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Superstitions (vocabulary and activities)
Superstitions (civilization)
- Zombies - Ghosts - Vampires


History / Facts :

  • Halloween - infographic
    "The Halloween Infographic was created using the data from a survey conducted online
    among 150 responders adults aged 18 and older who are registered users of"

  • Halloween decorations carry haunting message of forced labor - 23 December 2012
    "The letter came in a box of Halloween decorations purchased at Kmart, but for a year Julie Keith never knew...
    "If you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization. Thousands people here who are under the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever."..."





  • The transatlantic Halloween divide
    "A curious subculture of extreme DIYers-turned-home theme park designers illustrates how the US revels in Halloween, a less-regarded festival on the other side of the Atlantic...
    Welcome to the world of the "home haunters", Americans who dedicate months of every year to putting together the ultimate amateur Halloween display in their front garden. "


  • Britain 'home to witches, fairies, and guardian angels'


  • Halloween Customs : A text + a glossary + an interactive quiz



  • The History of Halloween - simplifiée (

  • The Story of the Jack-o-Lantern (

  • Halloween from Around the World (
    Australia - Austria - Belgium - Britain, England - Canada - Ireland - Celtics -China - Czechoslovakia - Estonia - France -
    Germany - Guatemala - Holland - Hong Kong - Italy - Japan - Mexico - New Zealand - Nigeria -
    North America - Poland - Portugal - Rome - Russia - Scotland - Sicily - Spain - Vietnam - Wales


  • The History of Halloween : (
    Holiday Origins - Creepy Video Clips - The Great Pumpkin - Ghost Stories - Around The World - Historic Haunts -
    Recipes - Send a Halloween E-Card - Jack-O'Lantern Cut-outs...

  • Halloween - site-ressource : History - Traditions - Quiz - Films - Rhymes... (


Superstitions :


Cliparts / Flashcards / Pictures :



  • Images et gifs animés (

  • Special Halloween avec des milliers d'images animées de petites tailles (


Vocabulary :

  • Halloween and Samhain - A lesson
    "It's Trick or Treat in the USA and Help The Hallowe'en Party in Ireland, but wherever you are, this week's lesson focuses on words and phrases associated with the day before the Celtic New Year - Samhain (sow-en)."



  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! (Hervé Humbert)
    "Passe la souris sur les mots et LIS EN BAS DE LA PAGE comment ils s'écrivent en anglais."


Listening :



  • Halloween Tale,
    "an interactive Flash story, allows children to participate in the story experience. (
    Children strengthen their listening comprehension skills and learn to follow simple auditory instructions." (dès la 6ème)


INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • Halloween by Miss Marant - interactive book with AUDIO

  • "For Halloween we have a game, a story, a song and much more!
    Just click on Halloween in the topic box on our home page to see lots of fun activities.
    You can find ideas on how to use our Halloween activities in this article."


  • Halloween Night - ( His/ her)
    "1- Click on the picture to play the first game, You must "press start", read the sentence and find the blue matching spot. 
    2- Play the Rags to Riches game below. Good luck!
    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)


  • Wicked Witch 'oo' Words (Angela Gomez) (

  • Halloween
    "Un nouveau parcours sur internet, avec des activités sur le vocabulaire et des liens vers des exercices de compréhension destinés à découvrir les origines de cette fête." 

    Créé par Hélène de Morel (Ac. Caen)

  • Halloween - Vocabulary, Exercises and Worksheets

  • Halloween Customs : A text + a glossary + an interactive quiz


  • Interactive Book : Halloween - NEW LINK!!!
    Created by Laurence HAQUET (Ac. Rouen). Visit her BLOG

  • A Cloze Exercise for Halloween - interactive

  • Winnie the Witch
    "Winnie the Witch" is a story written by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.
    Click on the picture to see the OUP website then do the quiz.
    Activity created by Renée Mau


  • Halloween (British Council)
    Halloween words / Halloween costumes / Quiz


  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! (Hervé Humbert)
    "Passe la souris sur les mots et LIS EN BAS DE LA PAGE comment ils s'écrivent en anglais."

  • Identify some of the classic figures of Halloween lore. Match the words to the correct picture. (

  • Spooky words (British Council)
    "On the right there are some spooky words.
    On the left are the meanings of these words.
    Can you match the items on the left and right?"