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(Updated on 17/03/2013)


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Vocabulary :

  • Gesture (Wikipedia)
    * 1 Types of gestures
    * 2 Studies of gesture
    * 3 Social significance
    * 4 Hand gestures
    * 5 Body gestures
    5.1 Mooning 5.2 Anasyrma 5.3 The "peacock"
    * 6 Head/face gestures
    6.1 Facial expressions 6.2 Eye-rolling 6.3 Nodding 6.4 Bent head 6.5 Head shaking 6.6 Head turning 6.7 Pointing by chin
    6.8 Hello by nod
    * 7 See also
    * 8 References
    * 9 External links


Examples :

School reprimands seven-year-old boys for playing 'army game' in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
"A primary school has been condemned by parents for disciplining two seven-year-old boys after teachers ruled playing army games amounted to "threatening behaviour"...
Staff ... reprimanded the two boys after they were seen making pistol shapes with their fingers."
The school said "the gun gestures were “unacceptable” and were not permitted at school."




  • Body language abroad
    "Body language means different things in different countries. Here are our top tips on using body language abroad..."




    INCIDENTAL GESTURES - Mechanical actions with secondary messages
    EXPRESSIVE GESTURES - Biological gestures of the kind we share with other animals
    MIMIC GESTURES - Gestures which transmit signals by imitation
    SCHEMATIC GESTURES - Imitations that become abbreviated or abridged
    SYMBOLIC GESTURES - Gestures which represent moods and ideas
    TECHNICAL GESTURES - Gestures used by specialist minorities
    CODED GESTURES - Sign-language based on a formal system
  • Communicating with Gestures (
    "Very few gestures are universally understood and interpreted. What is perfectly acceptable in the United States may be rude, or even obscene, in other cultures."
    - Understanding Different Interpretations of Common Gestures
    - Answer Key for Body Language Activities
  • Sign language (Wikipedia)
    1 History of sign language
    2 Linguistics of sign
    2.1 Sign languages' relationships with oral languages
    3 Use of signs in hearing communities 3.1 Spatial grammar and simultaneity 3.2 Written forms of sign languages
    4 Home sign
    5 Media
    6 Benefits...
  • Charades (Wikipedia)
    It "is a word guessing game. In the form most commonly played today, it is an acting game in which one player acts out a word or phrase, often by pantomiming similar-sounding words, and the other players guess the word or phrase. The idea is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to another party..."
  • Cultural Gestures (
    1. Basic Courtesies and dining etiquette
    2. Simple hand gestures
    3. Spacing
    4. Rude or hostile signs
    5. Waiting in line
    6. Shaking Head
    7. Nodding Head
    8. Waving
    9. Handshake
    10. Hellos and Good-bye


  • European Gestures (
    "In Europe, gestures can contribute to the language barrier. Here are a few common gestures, their meanings, and where you're likely to see them..."
  • Italian Hand Gestures - Speak Italian With Your Hands (
    Illustrated hand gestures with an explanation in Italian and English.



Pictures :




Children at The Quest Academy have been banned
from copying David Cameron and
Barack Obama's high-fiving antics.



walk out





Thumb sucking

Nail biting



Hair twirling

Facial Gestures

"Different expression
shows different emotion."









History :


Conversation Questions :



INTERACTIVE exercises :



Exercises TO PRINT :

  • Body language
    "First match each drawing with the jumbled titles
    - Then find the common interpretation given to the sign or gesture in our country"

  • Body Verbs Vocabulary Exercise - Circle the correct answer.
    - ex : "You do this with your head when you agree with something.
    A To sway B To shake C To nod"
  • People Skills Quiz (
    "Are you aware that your body language reveals your deepest feelings and hidden thoughts to total strangers?..."



Lesson plans :

  • Soccer player banned for life for Nazi salute (March 19, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "A Greek football player has been banned from playing for his country for life after making a Nazi salute on the pitch.
    AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis, 20, made the gesture after scoring the winning goal for his team on Saturday."

  • Gestures
    Aim : "To present gestures and imperatives while practising body parts vocabulary."



Poems :

  • First Gestures by Julia Spicher Kasdorf (
    "Among the first we learn is good-bye,
    your tiny wrist between Dad's forefinger
    and thumb forced to wave bye-bye to Mom..."



Songs :

  • Body Language - INXS :
    "Use your eyes and your face
    Words have no place
    Move your body in a way
    So I will know what you say"


Videos :

  • What Trump's hand gestures say about him - VIDEO - 16 August 2016
    "New Yorkers tend to use a lot of hand gestures," and Donald Trump is no exception.
    Body language expert Mary Civiello breaks down the top five gestures Donald Trump uses when he speaks."


  • Body Language Can Help With Public Speaking - Text + Audio + Video
    "Public speaking is difficult even for native speakers of English. Learners find it even more difficult. A big part of giving presentations is body language. Charles LeBeau, professor of public speaking, shares some advice on what he calls the "physical message."