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American English / British - The English Language
Homonyms - Homophones

MAKE or DO ?

Look - See - Watch
Listen or Hear ?

Remember - Remind - Recall - Recollect


IN GRAMMAR : Examples - Interactive exercises
- Exercises to print


Examples :

  • Confusion of Subjective and Objective Pronouns
    "How do you decide which form of a pronoun to use, as in the choices of the wording in “John is as fast as him” and “John is as fast as he”?
    Knowing the varieties of pronouns will help you choose the correct form."

  • Common Mistakes
      "A collection of some of the most frequently misspelled, commonly confused and easily misused words."

    - with exercises to print


INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • Contractions
    "Watch the video, enjoy it. If you want to be better at spelling than Charles, do the activities!"
    Matching - Flashcards (Java / non-Java) - Concentration - Word Search -

    with a list of terms used in these activities.
    Activities created by: Renée Maufroid


  • Common English mistakes - interactive quiz
    ex : There are _________ people living here than there used to be. They've moved to other towns.
    1) few 2) Town 3) less 4) fewer 5) no



  • Common Mistakes and Confusing Words in English : Tests and Quizzes (
    advice vs advise | accept vs except | affect vs effect | a lot/alot/allot | altogether vs all together
    been vs gone | bought vs brought | borrow vs lend | by vs until
    check vs control | complement vs compliment
    don't have to vs mustn't
    either vs too | fewer vs less | for vs since (time) | he's vs his
    "How do you do?" vs "How are you?"
    I vs me | lay vs lie | look after vs look for | look at vs watch | me vs my | nor vs or
    personal vs personnel | practice vs practise
    raise/rise | said vs told | so vs such | stationary vs stationery | to/too/two
    there/their/they're |travel/trip/voyage/journey
    used to vs used to do | what vs which


Exercises TO PRINT :

  • Common Mistakes
      "A collection of some of the most frequently misspelled, commonly confused and easily misused words."

    - with exercises to print




- Interactive exercises - Exercises to print - Lesson plans

Examples :


  • Little and Small
    "As adjectives, little and small are often interchangeable, but sometimes one will not do in place of the other..."


  • Couple flown to wrong continent after airline error : DAKAR (Senegal) / DHAKA (Bangladesh)
    "Two US holidaymakers found themselves a long way from their intended destination after an airline confused two airport codes."


  • Common TEFL Confusions
    "This page is about confusions that teachers often have,
    rather than confusions that students have." 
    ex : Error/Mistake/Slip


    What's the difference between being lonely and a loner?
    "Nearly half of us have felt depressed because we have felt alone, says a report.
    But not everyone who is alone is sad about it, so what is the difference between being lonely and being a loner?"



  • Road markers misspell 'No Entry' sign
    "The workmen wrote 'No Entrt' on a one-way street in the West Midlands and were ordered to repaint the error much to the amusement of locals."



  • Common Mistakes
      "A collection of some of the most frequently misspelled, commonly confused and easily misused words."

    - with exercises to print


  • Crisps are Chips and Chips are Fries - an article
    "... you decide to go on a trip to the UK to discover that /to'mei to/ is /to'ma tou/, that cans are tins , that pants are trousers, and fries are chips..."

  • Word Traps (
    ex : "zoom is upward or at least forward (zoom lens); swoop is downward."

  • Confusing Words is "a collection of 3210 words that are troublesome to readers and writers.
    Words are grouped according to the way they are most often confused or misused."
  • Words Commonly Confused - "Click on the words that you would like to study." - with interactive exercises (


INTERACTIVE exercises :

  • Problem words - interactive quiz
    ex : sensible / sensitive
  • USES OF 'LIKE' (Laurence Bernard - absolutenglish-972)
    " You will be doing a series of exercises on the different uses of "Like"."
  • Traduction (Alyne Piazza)
    - Les dangers de la traduction mot à mot et des traductions assistées par ordinateur.
    - Les traductions de titres.
    - Pour une bonne utilisation du dictionnaire.
    - Et si je n'ai pas de dictionnaire?
    - Exercices interactifs :
    1. Les mots transparents et les faux amis
    2. Les mots français!
    3. Les mots à sens multiples...
  • Faux-amis - interactive exercises (Yvan Baptiste)
  • Confused Words - "Select the correct sentence from each group." (
  • Test Yourself:Commonly Confused Words - " Click on the correct answer." (

  • TRICKY WORDS - with interactive exercises (autoenglish)
    ex : Been and gone / Excited, nervous and worried / Do and make / False friends / Home, house and household /
    Journey, travel and trip / Look, see and watch / Remember and remind / Say and tell / Speak and talk / etc...

  • Words Commonly Confused - "Click on the words that you would like to study." - with interactive exercises (


  • Make vs do - Complete - exercice interactif (Ghislaine Wulles)
  • 'used to' + 'be used to' + 'get used to' (Ac. Nancy-Metz)


Exercises TO PRINT :


Lesson plans :






CARTOONS : (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille initiale.)

5 cartoons of confused words
"Do you like walking around with bear feet? What would you take with you to a dessert island?
There are many words in the English language that sound the same, but have very different meanings. 
These cartoons will show you just how awkward it can get with even the slightest spelling mistake…"



He can have another one made



Russian spies - Cartoons

You've got male!

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la taille initiale.



You are what you eat



Money, I'm home!



Classic rock



Monster sale


KI cartoon

(Ne pas confondre KI et KEY!)

No jeans!



Litter for tall cats

My little terrorist





  • Driving in Great-Britain

    A street in an English town. A policeman stops a car. The driver is a foreigner...

    Policeman : (Holding up his hand) Stop !
    Driver : What s the matter ?
    Policeman : Why are you driving on the right side of the road ?
    Driver : Do you want me to drive on the wrong side ?
    Policeman : You are driving on the wrong side !
    Driver : But you said I was driving on the right side &
    Policeman : That s right. But you re on the right, and that s wrong !
    Driver : What a strange country ! If right is wrong, I m right when I m on the wrong side of the road.
    So why did you stop me ?
    Policeman : My dear Sir, you must keep to the left. The right side is the left !
    Driver : It s like a looking glass ! I ll try to remember. Well, I want to go to Bellwood. Will you kindly tell me the way ?
    Policeman : Certainly ! At the end of this road, turn left.
    Driver : Now let me think & Turn left ! In England, left is right and right is wrong. Am I right ?
    Policeman :You ll be right if you turn left. But if you turn right, you ll be wrong &
    Driver : Thank you very much ! It s as clear as daylight !



  • Long Island cops nearly gun down actors playing roles of robbers at Bellmore store

    “The first officer arrives, looks in the window and he sees a gentleman with a gun pointed at the counter,” Garcia said.

    “So he enters the store and confronts the individual, and says, ‘Police, drop the gun,’” Garcia said. “The individual puts his hands up in the air and says, ‘It’s a movie! It’s a movie!’”

    He said the officer repeated his order to drop the gun several times before using force to disarm the actor of his fake pistol.