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You Can Travel Across The U.S. By Train For Just Over $200



10 things you probably didn’t know about America ’s 51st state (TBC) - 15 June 2017
"Puerto Rico held a referendum at the weekend to determine
whether or not the Caribbean archipelago should become part of the US.
The result was unequivocal: 97 per cent of eligible voters said they were in favour of their land becoming the 51st state of America.
Many obstacles line the road to statehood for Puerto Rico, which is already classified as an unincorporated territory of the US."





America's public lands are under threat. Support coverage of this critical issue – video - 5 June 2017
"There are few issues as bipartisan as public lands. They underpin American traditions and are central to the US economy.
But they are now threatened like never before. Under the influence of special interests, the Trump administration has paved a path
to give away 640m acres of national land, a third of US property.
Limiting public access and input, this Congress has been called the worst for public lands in US history.
In response, the Guardian is launching a weekly series to look at the role of public lands in American life
and the threat posed by efforts to do away with them."



Ranching life on the high plains of Montana – in pictures - 6 June 2017
"Elliott D Woods spent time in Phillips County in northern Montana, where public land is a source of life to which ranchers are intimately connected.
If the plan to transfer lands to the states succeeds, it will mean a radical restructuring of the economy and the culture of the west."





Discover America's Appalachian Trail - Text + Audio + Video
"The Appalachian Trail is one of the longest and most famous footpaths in the world.
We went to the historic town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, the halfway point of the 3,400-kilometer-long Appalachian Trail.
Also known as the AT, this famous trail passes through 14 states in the eastern U.S."





The fauna of aquatic environments of North America: a rich diversity! - Visual dictionary


Earthquakes :


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Earthquakes on the page about Natural Disasters


  • Earthquakes (history, terms, cool facts, statistics, San Andreas Fault...) for kids





Mountain ranges of the United States by Edward Davison (.doc)






Niagara Falls : Click on the map.

  • Niagara Falls - Interactive map (
    Beautiful photos


  • Niagara Falls
    1 Characteristics and formation
    2 History
    3 Impact on industry and commerce
    4 Preservation efforts
    5 In entertainment and popular culture
    6 Tourism





Mount Rushmore, South Dakota : Click on the map.

  • Mount Rushmore turns 87 - 4 October 2014
    "Mount Rushmore, one of America’s most famous landmarks, is getting a makeover for its 87th birthday. Vinita Nair reports."



  • Mt Rushmore - "Explore the photo, listen and read, then play the game (Rags and Riches)."
    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)


    "A short documentary I put together after my July 2007 visit to the National Monument in South Dakota."



  • Mount Rushmore - a webquest - Created by Sylvie Teillot (Ac Grenoble)
    Niveau 4ème / 3ème


  • MOUNT RUSHMORE, South Dakota
    "The Mount Rushmore area is far more than just a symbol of American history.
    It is also steeped in the rich culture and traditions of North America's native Indians."



  • Mount Rushmore (PBS)
    The Film - Special Features - Timeline - Gallery - People and Events - Teacher's Guide






Cities :


Boston Miami
Chicago New Orleans
Cities New York
Las Vegas San Francisco
Los Angeles Washington, DC


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The cities (activities)



Cities :

  • 6 American cities
    1. First, click on the picture, and explore the map.
    2. Now, click on "Start now" and take the listening quiz.

    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)


  • The 25 Most Popular Cities to Visit in America
    "Big cities and small historic towns top the list of most popular places to visit in America, according to the travel site TripAdvisor.
    Millions of users voted New York City, Chicago, and Charleston, South Carolina as the top three cities to visit in the U.S.
    Here's a look at all 25 cities!"

  • The Big Easy and Sin City - AUDIO + TRANSCRIPT : New Orleans, Louisiana and Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Want to live like a cowboy? Try Wyoming
    "Whether you want to live like a rock star or a cowboy, or become an urban gardener or just opt for the simple life,
    there is a town in America to suit everyone's taste."


  • 6 American cities
    "Here are eight pages about 6 American cities.
    (Washington DC - Seattle - Boston - Chicago - New York City - New Orleans)
    Listen to Stephanie, our American assistant , watch the videos ,
    play the games, enjoy the photos and learn." 
    Activities created by Renée Maufroid.


  • 'A View On Cities',
    a site dedicated to the sights and attractions in some of the world's greatest cities.

  • Some towns in America - multiple choice exercise (Ac. Caen)



Baltimore, Maryland :

Boston, Massachusetts :

  • Boston, Massachusetts (Wikipedia)
    1 History
    2 Geography
    3 Climate
    4 Demographics
    5 Government
    5.1 Crime
    6 Economy
    7 Education
    8 Culture
    9 Media
    10 Sports
    11 Infrastructure
    11.1 Transportation 11.2 Healthcare and utilities...


Chicago, Illinois :


  • Highest Glass Floor in the World
    "Not content with having the tallest building in America, the owners of Sears Tower in Chicago have installed four glass box viewing platforms which stick out of the building 103 floors up.  The balconies are suspended 1,353 feet in the air..."


Las Vegas, Nevada :


  • Frank SINATRA - This Town = Las Vegas (YouTube)
    + the LYRICS
    "This town is a make-you town
    Or a break-you-town and bring-you-down town...
    This town, it's a use-you town
    An abuse-you town until-you're-down town..."




  • Las Vegas - An Unconventional History :
    The Film & More - Special Features -
    People & Events - Maps:Las Vegas at different scales
    Timeline:Las Vegas chronology
    Gallery:Las Vegas weddings
    Teacher's Guide:how to use this site in your classroom



Los Angeles, California : Click on the map.

  • Los Angeles, California (Wikipedia)
    1 History
    2 Geography
    2.1 Topography 2.2 Geology 2.3 Climate 2.4 Flora 2.5 Environmental issues 2.6 Cityscape 2.7 Landmarks
    3 Culture 3.1 Sports 3.2 Media 3.3 Religion
    4 Economy
    5 Demographics
    5.1 2000 census 5.2 National origins
    6 Government 6.1 Neighborhood councils 6.2 Crime and safety
    7 Education 7.1 Colleges and universities 7.2 Schools and libraries
    8 Transportation 8.1 Rail transport 8.2 Air Transport 8.3 Harbors
    9 Sister Cities...
  • Murals Add to Color of Los Angeles - Article + Audio
    "Los Angeles is famous for its murals. The artwork covers the sides of buildings and bridges over busy roads. They add color and personality to the city."


    "A tourist takes a photo of a mural on the side of a building
    in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles."


Miami, Florida : Click on the map.

  • Miami, Florida (Wikipedia) :
    1 History
    2 Geography
    2.1 Geology 2.2 Climate
    3 Economy
    4 People and culture
    4.1 Population 4.2 Languages 4.3 Media 4.4 Sports
    5 Education
    6 Transportation
    6.1 Air travel 6.2 Seaports 6.3 Public transportation 6.4 Road and rail
    7 Miami in popular culture
    8 Music
    9 Mayors of the City of Miami
    10 Sister cities...

  • Présentation de Miami en 4 pages (AUDIO) à la rubrique Various Topics - Travelling



New Orleans, Louisiana :



  • New Orleans - My Journey Contest Video for Lonely Planet - UPDATED
    "Lonely Planet author Tom Downs loves New Orleans' soulful, saucy and eccentric nature. Located as far South as geographically possible in the USA, it's only mildly American in flavour, more a gumbo of French, Carribbean and African American. Tourists might flock to Bourbon Street's non-stop carnival but the whole city really knows how to have a great time."


    Marielle Bianchi (Ac. Toulouse) s'est "servie (de la video avec une classe de 3ème) en compréhension orale comme introduction à la ville dans le cadre d'une immense séquence sur la Louisiane." Elle est "partie de l'unité 4 de 'Connect'.
    Elle a rédigé le script (auquel elle a ajouté du vocabulaire) et l'a fait corriger par Jenny Léger (de eteach).


  • New Orleans, Louisiana (Wikipedia) :
    1 Nicknames
    2 History
    2.1 Beginnings through the 19th century 2.2 Twentieth century 2.3 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 2.4 Post-disaster revival
    3 Geography 3.1 Climate
    4 Cityscape 4.1 Architecture
    5 Demographics 5.1 Religion 5.2 Crime
    6 Government
    7 Economy
    8 Education
    8.1 Schools 8.2 Colleges and universities 8.3 Libraries
    9 Culture 9.1 Sites of interest 9.2 Events 9.3 Dialect 9.4 Music 9.5 Food 9.6 Sports 9.7 Media
    10 Infrastructure 10.1 Transportation 10.1.1 Streetcars 10.1.2 Buses 10.1.3 Proposed light rail 10.1.4 Roads 10.1.5 Airports
    10.1.6 Railroad
    11 Sister cities...

  • New Orleans (Sound Guide)
    - présentation de la Nouvelle-Orléans en 4 pages (Sujets divers - villes américaines).
    - avec une video



New York, in the state of New York :

  • ** Maryse : New York City **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : A1 - par  Maryse (NYC, USA) - 10 mars 2012
    Maryse tells us about her favourite city : NYC. She speaks about the skyscrapers, the monuments...
  • New York City (Wikipedia) :
    1 History
    2 Geography
    2.1 Climate 2.2 Environment
    3 Cityscape 3.1 Architecture 3.2 Boroughs
    4 Culture 4.1 Tourism 4.2 Media 4.3 Accent 4.4 Sports
    5 Economy
    6 Demographics
    7 Government
    7.1 Crime
    8 Education
    9 Transportation
    10 Sister cities...
  • Construction Starts on Freedom Tower - a lesson plan (Education World)
    "A new tower at the site of the former World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the U.S. when it is completed in 2011."


  • Pairwork sur New York
    à utiliser avec "New Step In 3e" - Unit 2 ou indépendamment
    - Travail sur les questions commençant par HOW
    Activité envoyée par Marina Bureaud (Ac. Poitiers)


San Francisco, California :


  • San Francisco, California (Wikipedia) :
    1 History
    2 Geography
    2.1 Climate
    3 Cityscape 3.1 Neighborhoods 3.2 Beaches and parks
    4 Culture and entertainment 4.1 Entertainment and performing arts 4.2 Museums 4.3 Media 4.4 Sports
    5 Economy
    6 Government
    7 Demographics
    8 Education
    8.1 Colleges and universities 8.2 Primary and secondary schools
    9 Transportation 9.1 Roads and highways 9.2 Public transportation 9.3 Airports 9.4 Seaports 9.5 Bicycling...

  • Présentation de San Francisco - 5 pages de compréhension orale
    à la rubrique : Various Topics - travelling



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania :


  • Pittsburgh bridges
    "A 2006 study determined that Pittsburgh has 446 bridges, and with its proximityto three major rivers and countless hills and ravines, Pittsburgh is known as  "The City of Bridges"." 


  • Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pa. - with "more than 4,000 works of art by Warhol including paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, films and videos, and a massive collection of Warhol's "time-capsules" - boxed records of the artist's day-to-day dealings and penchant for collecting."
    See Art + Film + Video Collection

Washington, DC (District of Columbia) :


  • See Cities

  • see Washington, D.C.

  • Washington, D.C. (Wikipedia) :
    1 History 1.1 Planning 1.2 19th century 1.3 20th century 1.4 21st century
    2 Geography 2.1 Topography 2.2 Climate 2.3 Nature
    3 Culture 3.1 Tourism 3.2 Performing arts 3.3 Music 3.4 Television shows 3.5 Sports
    3.6 Media 3.6.1 Newspapers 3.6.2 Television 3.6.3 Radio
    4 Economy 4.1 Insurance and banking
    5 Demographics
    6 Law and government
    6.1 Local government 6.2 Representation in federal government 6.3 Domestic partnerships 6.4 Crime
    7 Education 7.1 Colleges and universities
    8 Infrastructure 8.1 Health systems 8.2 Utilities 8.3 Transportation
    9 Holidays 9.1 Emancipation Day
    10 Sister cities...

  • Washington D.C. : Video + 8 pages d’exercices (







Click on the map.


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New York (geony.htm) - New York (geousa.htm)







Click on the map.


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  • Florida’s Key West: Close to Perfect, Far From Normal - Text + Audio + Video - 26 December 2015
    "The holiday season is a popular time to visit Key West, the warmest place in the continental United States.
    The tropical island off the coast of Florida offers an escape from cold weather and reality itself."

  • Florida - Posters


  • The Everglades (Wikipedia)

    1 History
    2 Everglades National Park
    3 Encroachment
    4 Restoration
    5 Non-native/Invasive species
    6 External links
    7 References





  • Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    - the LYRICS :
    "Sweet home Alabama
    Where the skies are so blue
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Lord, I'm coming home to you "


    Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young
    "Thanks to Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd was inspired to write the song "Sweet Home Alabama"."
    "Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
    a southern man don't need him around anyhow"

    Is "Sweet Home Alabama" Really Sweet?




  • Poverty and progress in the Mississippi Delta
    "The Mississippi Delta is known as the poorest corner of the poorest state in America.
    And what little economic opportunity the region does hold is just a few factory closures away from collapse, reports the BBC's Paul Adams."


  • MUD "is a 2012 American coming-of-age drama-thriller film written and directed by Jeff Nichols. The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Sam Shepard, and Reese Witherspoon. The film competed for the Palme d'Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.[4][5] It was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013."

    MUD / Sur les rives du Mississippi (Jeff Nichols - 2012)


    Mud - OFFICIAL TRAILER (2013) HD - Jeff Nichols Movie HD
    "Plot Summary: "Mud" is a coming-of-age drama centered around two fourteen-year-old boys who encounter a mysterious fugitive hiding out on an island in the Mississippi. Intrigued by this man, they enter into a pact to help him evade capture and reconnect with the love of his life. Though it is hard for the boys to discern truth from fiction when it comes to Mud, it isn't long until their small Arkansas town is besieged by a beautiful girl with a line of hunters in tow."








  • How do you know you're shopping in Texas ? (YouTube)


    SXSW: Thousands invade Texas for music, film and web
    "The city of Austin in Texas is braced for the arrival of tens of thousands of film, music and technology enthusiasts, all attending the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) conference...
    The 10-day SXSW event boasts some of the largest concerts, trade shows, technology panels, networking events, brainstorming sessions and film screenings in the US."



  • Texas and Oklahoma Lawmakers Have Plans to Secede From the Union
    "Oklahoma Lawmakers are talking about forming a Tea Party Militia that is voluntary to protect the State of Oklahoma from infringement
    of Oklahoma state rights by the Federal government. Oklahoma is not alone in talks of secession. Tea Party members and legislators in Oklahoma and  Texas as well talks of secession. "  








The Grand Canyon / ARIZONA :


  • Let's go to Arizona!
    "How much do you know about Arizona? Here are several activities related to this famous state.
    Listen , look , play and learn.
    Activities created by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille)






The Prairie :

  • The Prairie (Wikipedia)
    "The term encompassed much of the area referred to as the Great Plains (constituted by most or all of the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana), and sizeable parts of the states of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Minnesota."

  • Camp Silos -
    "Exploring the Prairie, Pioneer Farming, The Story of Corn and Farming Today and Tomorrow"