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(Updated on 11/02/2013)

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Drugs - Pubs - Addiction(s) - Prohibition




  • Alcoholism Glossary - A glossary of terms associated with alcohol, alcoholism and recovery. (
    ex : "Alcoholism - Physical and psychological dependence on alcohol."





A breathalyser



"Lors d'une campagne visant à marquer
la Journée internationale contre l'abus
et le traffic de drogue
un engin roule sur des centaines de bouteilles
d'alcool confisquées, dans la banlieue de Karachi
au Pakistan le 26 juin 2012."










Dangers of alcohol



Alcohol Effects







  • Binge there, done that
    "CDC issues a sobering report on having one, or many, too many...
    One in six American adults is a binge drinker, consuming alcohol in excess about four times a month, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."


  • Binge drinking 'can damage memory skills' in teen girls
    "Teenagers - especially girls - who binge drink could be damaging the part of their brain which controls memory and spatial awareness, say Californian researchers...
    Tests on 95 adolescents aged 16 to 19 were carried out by researchers at several US universities."





  • Binge drinking 'damages memory'
    "Binge drinking teenagers are still at risk of absent-mindedness and forgetfulness days later, a study says."

  • Children & alcohol: Britain's deadly cocktail - UPDATED
    "Figures show a 40 per cent rise in the number of under-age drinkers in treatment in just one year - and experts say that hard-living celebrities are bad role models."


  • How old must I be to.... (
    "AGE 14 : You can go to the pub, but you cannot drink or buy alcohol
    AGE 16 : You can drink wine or beer with a meal in a restaurant
    AGE 18 : You can buy alcohol / You can drink alcohol in a pub / You can hold a licence to sell alcohol..."


  • Neuroscience For Kids (
    The Path of Alcohol in the body
    Effects of Alcohol : In low doses / In medium doses / In high doses
    Effects of Alcohol on the Nervous System
    Drinking and Driving Don't Mix
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    References and further information



  • List of deaths through alcohol (Wikipedia)
    ex : Dylan Thomas - Truman Capote - Raymond Chandler - F. Scott Fitzgerald - Ernest Hemingway - O. Henry - Jack Kerouac - Edgar Allan Poe -
    James Grover Thurber...
  • Alcoholism (Wikipedia)
    1 Definitions and terminology 1.1 Medical definitions 1.2 Terminology
    2 Etymology
    3 Epidemiology
    4 Identification and diagnosis
    4.1 Screening 4.2 Genetic predisposition testing 4.3 DSM diagnosis 4.4 Urine and blood tests
    5 Effects 5.1 Social effects 5.2 Alcohol withdrawal
    6 Treatments 6.1 Effectiveness 6.2 Detoxification 6.3 Group therapy and psychotherapy 6.4 Rationing and moderation 6.5 Medications
    7 Societal impact 7.1 Stereotypes
    8 In Film and Literature 8.1 Politics and public health
    9 See also
    10 References
    11 Further reading
    12 External links









  • Alcohol and Other Drugs - a webquest (
    "This webquest has been designed to provide information about alcohol and other drugs. You will explore five main drugs that may effect you in some way throughout your life...
    Groups will explore the assigned drug on the links provided. Once they have looked through the sites they will answer a Guide Worksheet. The groups will then create a poster demonstrating what they have learned about their assigned drug. The group will then be responsible for presenting their poster and information to the class."










CARTOONS : (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille initiale.)




  • Taio Cruz - Hangover
    "I got a hangover, wo-oh!
    I've been drinking too much for sure
    I got a hangover, wo-oh!
    I got an empty cup
    Pour me some more..."



  • Alcoholic by Starsailor (
    "Daddy was an alcoholic
    But your mother kept it all inside"
    - the VIDEO (YouTube)






  • Alcohol: tackling heavy cost of harmful drinking
    "Alcohol consumption has fallen slightly in OECD countries over the past twenty years. But young people and women are drinking more.
    Alcohol is becoming more easily available, more affordable and advertised more effectively."



  • Abuse of Alcohol Can Lead to Disease, Death - a video
    "The World Health Organization says alcohol abuse kills 3.3 million people each year."


  • Patrick Roche - "21" (CUPSI 2014) - a poem - Download the audio of this performance: (YouTube)
    "Patrick Roche is a poet and a student at Princeton University. He grew up with an alcoholic father whose addiction ultimately killed him.
    You learn that at the beginning of Roche's poem entitled "21." It provides a timeline of Roche's experience of his father,  but told in reverse, from the present day to Roche's earliest memories. It's simply beautiful.
    Roche condenses the pain ingeniously in this presentation of his poem  at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational in Boulder, Colorado.
    The line at 0:50 is particularly artful."



  • RoboCop is Here - Drive Sober Video
    "This holiday season, cops are stepping up their mission to protect the streets from drunk driving. And they're using the future of law enforcement to help... RoboCop is here. Remember, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over."



  • The Road Home
    "It features the story of Eddie Lanier, who struggled with alcoholism for over 40 years, until his 28th stint in rehab finally led to sobriety.
    Homeless and hungry, Eddie roamed the streets of his native Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and found a friend in David Wright, a passerby whose frequent donations stood out. Here, the two friends discuss Eddie's remarkable journey."




  • Underage drinking - the facts (
    "Gary Stannet, director of Positive Futures, discusses the findings of his group's survey of 11-19 year olds which reveals 42% started drinking when they were 13 or younger."



  • Films like "Days of Wine and Roses", "My Name is Bill W.", "Arthur", "Leaving Las Vegas", and "The Lost Weekend", chronicle similar stories of alcoholism.

    Leaving Las Vegas