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Word formation



Examples :

  • List of Prefixes and Suffixes and their Meanings
    "This post lists prefixes, suffixes, and their meanings. (Many scientific and mathematical prefixes have been omitted.) Groups of one or more definitions after a prefix that are separated by a semicolon stem from different senses of the prefix. Note, too, that some prefixes share the spelling of distinct words (for example, under) or have been coined as distinct words themselves by omitting the base word when that word is implied (for example, hyper). Many prefixes have variants that are used depending on context or, often,
    on the first letter of the base word."


  • Suffixes of Quality
    "This post lists suffixes — any group of letters attached to the end of a word, a base, or a phrase to convey a meaning related to that of the root element
    — that pertain to qualities. Examples of nouns featuring a particular suffix are provided after the suffix."


  • Words for Names of People
    "Words that include the element nym, and some that include nom, pertain to names and naming.
    Such terms as anonymous (literally, “without a name”) and pseudonym (“false name”) are ubiquitous, but most others in this class are more or less obscure. This post lists and defines such terms that pertain to individuals and groups of people."
    For example: An allonym, An anthroponym, Autonym, A charactonym, An eponym, A mononym

  • 15 “Positions” and Their Variations
    "Position, as a verb meaning “set” or “place” and as a noun referring to the attitude or location in which something is set or placed, is derived from the Latin verb ponere, as are a number of terms using that word as a base to form new meanings revealed more or less transparently by their prefixes.
    A list of these verbs and nouns, as well as a few related adjectives, plus simple definitions and their literal meanings for each word, are included here..."

  • 65 Compound Words Ending in “Stone”
    "Dozens of compound words, all but a few closed, end with the word stone, though some of the terms have figurative senses stemming from the original meaning and a few do not refer to actual types of rock at all. Here’s a list of most if not all compound words in which stone is the second element, with accompanying definitions."

  • Words for Sellers and Makers
    "Several venerable words serve as the base for compounds that refer to people who make or sell things: monger, smith, and wright.
    Here’s a review of those compounds..."

  • Yachtgate and lots of other -gates
    "The practice of adding the suffix -gate to a key word to describe a scandal dates back to the U.S. Watergate scandal in the early 70s..."



  • So many nationality suffixes (
    From the list, I find 8 major suffixes, they are:

    1. -ian (Italian, Norwegian)
    2. -ean (Chilean, Korean)
    3. -an (American, Mexican)
    4. -ese (Chinese, Japanese)
    5. -er (Icelander, New Zealander)
    6. -ic (Icelandic, Greenlandic)
    7. -ish (English, Irish)
    8. -i (Iraqi, Pakistani)


  • Using suffixes - PowerPoint Presentation
    Click on ENGLISH / Suffixes
    (Primary Resources)

  • Killers and Killing - with definitions
    "All of these words end in 'cide', from Latin caedere, to kill.
    However, some of them refer exclusively to the act of killing a specific thing (e.g. herbicide) while others can refer alternately to the act itself or
    to the person performing the act (e.g. homicide)."


  • Fighting and Combat - with definitions
    "These words, all very obscure, refer to fighting, combat or conflict, whether actual or metaphorical, using the suffix "machy"
    (from the Greek mache, a fight)."



  • phobo-, phob-, -phobia, -phobias, -phobe, -phobiac, -phobist, -phobic, -phobism, -phobous

    ablutophobia - with a funny illustration (COPYRIGHT)


  • Medical Terminology : (
    Prefixes / Suffixes / Medical word roots / Word part lists / Self assessment tasks / Pronunciation / Glossary, a search engine
  • -phobia - From Wikipedia - with a list of words ending in -phobia


Listening :

  • Past simple - pronunciation - (British Council)
    "At the top are 24 regular verbs in the past simple.
    Below are 3 boxes, each for a differently pronounced ending.
    Can you put the words in the right boxes?"
  • Past Simple Ending Pronunciation - (Isabel Perez)
    "Choose the correct pronunciation for each verb"


INTERACTIVE exercises :


  • Suffixes - "Find out the word made of the word under the picture and the suffix." (Ghislaine Wulles)

  • Spelling Quiz - Word Endings - (a4esl)
    "Make a choice by clicking on the radio button, then compare it with the correct answer hidden under the answer button."
  • Suffixes : Match words (Many Things)
    - Work - Worker (Verb to Noun/Occupation with the Suffix "-er")
    - Sail - Sailor (Verb to Noun/Occupation with the Suffix "-or")
    - Move - Movement (Verb to Noun with the Suffix "-ment")
    - Leisure - Leisurely (Noun to Adjective with the Suffix "-ly")
    - Aware - Awareness (Adjective to Noun with the Suffix "-ness")
    - Create - Creation (Verb to Noun with the Suffix "-tion")
    - Tempt - Temptation (Verb to Noun with the Suffix "-ation")
  • suffix -ing : interactive exercise ( + er, ed and est ) - (Teaching and Learning Resources)

Exercises TO PRINT :

  • Suffixes (Chris Hardwidge) - activity
    "SUFFIXES (make 2 sets of LH column). Spread out cards & take turns to match to create words & give example in sentences or use to invent new words giving definitions."
  • -ful and -less suffixes - a worksheet (

  • Saxon Place Names
    "When settlers came to Britain, they built villages and towns and gave them names.
    Use your maps of Sussex and East Anglia to find places with the endings below in them..."


  • Suffixes: -less, -ful - Wordsearch
    Click on ENGLISH: Word Level: Spelling & Phonics (Part 2) / Suffixes

  • Root Words - prefixes / suffixes (Education World)


Songs :

  • Like the way I do by Melissa Ethridge :
    "Does she stimulate you, attract and captivate you?
    Tell me does she miss you, existing just to kiss you like the way I do?
    Tell me does she want you, infatuate and haunt you
    Does she know just how to shock you, electrify and rock you
    Does she inject you, seduce you and affect you like the way I do?"

  • -al
    • Logical Song by Supertramp - Lesson Plan
      "Duration: 3-4 periods ( each period lasts for 40 minutes )
      - to practice listening comprehension
      - to learn more adjectives describing people and their emotion
      - to learn the poetic device – rhyming in songs
      - to explore more information related to teen problems."


    • The Logical Song by Supertramp - avec activités :
      "Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you
      A radical, liberal, fanatical, criminal..."


  • -er
    The Joker by Steve Miller :
    "I'm a picker
    I'm a grinner
    I'm a lover
    And I'm a sinner
    I play my music in the sun..."
  • -tion / -sion

    - 'Music' by Steven Seagal (lyrics on the CD : Songs from the Crystal Cave)
    "Desperation, abomination, disintegration, degradation
    Poverty, treachery...
    .. the music will set us free"

    - Love Profusion by Madonna :
    questions / solution / resurrection / confusion / profusion / vibration / direction / comprehension / isolation / destruction / celebration / intention
    with the
    VIDEO (You Tube)

Poems :



Cartoons :