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(Updated on 14/03/2016)


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  • Hide and seek on the US-Mexico line - 20 July 2016
    "BBC Autos' Jim Benning spends a day with US Customs and Border Protection agents at the world's busiest border crossing,
    California’s San Ysidro Port of Entry.
    Robert Hood of US Customs and Border Protection stood on the US-Mexico border facing 25 lanes of idling cars that were waiting to enter the United States. Any one of the drivers, he knew well, could be smuggling cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or undocumented migrants."

    + What's been confiscated at the border?

  • Strangest Banned Items Around the World [Infographic] - Crazy Customs Regulations

    Did you know that:

    • Saint Lucia and Sierra Leone both ban Japanese shaving brushes, thanks to an anthrax scandal in the early 1900s
    • Tunisia prohibits the import of pencils
    • Italy only allows shipments of toys if they’re made of wood


  • Man arrested with 1000 spiders in luggage - November 13, 2009
    "A BRITISH man faces a jail sentence after he was arrested in Rio de Janeiro airport with 1000 live spiders in his luggage...
    He faces imprisonment of up to a year and a fine of up to $US2.3 million ($2.47 million) for trying to fly out with the arachnids in his bags."


  • Cloned sniffer dogs begin duties - 19 July 2009
    "South Korea's customs service says it has deployed the "world's first cloned sniffer dogs" to check for drugs at its main airport and border crossings."


  • 'Cocaine cast' tests Customs - 6 March 2009
    "A Chilean man with a broken leg has been arrested at Barcelona airport wearing a 'cast' made of cocaine.
    The 66-year-old carried six cans of beer and two hollowed-out stools that also contained the class A drug. "

    - with a VIDEO





Customs Officer Clipart

Customs desk

Customs officer






Customs Clipart

Customs Clipart





  • Immigration and Customs
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises
    II. Listening Exercises
    III. Post-Listening Exercises










Metal detector


Welcome to the USA!





  • Nabbed at Customs - a true story
     "When planning a recent trip to the States to visit my mother, I thought I might bring her a saucisson as a gift..."





  • Customs find snakes taped to man - 27 October 2009
    "A man has been arrested in Norway after trying to smuggle 24 reptiles into the country by taping them to his body.
    Fourteen royal pythons rolled up in socks were found taped to the man's torso and 10 geckos held in small boxes were taped to his legs."