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(Updated on 08/11/2010)


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India - Commonwealth



Facts :

  • Citizens told to brush up on etiquette
    "India has compiled a list of do's and don'ts for its citizens at this year's Commonwealth Games to help showcase New Delhi's charms...
    Don't urinate in public, don't spit, keep your houses and shops clean, keep public transport safe and such things...
    The tips on good manners will be spread to through billboards, pamphlets, websites and audiovisual means "



Pictures :


Charles, Camilla and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi (photo show)
"sent to take on this task in India by the Queen herself."

Dancers and traditional performers
"head towards the Jawarhalal Nehru Stadium
in Delhi to rehearse for
the opening ceremony
of the Commonwealth Games."




Welcome to India
- a slideshow



Mohali Stadium



Sports :


  • Sports at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games - List of Sports for 2010
    "There are 17 sports at the 2010 Commonwealth Games... The links provide more information about the history of each sport at the Commonwealth Games.
    Tennis will be on the program for the first time.
    A traditional sport of the region, Kabaddi, will also be a demonstration sport at the 2010 Games.
    Triathlon was excluded from these games as there was no suitable location for the swimming stage."


Official song :


The logo :

  • The logo (
    "is inspired by the Chakra, the national symbol of freedom, unity and power...
    Come Out and Play: The logo tagline is in an invitation to every person across all divides – Indian and Commonwealth - to let go of themselves and participate in the Games to the best of their abilities, in the true sprit of the Games..."



The mascot :

  • Shera- Mascot of XIX Commonwealth Games, Delhi
    "His name comes from the Hindi word Sher – meaning tiger.
    Shera truly represents the modern Indian.
    He is an achiever with a positive attitude, a global citizen but justifiably proud of his nation’s ancient heritage, a fierce competitor but with integrity and honesty.
    Shera is also a ‘large-hearted gentleman’ who loves making friends and enthusing people to ‘come out and play’...


Queen's Baton relay :

  • The Queen's Baton
    "Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi (centre) carries the Queen's Baton at the India Gate in New Delhi.
    The baton has travelled all the way from London and covered a total distance of 190,000 kilometers."



  • The Queen's Baton Relay "began when the baton, which contains Queen Elizabeth II's message to the athletes, left Buckingham Palace on 29 October 2009.
    The baton will arrive at the 2010 Games opening ceremony on 3 October 2010, after visiting the other 54 nations of the Commonwealth and travelling throughout India, reaching millions of people to join in the celebrations for the Games...
    The Queen's baton has a number of technological features..."



Security :


  • Prostitution fears over Commonwealth Games
    "Thousands of women from India's north-east have been hired by escort agencies for the Commonwealth Games, a rights group has said...
    They have been lured by good money and future jobs "



  • Security (
    " is provided by Delhi Police, with help from the National Security Guards (NSG) and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).
    Security coordination is looked after by the Venue Command and Control Centre of the Village.

    Specialised and well-trained police staff has been stationed at the Games Village.
    In addition, several measures have been taken to ensure Village security, including secure perimeter fencing, closed-circuit television (CCTV) base intrusion detection system, external lighting, internal and external police patrols, vehicle checkpoints, and access control points supported by an accreditation system to restrict access to the Village.

    Specialised teams like mobile quick reaction teams, commando hit teams, bomb disposal squads, dog squads and heliborne/mobile assault teams for counter-terrorism operations will also be deployed at strategic locations."


The Games village :

  • The Games Village
    "is an expression of the hospitality being offered by Delhi 2010 to approximately 8,000 athletes and team officials from the 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth...
    The Games Village comprises the Residential Zone, the International Zone, the Training Area, the Main Dining, and the Operational Zone."



INTERACTIVE activities :

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Lesson plans :


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Videos :


  • Sonali's Commonwealth Games diary
    "I'm off to Delhi, reporting for Newsround at the Commonwealth Games. I'll be sending messages and film clips as I go along - and you'll find them here."


  • Behind the news - with the script
    "If you tune into the Commonwealth Games next month you'll see athletes from all over the world, from Canada to South Africa to Tonga and Tuvalu. 
    But there are a few big countries you won't see represented, like China and the US. So what's with that? And what is the commonwealth anyway? Let's find out..."



Cartoons :

Cartoon: Delhi 2010