



  • Irreplaceable: A History of England in 100 Places - Protest, Progress & Power
    "2018 marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, 1918, which gave the first British women the right to vote.
    This gallery of images from the Historic England Archive illustrates some of the places where the power of protest illuminated the cause for women's suffrage."



  • Old news reels from PATHE, free, downloadable in a light version (britishpathe)


  • A History of Britain - Video Clips (and Audio Clips) - (BBC)
    'Conquest!' - episode 2: The Battle of Hastings.
    'Dynasty' - episode 3: Becket and the murder in the cathedral.
    'Nations' - episode 4: Edward's invasion of Wales and the pogrom against the Jews.
    'King Death' - episode 5: The Black Death sweeps through Britain.
    'Burning Convictions' - episode 6: Catholic England turns to Protestantism.
    'The Body of the Queen' - episode 7: The story of two Queens - and the birth of a nation...


Activities :




  • A time line (find the correct order) - (elloughton13)


Songs :

  • I'm a Knight by Lily Allen
    "I'm a knight, I'm a knight and I'm a knight 
    And our only aim in life is to fight 
    I'm a knight, I'm a knight and I'm a knight 
    We are fighters and our armour's always tight 
    And these swords aren't light!"


    I'm a Knight ("Friday Night" by Lily Allen) - UPDATED
    "A quick overview of the life of a typical European knight during the Middle Ages. Clips from "A Knight's Tale" with the late Heath Ledger."
    Vocabulary : knight / joust / chivalry / armour / sword / gentleman / lady / peasant


Cinema :