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(Updated on 21/08/2016)


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  • Hair - interactive crossword (BBC)


  • The Funny Face Maker!
    "Choose from the menus to create a funny face. There are 1 Million possibilities!!
    Then press F5!!"



  • Jake the Snake demonstrates body parts
    "Listen to Jake and spot the body parts he mentions. Then read the little sentences and unjumble the words.
    How many stars can you get?"
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid



  • Pumpkin - Create your pumpkin (


  • Trigger Finger (
    "Pick a category and then click as many things as you can find in that category in one minute...
    There are 25 words in each category."


  • Sketch a caricature (magixl)
    (skull - eyebrows - eyes - nose - temple - jaws - mouth - chin - add a message)
  • Responsive Face - with SOUND
    - "real-time interactive facial animation with convincing emotive expressiveness" (



  • Personality - Vocabulary Wordsearch (adjectives) - (esl-lounge)


Songs :

  • Yodelice - More than meets the eye
    + LYRICS:
    "You are the one, Let's have some fun
    You show I run, You are the one
    There's more to us, Than meets the eye
    More to the world, Than you and I..."




  • The Movember Song
    "This is the song I used in my lesson about the Movember moustache growing charity event (see previous post).
    I transcribed the lyrics myself, and you can download them here as a Word file.
    The song is by South African comedy-pop duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues and is, of course,  a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's mega-hit, "Call Me Maybe"
    (watch original here)."



  • The Beards - Got Me a Beard  (YouTube) + LYRICS :
    "Had a girl
    An actual girlfriend yeah
    She asked me
    To trim back my face hair
    But nobody ever
    Tells me to shave..."



  • Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science
    "Ode to the Brain" is the ninth episode in the Symphony of Science music video series.
    Through the powerful words of scientists Carl Sagan, Robert Winston, Vilayanur Ramachandran, Jill Bolte Taylor, Bill Nye,
    and Oliver Sacks, it covers different aspects the brain including its evolution, neuron networks, folding, and more..."

    + the LYRICS under the video (


  • Oxidate It Or Love It / Electron to the Next One
    "Stanford University students Derrick Davis and Tom McFadden made this rap video about metabolism.
    It’s called “Oxidate It or Love It/Electron to the Next One” and is a parody of 50 Cent’s “Hate It or Love It” and Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One.”"




  • I'm fat - Weird Al Yankovic (YouTube)
    Parody for the song "I'm Bad - Michael Jackson"
    - the LYRICS ( :
    "My zippers bust, my buckles break
    I'm too much man for you to take
    The pavement cracks when I fall down
    I've got more chins than chinatown"
  • The Spider.
    "A Song by Mar - Listen to Mar's song and try to understand as much as you can. You know nearly everything!"
    Matching - Flashcards (Java / non-Java) - Concentration - Word Search
    + a list of terms used in these activities.
    Activities created by: Renée Maufroid


  • On my shoulders - sung by Thedo (YouTube)
    - the LYRICS
    "Why would I carry such a weight on my shoulders?...
    Why would you try to make me friends with them soldiers...
    And you should know that in my heart you fill every corner...
    Why would I have to quit if time makes me older...
    How could I tell them that I'll never let go..."


  • A shoulder to the wheel - Bel Canto
    "But I think that you will always stay like this
    When you put your idle shoulder to the wheel"
  • Because you loved me by Celine Dion :
    "You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn't speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn't see...
    You gave me wings and made me fly
    You touched my hand I could touch the sky"
  • By Myself by Linkin Park :
    "Do I sit here and try to stand it?
    Or do I try to catch them red-handed?"
    (to catch somebody red-handed)
  • Fried by Blur :
    "Oh I would like to give you your head"
    (to give somebody his head)

  • Heart On The Street by Manfred Mann's Earth Band :
    "It's easy just keep your eyes open
    Put your shoulder to the wheel"
  • I Have The Touch by Peter Gabriel :
    "Shake those hands, shake those hands
    Pull my chin, stroke my hair, scratch my nose, hug my knees...
    I tap my fingers, fold my arms, breathe in deep, cross my legs
    Shrug my shoulders, stretch my back..."
  • I've Got You Under My Skin by U2
    "I've got you deep in the heart of me...
    It repeats and it shouts in my ear
    Don't you know blue-eyes"
  • Jeopardy by Skyclad :
    "In jeopardy - welcome to the lion's den,
    We skate on thin ice - dice with death"
    (to put your head in the lion's den)
  • Leg To Stand On by Theory of a Deadman :
    "you haven't got a leg to stand on
    You haven't got it, you haven't got the time"
  • Lena by Fool's Garden :
    "Draw me to the rainbow
    I'm trying to resist
    Cut the ground from under my feet
    Tear me out of that midst"
    (to cut the ground from under somebody's feet)

  • Midnight Love by Snoop Doggy Dogg :
    "it cost an arm and a leg just to live on your knees"
  • Moonshadow by Cat Stevens :
    "Oh, if I ever lose my hands- Oh, if...
    I wont have to work no more...
    Yes if I ever lose my eyes,I won't have to cry no more...
    Oh if I ever lose my legs- Oh if... I won't have to walk no more...
    Yes, if I ever lose my mouth- Oh if... I won't have to talk..."
  • Kate Nash - Mouthwash (YouTube)
    - the LYRICS :
    "This is my face
    Covered in freckles
    With the occasional spot
    And some veins
    This is my body
    Covered in skin..."



  • Right Here Waiting by Bryan Adams :
    "I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
    But I cant get near you now
    Oh cant you see it baby..."

  • Silent Running by Mike & The Mechanics :
    "Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?"
  • Some Part of Me - Quan : (Number 9)
    "You had the knack to twist me round your little finger
    Till I broke my back..."
    (to twist somebody round your little finger)
  • Somewhere only we know by Keane :
    "I walked across an empty land
    I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
    I felt the earth beneath my feet..."
  • Tattoo by The Who
    "Welcome to my life, tattoo
    I'm a man now, thanks to you
    I expect I'll regret you
    But the skin graft man won't get you
    You'll be there when I die

  • The Walls Have Ears by Elvis Presley :
    "The walls have ears, ears that hear each little sound you make"
  • Undercut - Nothingface :
    "Give me my head - nothing more, I am dead"
    (to give somebody his head)
  • When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating
    "It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart...
    The smile on your face let's me know that you need me
    There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
    The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall..."
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah by Alice Cooper :
    "Yeah, you could pull my leg
    Or anything"
    (to pull somebody's leg)
  • You took the words right out of my mouth by Meat Loaf
    "On a hot summer night.
    Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
    Will he offer me his mouth?
    Will he offer me his teeth?
    Wlll he offer me his jaws?...
    It must have been while you were kissing me"


Cartoons :


Cartoon: Modern Britain
"This cartoon by Andy Davey from The Sun 
relates to a story in the same paper about
Britain's "chubbiest police officer",
who is rather cruelly nicknamed "Plodzilla"
(plod is a British slang term for a policeman)..."

+ VOCABULARY + Links + Related articles






Come in - ESP cartoon


The kidney shape was a cool idea.


Before and After

Good news



Fat cartoon




I'm not sure



A shoulder to cry on


I smell...



The difference
between men and women



Relax mom


(to smell like, feel like...)




  • Love Story - an ad -  From Publicis advertising agency in Indonesia. 
    "If only I had... , such tragedy would never have happened."





Posters :



  • A Honda mechanic was removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Honda when he spotted a well-known cardiologist in his shop.

    The cardiologist was there waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his car when the mechanic shouted across the garage,
    "Hey Doc, want to take a look at this?"

    The cardiologist, a bit surprised walked over to where the mechanic was working on the Honda.

    The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked,
    "So Doc, look at this engine. I opened its heart, took the valves out, repaired or replaced anything damaged, and then put everything back in, and when I finished, it worked just like new.
    So how is it that I make $24,000 a year and you make $1.7M when you and I are doing basically the same work?

    The cardiologist paused, leaned over, and then whispered to the mechanic.

    "Try doing it with the engine running."


  • I hate needles!
    " The female dentist pulls out a numbing needle to give the man a shot..."

  • Teacher: You aren't paying attention to me. Are you having trouble hearing?
    Pupil: No, teacher I'm having trouble listening!

  • Mr. Smith's new nose - a story you can listen to
    - with the transcript and activities


Poems :

  • "In a foreign city" - a poem by Elizabeth Jennings :

    "You cannot speak for no one knows
    Your language. You must try to catch
    By glances or a steadfast gaze
    The attitude of those you watch...
    Noises may find you but not speech...
    Now you have circled silence, stare
    With all the subtlety of sight.
    Noise may trap ears but eye discerns"

    Elizabeth Jennings, English poet


Superstitions :

  • Common superstitions ( :
    • Crossing your fingers helps to avoid bad luck and helps a wish come true
    • A lock of hair from a baby's first haircut should be kept for good luck
    • If the bottom of your feet itch, you will make a trip
    • An itchy palm means money will come your way
    • Warm hands, cold heart
    • Cold hands, warm heart


Videos :



  • The Men Who Made Us Fat E01 P1 + Part 2 + Part 3
    "Episode 1 of 3 Duration: 1 hour -
    Around the world, obesity levels are rising. More people are now overweight than undernourished. Two thirds of British adults are overweight and one in four of us is classified as obese.
    In the first of this three-part series, Jacques Peretti traces those responsible for revolutionising our eating habits, to find out how decisions made in America 40 years ago influence the way we eat now..."



  • The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn't Give Up! (YouTube)


  • Anatomy Class (Moviestorm machinima) - an animated lesson aimed at intermediate students.
    "Lesson for students of English as a Second Language (ESL). A practice lesson for a content based class with the topic being human anatomy.
    This video gives practice in vocabulary for parts of the body and related grammar.
    It was intended as a light hearted approach to a rather dry subject studied in class."






  • Touch - a lesson plan
    "This EFL lesson plan is designed around a short film titled Touch by Joshua Neale, commissioned by Huawei.
    Students practise vocabulary related to senses, speak about senses, watch a short film, identify what is happening in each scene,
    and discuss the film."