Charles Dickens

English novelist
(1812 - 1870)

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  • The mysterious tale of Charles Dickens's raven
    "Charles Dickens’s beloved pet raven not only inspired the author but other great artists. Lucinda Hawksley tells the story of a charismatic bird...
    Although there is no concrete proof, most Poe scholars are in agreement that the poet’s fascination with Grip was the inspiration
    for his 1845 poem The Raven.  "
  • Why the world still loves Charles Dickens - 17 December 2014
    "Festivals celebrating the great writer take place every year, from Texas to Mumbai to Holland.
    What makes him so attractive, all these years after his death? Lucinda Hawksley investigates."

  • Charles Dickens, British Library
    "Our new Discovering Literature section has a dedicated Charles Dickens page which has exclusive articles
    written by scholars on the topic as well as scans of Dickens’s early work available nowhere else."




  • DICKENS WORLD, in Chatham, Kent :

    • Dickens World
      "A $120m theme park that celebrates the life and writings of Charles Dickens has opened in Britain..."

      in Chatham, Kent

    • A Charles Dickens theme park "opens in Kent soon, promising an authentic taste of the novelist's Victorian world..."

    • Dickens World
      "is a brand new, innovative and exciting indoor visitor complex themed around the life, books and times of one of Britain s best loved authors, Charles Dickens. It will take visitors on a fascinating journey through Dickens  lifetime as they step back into Dickensian England and are immersed in the urban streets, sounds and smells of the 19th century..."



  • Charles Dickens (Wikipedia)
    1 Childhood
    2 Career and marriage
    3 Later life
    4 Children
    5 Novels
    6 Legacy
    7 Quotations
    8 Works

    8.1 Major novels
    8.2 Selected other books
    8.3 Short stories
    9 External links

  • David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page - with an interactive map of Dickens' London (


  • Dickens Made (
    - plot reviews and character lists, links...

  • CHARLES DICKENS - written by EASY-TO-READ, a magazine for English learners
    - His Childhood
    - Dickens the writer
    - Dickens the man
    - His books

  • Talking to - Your chance to talk to the great names of the past ( :
    Jane AUSTEN - Charles DICKENS - William SHAKESPEARE - George ORWELL - Virginia WOOLF - Thomas HARDY
    - Abraham LINCOLN



'A Christmas Carol' :

The text - Articles - Listening - Interactive activities - Worksheets - Lesson plans/ Study guides - Videos - The films
- Animated versions - Advert

    • A Christmas Carol
      "Pour cette séquence qui se déroule de fin décembre à début janvier, j’ai souhaité introduire l’idée d’une tâche finale à double détente : d’une part une tâche finale en production, d’autre part une activité de compréhension orale authentique : Voir "A Christmas Carol" en version originale au cinéma."

      "Une grande partie de la fiche est (volontairement) transférable à nombre de videos.
      Plus particulierement le document : videowork." - UPDATED

      (Cécile Clavel - Ac. Toulouse)

    • Beyond the Story: A Dickens of a Party - a lesson plan (
      "Students are invited to attend a 19th Century party as a character from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
      To play this role, students must understand the values and customs Dickens' characters represented in Victorian society.
      This lesson is divided into three stages: Group Investigative Roles, Individual Characterizations, and Individual Presentations. Students collaboratively research the life and times of Charles Dickens as it relates to a character,
      and write and present a first-person character analysis."

    • A Christmas Carol WebQuest (
      "You are going to embark on a journey to ensure that Scrooge does not revert to his miserly ways. In order to ensure this,
      you will work both indivually and together as a team. Follow these steps and you will help keep Scrooge from ever becoming a misanthrope again..."

    • 'A Christmas Carol' - study guide (

  • Videos :



    • A Christmas Carol - UPDATED
      "The excellent 1971 animated version of the Charles Dickens classic.
      Animated in the style of 1800s engravings by the great Richard Williams Studio..."


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'A Tale of Two Cities' :


'Oliver Twist' :


  • Projet pour les portes ouvertes par Marie-Claire Renard (Belgique) : OLIVER TWIST
    Mise en scène d'une petite pièce de théâtre par les élèves de 3e et 4e R - anglais L2
    "A l'attention des professeurs d'anglais qui voudraient se lancer dans la même aventure :
    Tous les outils nécessaires à la réalisation de ce projet (script de la pièce, power point, fichiers son, vocabulaire, feuilles d'exercices, posters décoratifs ...) se trouvent à votre disposition au bas de cette page : profitez-en !  Vous pouvez les enregistrer et les modifier à votre guise !"
  • Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens - PODCASTS
    "This new full-cast adaptation tells the classic story of a young boy's adventures and mishaps in Victorian London.
    The 10 episodes are faithful to the plot and language of Dickens' original story.
    Please note that the adaptation also includes some scenes - again from the original story - which depict violence and crime.
    There is also a set Programme Notes for the series, providing a range of further activities and mapping the content to the curriculum."

  • 'Oliver Twist' :
    Activities - Learning Resources - Themes - Teacher Centre
    - Film and Media - Study Guide
  • Children Comic Books | CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED | Oliver Twist (





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