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Next year
The vacation / The holidays

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Memories :

  • KaraokeParty
    "Sing karaoke online and get a score based on your performance. Practice your singing and increase your score.
    Challenge your friends in becoming the next karaoke champion.
    All you need is a microphone, built in or connected to your computer."



  • Take Me Back To - interactive game
    "We have invented the first Time Machine to let you enjoy looking back in time." 



  • School Memory Book
    "This is an end-of-school-year activity, a book your students can make.
    This is a wonderful book students can make, telling about themselves, their friends, and their favorite classroom events."

    ("Click on a small page to your right to go to a printout.")
    (Enchanted Learning)


  • Create a Class Yearbook
    "Create keepsake yearbooks of memories about the school year that's ending."

    (Education World)





  • Kind Compliments
    "Enlarge and photocopy this page for your pupils and give them a few days to fill it in.
    You can then collect the forms and play a guessing game by reading out hints and having the other pupils in the class guess whose form it is."



The vacation / The holidays :

  • Vacation Calendar
    "Put together fun, easy, and educational activities for students...
    Give each student a calendar for the months they will be on vacation with simple activities to do each day."



  • Summer Wish List
    "This summer I want to..., I would like to..."


  • Summer Safety Safari
    "Students will demonstrate their understanding of summer safety by creating guidelines for Summer Safety posters."




Next year :


  • Thinking Ahead to Next Year
    "Invite your students to leave behind advice for those who will follow in their footsteps
    or to write informative letters to the teachers who will teach them next year."

    (Education World)


  • Summer poster for Next Year's Class
    "Have students think about advice that they would give to your students for the next school year.
    Create a banner with "WORDS OF WISDOM"..."