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(Updated on 13/03/2013)


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Resources :

  • Reading Skills

    "Here are five tips to help you improve your reading:

    1. Styles of reading
    2. Active reading
    3. A tip for speeding up your active reading
    4. Spotting authors' navigation aids
    5. Words and vocabulary..."

  • PET Practice - Reading Comprehension and Test Preparation with interactive activities 
    "There are 5 Types of Exercises..."
  • Reading - with exercises - 5 levels
  • Reading Comprehension and Test Preparation
    "These interactive activities will help you read and understand English
    and prepare for reading exams

    There are 5 Types of Exercises:
    1) “Signs” – you are shown 5 signs, one at a time and asked to choose the meaning.
    2) “Details” – you are asked 10 true/false questions to see if you understand specific, detailed information from a reading.
    3) “Matching” – you read descriptions of 5 different people and then try to match them to a thing or situation that is best for them.
    4) “Gist” – you are asked questions to see if you have a generalized understanding of a reading.
    5) “Gap” – you are given a reading with missing words. From a list of words, you choose and type in missing words."




  • 5 Minute English (
    " Free Short Self-Study English Lessons and Quick Tips for ESL Students"
    Grammar - Reading - Vocabulary - Listening - Pronunciation - Writing - Slang, Idioms...


  • Short Stories + worksheets with excerpts and questions (


  • Interactive reading exercises ( :
    - Put the segments in order
    - Put the sentences in order
    - Put the paragraphs in order
    ex : A Warning about Global Warming - Davy Crockett - Pocahontas - Smoking - John. F. Kennedy...


  • Easy stories and activities : Reading Comprehension - Sequence - Gap-Fill (eslbears.homestead)




Stories :

  • Sort it out (
    Sort out the jumbled-up stories to find out what happens.
    "Tintin's got himself in a muddle! Here are three jumbled up story sequences.
    Can you work out who is saying what, and then put the pictures in the right order?"




Exercises :

  • Jim's school days in TX : "Explore the picture and read about Jim's school days in the 50's."
    + Hangman: "Guess the letters in a hidden word or phrase.

    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)


  • PET Practice - Reading Comprehension and Test Preparation with interactive activities 
    "There are 5 Types of Exercises..."
  • Reading - with exercises - 5 levels
  • Free Reading Test - How fast can you read? Determine your reading speed & comprehension
    13 levels of text complexity with themed stories to pick from
  • Stories : CBS 5 Stories + CNN Stories
    - with interactive activities
  • Dial 'G' for Grammar
    Story by Brian Boyd - with lots of comprehension, grammar and vocabulary activities.


  • Exercises :
    1. A Piece of Wood by Ray Bradbury
    2. The Landlady by Roald Dahl
    3. In Affection and Esteem by Mary Webb
    4. The Telegram

  • In Affection and Esteem - a short story by Mary Webb (
    - with exercises on 2 pages
    (Alain GAYER - Ac. Bordeaux)
  • Reading Comprehension Connection - interactive (
    "The lessons are divided into three categories:
    Vocabulary in context
    , including commonly confused and misused words,
    Reading for Understanding
    , which helps students master specific reading skills,
    and Reading Strategy
    , for developing the ability to make inferences.
    Each of the lesson categories is available in two levels: intermediate and advanced.
    As students work through the lessons they receive constructive feedback and at the end of the lesson a detailed report is generated..."

    (Education World)

  • Worksheets for your ESL Classroom (
    An Eel Pet (elementary ESL)
    Expensive Weddings (upper-elementary/pre-intermediate ESL)
    Criss-crossed Lovers (intermediate ESL)
    Pacific Island Sinking (upper intermediate/advanced ESL)
    Music Sales Sinking (advanced ESL)

  • Reading Comprehensions - all levels (


  • The Copy By Paul Jennings (a British humorist 1918 - 1989)
    " Like most of Jenning's tales it centres on a hapless school student
    who, in this case, tries to find an ingenious way to shake off the bully who has been tormenting him
    and, at the same time, keep his girlfriend. His friendship with an eccentric inventor leads him into an unexpected adventure."
    - with pre-reading activities, reading activities and after reading activities.
    (British Council)


  • Paragliding - ANIMATION FLASH - Complete the sentences. - advanced (



  • Homophones dominoes (activitice)
    "What you have to do is to find pairs of words ( homophones ) thanks to the definitions , pictures ...
    For example , the first two homophones in the first series are : S U N / S O N"

  • Imagine (John Lennon) - Compréhension écrite (Ghislaine Wulles)
  • A job interview - "Read the dialogue and then answer the questions." (a4esl)
  • Date Quest (free-english)
    "You want to go on a date. But what do you say? Date Quest gives you three choices of what to say.
    Some choices will get you the date - and some will not. It all depends on you."

  • Info 2000 (free-english)
    "You just got off the plane in a new city. You are at the airport Information Terminal.
    Will you be able to find a hotel? Get a taxi? Visit places of interest?
    Read the city information, answer the questions, and find out what your stay will be like."

  • Reading Comprehension for Beginners - My Friend Peter - (
    "focusing on nationalities and countries.
    This reading comprehension is followed by a 10 question 'multiple choice' and 'true or false' quiz."


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