EXTREME SPORTS - a webquest


3. A man who substitutes for a performer in scenes requiring physical daring or involving physical risk.
6. A covering, such as a hat or helmet, for the head.
8. This is like using a skateboard to water-ski.
9. A high, steep, perpendicular or overhanging face of a rock.
11. You leap off a bridge with a cord tied around your ankles.
13. The digits of the foot
14. This is like using a skateboard to ski.
16. A winter sport on which competitors go heads-down an ice-track on single-seater sleighs, unlike luge, where competitors go feet-first.
17. You jump out of an airplane with a skateboard strapped to your feet and ride the air currents.
18. You are very high up the side of a mountain, holding on by your fingers and toes.
1. A bicycle designed for riding off-road, either on dirt trails or other non-pavement type environments.
2. Rescue equipment consisting of a device that fills with air and retards your fall.
4. An activity that involves riding a board down a paved road.
5. This is like being a giant bird: you hold onto a pair of wings, run off a cliff, and start flying.
7. You're riding a flat boat down a very fast-moving river.
10. A movable organ for flying.
11. It's surfing without the board - just you and the waves!
12. You jump out of an airplane and hope your parachute opens.
15. An abbreviation for ‘bicycle motocross’.
17. A difficult or unusual or dangerous feat; usually done to gain attention.

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