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Arundel Castle
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Flying the county flag: The preservation of an identity - 20 April 2014
"Symbols, patterns and colours have been used for millennia as ways to rally the troops, frighten foes, inspire loyalty, and recognise allies."



County Map of England  - "information, pictures and attractions of each county." 








Martin : Cheddar Village
"Martin explains the origins of the famous Cheddar cheese."

Martin : Cheddar Sweet Kitchen
"Martin’s job is to make sweets, all sorts of traditional old-fashioned sweets. He’s owned his company for 55 years in Cheddar Village in Somerset."

Gloria : Cheddar Sweet Kitchen
"Gloria has joined his father in the family business for 30 years now and her daughter has recently joined them too in Cheddar Village."

Rick : Cheddar Cheese Company
"Rick works for the only remaining company that still matures cheddar in caves. He explains the process of cheddaring."





The Difference Between The United Kingdom, England, and Great Britain — TodayIFoundOut


VisitEngland | RWC 2015 | INTERNATIONAL AD
"England in 2015 offers more than just rugby. So wherever you’re from, discover your England...
To celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2015 VisitEngland has called upon a host of international ‘super fans’ and unique English characters
to give a special performance of the unofficial national anthem ‘Jerusalem’.
Available to view in 4K, the film showcases iconic attractions and landscapes from across the country, including Hadrian’s Wall, The Tyne Bridge,
Brighton Pier, the Yorkshire Dales, Bath’s Royal Crescent, Tower Bridge and Twickenham."



Sounds of Great-Britain

+ TV ad : Sounds of GREAT Britain 60 sec
"What would be your perfect day in Great Britain? Where would you go? And what would you do? Who would you meet?
And what would you eat? Discover all the amazing experiences, sights and sounds of Great Britain. "
Discover more about Great Britain:
Create your own soundtrack to Great Britain:
Listen to the Sounds of Great Britain playlist: http://soundsofgreatbritain.visitbrit...



Holidays at home are great TV advert | Great 2012 Offers
"Why go abroad in 2012? In this TV ad, Stephen Fry, Rupert Grint, Michelle Dockery and Julie Walters
demonstrate great places to visit in the UK this year..."



Maps :


Related pages :

UK (maps)






  • Grande Bretagne : photos aériennes de châteaux, sites archéologiques, cathédrales... & carte des comtés
  • United Kingdom map
    "Move the pieces from the left to the box on the right to make a map of the United Kingdom.
    (British Council)




  • The London Map has "over 100 panoramics of Central London linked to an interactive Map. It shows many attractions, historic sites and open spaces."










  • Grande Bretagne : photos aériennes de châteaux, sites archéologiques, cathédrales... & carte des comtés


In Somerset





Airports :





The Channel


Related pages :

Channel Tunnel


  • Swimming the Channel
    "Watch this video and try to understand as much as you can."

    - with an activity : Jumbled Words
    (Niveau 4ème / 3ème)
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid





Blackpool (in the county of LANCASHIRE) : (Click on the map.)

  • Blackpool illuminations in row over 'shoddy' lights - 01 November 2011
    "For more than a century they have been the brightest, most popular attraction on Blackpool's seafront, drawing millions of tourists to the coastal resort each year."






Bath (in the county of SOMERSET) :


  • Visit Bath (
    City tours - Bath Abbey - The baths
    Georgian architecture & life
    Town centre - Riverside - Boat trips - Teatime - Farmers market



  • Bath, Somerset (Wikipedia)

    1 Geography
    2 Politics
    3 Demographics
    4 History
    5 Culture
    6 Sport
    7 Business
    8 Tourism
    9 Transport
    10 Architecture
    11 Education
    12 Media
    13 Places of interest
    14 Famous Bathonians...

  • Jane Austen's World - with links to important places in Bath. (





  • Newquay - an Introduction

    "Newquay is the most popular holiday destination in Cornwall, with an outstanding range of sandy beaches and is the surf capital of the UK."
    Video clips - Slideshows...





Brighton (in the county of SUSSEX) :


  • Brighton (Wikipedia)
    1 History
    2 Landmarks
    3 Culture
    : 3.1 Beaches - 3.2 Night-life & popular music - 3.3 Public events - 3.4 Brighton Festival - 3.5 Museums and galleries -
    3.6 Theatre and cinema - ... - 3.8 Ethnicity
    4 Commerce
    5 Education
    6 Politics
    7 Sport
    8 Transport
    9 Miscellanea
    10 See also
    11 External links
    : 11.1 General - 11.2 Photographs - 12 References and notes
  • The alt city guide to Brighton - with pictures - 19 April 2017
    "Brighton’s festival scene in May could be the reason for a spring visit but this creative and collaborative seaside town
    has inspirational art, music, food and drink on tap year-round."



  • Visit Brighton and Hove : PHOTOS (
    Brighton pier - Royal Pavilion - Beach - Lanes - Gay Brighton - Marina - West pier - Devil's Dyke - Nightlife




  • A quiz - 10 questions about Brighton (BBC)


  • Destination Portsmouth - a Scavenger hunt
    - en passant par Brighton, Beaulieu, Winchester, Arundel Castle, Beachy Head
    - avec un cahier d'activités
    (Thierry Arthaud - Académie de Nancy-Metz)





Hastings, in East Sussex :
















CAMBRIDGE, in the county of Cambridgeshire (Click on the map.)

  • Shape WALKS
    Interactive destination guide to the magnificent city of Cambridge, UK
    "Explore our interactive maps
    Look at buildings in microscopic detail..."
    + Podcast / MP3 Audio Walks


  • Cambridge (Wikipedia)
    1 History 1.1 Prehistory 1.2 Roman times 1.3 Saxon and Viking age 1.4 Norman times 1.5 Beginnings of the university 1.6 Cambridge today
    2 Government 2.1 Local government 2.2 Westminster
    3 Transport 3.1 Roads 3.2 Rail 3.3 Air 3.4 Cycling 3.5 Park and ride 3.6 Guided bus
    4 Sport 4.1 Football 4.2 Rugby 4.3 Other sports 4.4 Varsity sports
    5 Health
    6 Population
    7 Religion
    7.1 University
    8 Cambridge in fiction
    9 Music
    9.1 Popular music
    10 Festivals and events
    11 Other information
    12 See also
    13 Panoramic photo gallery
    14 References
    15 External links
  • University of Cambridge (Wikipedia)
    1 Organisation 1.1 Central administration 1.2 Colleges 1.3 Research and teaching 1.4 Finances
    2 Reputation 2.1 League Table Rankings
    3 History 3.1 Early history 3.2 Foundation of the Colleges 3.3 Mathematics 3.4 Contributions to the advancement of science 3.5 Women's education
    4 Admissions
    5 Sport and other extracurricular activities
    6 Myths, legends and traditions
    7 Miscellaneous
    8 Selected notable members
    9 Cambridge University in literature and popular culture
    9.1 Fiction 9.2 Non-fiction
    10 University activities 10.1 History and traditions 10.2 Organisations and institutions associated with the university 10.3 See also
    11 References
    12 External links
    12.1 Images and maps links


  • The Boat Race (Wikipedia)
    It "is a rowing race between the Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club.
    It is rowed annually each Spring on the Thames in London..."

    1 Course 1.1 Previous Courses
    2 History
    3 The Competitors
    3.1 Academic Status 3.2 Standard of the Crews 3.3 Sponsorship
    4 Oxford Mutinies 4.1 1959 4.2 1987
    5 Recent years
    6 Other Oxford/Cambridge Boat Races
    7 Build-up
    8 Trivia
    9 Results
    9.1 Overall Race Wins 9.2 Reserve Race 9.3 Unofficial wartime races 9.4 Full Results by Year
    10 Statistics 11 See also 12 Notes and references 13 External links



The Cotswolds (predominantly located in Gloucestershire) - UPDATED


  • Cotswolds (Wikipedia)
    1 Description
    2 Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
    3 Noteworthy historical structures
    4 Transport
    5 Note on counties...





Lake District

  • Lake District (Wikipedia)
    1 Geography
    2 Geology
    3 Climate
    4 Wildlife
    5 Industry and agriculture
    6 Development of tourism
    7 Literature
    8 Nomenclature...


  • The Lake Poets (
    William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey



Portsmouth (in the county of HAMPSHIRE) : (Click on the map.)

  • Destination Portsmouth - a Scavenger hunt - en passant par Brighton, Beaulieu, Winchester, Arundel Castle, Beachy Head
    - avec un cahier d'activités
    (Thierry Arthaud - Académie de Nancy-Metz)




Stonehenge (in the county of WILTSHIRE) : (Click on the map.)

  • Scientists solve mystery of Stonehenge (August 06, 2018) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Scientists say they have uncovered details about who built the 5,000-year-old prehistoric monument Stonehenge."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels: Stonehenge - Level 0Stonehenge - Level 1 or  Stonehenge - Level 2
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)

  • Learn English With Photos 13 - Stonehenge - a lesson
    "This Learn English With Photos lesson is based on photos taken during a visit to Stonehenge in 2012.
    Learn some interesting facts about one of Britain's most famous historical monuments and improve your English vocabulary at the same time.
    There's also a speaking activity at the end. You can download a transcript and glossary here."

    + Related articles



  • Stonehenge
    "Watch the slideshow, listen to Peter Carter, watch the video and do the quiz."
    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)


  • Stonehenge 'a long-term cemetery' - with a video
    "Stonehenge served as a burial ground for much longer than had previously been believed, new research suggests...
    Archaeologists have said the cremation burials found at the site might represent a single elite family and its descendents - perhaps a ruling dynasty. "

  • 'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig - with VIDEOS
    "They believe that the bluestones, which were transported 250km from the Preseli Hills in Wales to the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, were brought to
    site because the ancient people believed they had healing properties.
    Professor Geoffrey Wainwright said the site could have been a "Neolithic Lourdes"."


  • Unlocking Stonehenge's secrets - with VIDEOS









  • Road markers misspell 'No Entry' sign
    "The workmen wrote 'No Entrt' on a one-way street in the West Midlands and were ordered to repaint the error much to the amusement of locals."






River Thames, in southern England (Click on the map.)

  • River Thames
    1 History 2 Geography 3 Culture...
  • Thames Barrier
    1 Design and construction
    2 Previous flooding
    3 Flood Defence Operations
    4 Popular culture...




WINDSOR (in the county of BERKSHIRE)


  • Windsor Castle (Wikipedia)
    1 Environs : 1.1 Layout 1.2 Park and gardens
    2 History
    3 Big Royal Dig
    4 Security...




York (in the county of YORKSHIRE) :

  • Shambles, York, named Britain's 'most picturesque'
    "A cobbled lane in York which dates from the Middle Ages has been voted Britain's most picturesque street...
    The Royal Crescent in Bath and Grey Street in Newcastle came second and third respectively in the vote.
    Hampshire's Stockbridge High Street was voted "best foodie street" and Milsom Street, in Bath, "best fashion street".

  • York

  • Visit York (
    York Minster
    The streets of York
    City walls, gates and fortifications
    National Railway Museum
    River Ouse




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