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(Updated on 18/02/2014)


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Emergency first aid: reflexes that can save lives
- Visual dictionary


First aid materials and services
- Visual dictionary



The emergency foil blanket
( = 'couverture de survie')




First aid equipment and kit
- Pictures and pronunciation







Vocabulary :

  • CPR 
    "Short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. An emergency procedure in which the heart and lungs are made to work by manually compressing the chest overlying the heart and forcing air into the lungs. CPR is used to maintain circulation when the heart stops pumping, usually because of disease, drugs, or trauma."
  • The emergency foil blanket ( = 'couverture de survie')
    "retains most radiated body heat while protecting against wind and rain. Ideal to include with your first aid kit supplies."

    "Quickly and effectively retains body heat preventing Hypothermia." (


  • First aid = "basic medical help given as soon as possible to someone who has been hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill."


Information :



  • Instruction sheets "to help you handle some common childhood emergencies and less serious, but still scary, situations."


Posters :

Emergency First Aid for Adults



Listening :

  • Learning First Aid: What to Do Until Medical Help Arrives
    "Advice for dealing with emergencies like choking, heart attack, accidental poisoning and severe bleeding...

    Read, listen and learn English with this story. Double-click on any word to find the definition in the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary."



Activities TO PRINT :

  • Ready Kids Activity Book - UPDATED
    "This 12 page booklet has puzzles, word games, cartoons, coloring pages and lots of great info to help with emergency preparedness for kids."



Lesson plans :

Cartoons :

A British supporter - Thirst Aid!



Designed for heavy, wet snow




Videos :


  • #TheUndeading, Zombies Performing CPR!
    "With Halloween just around the corner, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has decided the time is right for an hilarious Zombie-themed public service announcement.
    Their new video, 'The Undeading,' is a Walking Dead-style take on the lifesaving procedure featuring a horde of zombies performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on a hapless victim..."

    See Vocabulary


  • Being a lifeguard is a tough job...
    Popham Beach, Maine




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