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'Adjectifs et pronoms possessifs'
The family



PowerPoint Presentations :

  • Cas possessif - Classe de 6ème
    Créé par Murielle Pennetier (Ac. Orléans-Tours)


Examples :

  • The 7 Types of Possessive Case
    "The possessive case is used to indicate relationships between one person, place, or thing and another. However...)



Pairwork :

  • Utiliser WHOSE et le 's génitif en 6ème : DOC 1 - DOC 2
    (2 documents envoyés par Anne POLLET - Ac Caen)



INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • Game - Whose present?
    "This is a great activity to practise listening in English.
    It is December 24th and Santa and Amy are delivering Christmas presents.
    Your child listens to what Santa says and chooses the best presents for each girl and boy. Play Whose Present?"



  • Families

    "There are 7 pages and 7 coins to win in this game, fill-in the gaps or pick the right answer in the pop-up boxes."
    Activity created by Renée Maufroid.
    Niveau : 6ème / 5ème
    "Il y a 7 pages avec une animation, une chanson, une video, un enregistrement audio, le vocabulaire de la famille et le génitif."



  • Desperate Housewives
    "How well do you know the characters of this American series?"
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


  • Possession et description - Gap-fill exercise - activity created by Renée Maufroid

  • The Possessive Case - (
    "Fill in the gaps with a form of the verb to be and the possessive form of a noun,
    so that the sentences on the right mean the same as the ones on the left."
  • WHOSE et la marque d'appartenance - exercices (Hervé Humbert)



Exercises TO PRINT :

  • the Simpsons possessive case
    With this worksheet, pupils can study the Simpsons family tree. They can create sentences using the possessive case and learn the vocabulary related to family members. They will enjoy 4 activities to practise the possessive case and a writing activity to introduce their own family to their classmates.
    Created by Isabelle Boresy (Ac. Amiens)
  • Monsters : Match the monsters to their parts. (with pictures)
    Certaines images trop petites ont été CHANGEES.


Lesson plans :

  • The Croods: Possessive ('s)
    "I simply love this family, The Croods. The movie is awesome and it is wonderful to talk about family.
    I used their family tree to practice the use of possessives ('s)."