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(Updated on 23/10/2016)


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Resources / Facts :







  • UN forecasts boom in 'green jobs'
    "The UN says millions of new jobs will be created worldwide over the next few decades by the development of alternative energy technologies...
    It says "green jobs" depend on a shift of subsidies from oil and natural gas to wind, solar, and geothermal power.
    New jobs could also include the expansion of recycling and making environmentally friendly vehicles."




  • Renewable energy : Hydro - Sun - Wind - Landfill - Geothermal


  • Energy (Wikipedia)
    1 History
    2 Energy in various contexts
    3 Regarding applications of the concept of energy

    3.1 Energy transfer 3.2 Energy and the laws of motion 3.3 The Hamiltonian 3.4 The Lagrangian 3.5 Energy and thermodynamics
    3.5.1 Internal energy 3.5.2 The laws of thermodynamics 3.6 Equipartition of energy 3.7 Oscillators, phonons, and photons
    3.8 Work and virtual work 3.9 Quantum mechanics 3.10 Relativity
    4 Measurement 4.1 Methods 4.2 Units
    5 Forms of energy
    5.1 Potential energy 5.1.1 Gravitational potential energy 5.1.2 Elastic potential energy
    5.2 Kinetic energy 5.3 Thermal energy 5.4 Electrical energy 5.4.1 Magnetic energy 5.4.2 Electromagnetic fields
    5.5 Chemical energy 5.6 Nuclear energy
    6 Transformations of energy
    7 Law of conservation of energy
    8 Energy and life...

  • Energy Quest (California Energy Commission)
    "Discover new means of energy production and innovative ways to use less energy."
    Art Gallery | Ask Professor Quester | Devoured by the Dark | Energy Library | Energy News | Energy Story | Energy Vampires |
    Games | How Things Work | Links | Movieroom | Ooops | Saving Energy | Science Projects | Solar Facts | Super Scientists |
    | Time Machine | Transportation Energy | Parents' & Teachers' Resources | ...


  • Energy (
    "All of these sources provide us the energy we need to live our busy lives.
    To find out more, click on the Energy Source areas...."

    with Energy Kid's Page and Fun and Games


Vocabulary :

  • Electric Vocabulary
    "We all know the words around electricity, "charge," "positive," "battery" and more. But where do they come from and what do they really mean?
    Let the history of these words illuminate the physics of electric phenomena."





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Safety :


    • US President Barack Obama warns of nuclear terrorism - 12 April 2010
      "Speaking on the eve of a nuclear security summit in Washington, he said leaders from 40 states should focus on how to secure nuclear material...
      Neither North Korea and Iran, two states with disputed nuclear ambitions, have been invited to the summit...
      Syria was also left off the invitation list...
      But the leaders of nuclear states like India, China and Pakistan are among those coming to Washington for the biggest gathering of
      world leaders in the US capital in decades...
      Leaders or other representatives of 47 states are attending the summit."

      - with a video
      "The summit is to be held at the Washington Convention Center"

  • Low-energy bulb disposal warning - 5 January 2008
    "The Environment Agency has called for more information to be made available on the health and environmental risks
    posed by low-energy light bulbs."




Debates :

  • Energy Crisis: Nuclear vs Renewable Sources
    "Is nuclear power the best way to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of the planet, or do alternative energy sources provide a viable alternative?"




Maps :


Lesson plans :



Webquests :

  • EARTH PROBLEMS - a webquest
    I. Air Pollution - II. Energy Depletion - III. Overflowing Landfills - IV. Rain Forest Destruction -
    V. Vanishing Species - VI. Water Pollution


Cartoons : (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille initiale.)

Cartoon: Inefficient Revolutions
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Cartoon: Not In My Back Yard
" Each energy option has its downside,
as recent disasters
have shown all too clearly..."






I want you to use biodiesel

No link


Ethanol reduces pollution


Biofuel - a cartoon

It's about the oil





Videos :

  • Electric Vocabulary
    "We all know the words around electricity, "charge," "positive," "battery" and more. But where do they come from and what do they really mean?
    Let the history of these words illuminate the physics of electric phenomena."



  • There’s No Tomorrow
    "a half-hour animated documentary about resource depletion, energy and the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet.
    Inspired by the pro-capitalist cartoons of the 1940s, the film is an introduction to the energy dilemmas facing the world today..."