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The United States Presidential Election of 2012 :
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Rick Perry - Mitt ROMNEY

Presidents (US) - Presidents'Day - US Government



  • Political glossary - "Know your red states from your blue dogs." (BBC)

  • Mudslinging (
    = "an attempt to discredit one's competitor, opponent, etc., by malicious or scandalous attacks."
  • American politics : Le guide des anglicismes intraduisibles
    "Les journaux US regorgent de jargon politique parfois assez intraduisible.
    Voici un lexique pour survivre..."


  • Redneck
    "refers to a stereotype of usually rural, Caucasian (i.e. white) people of lower socio-economic status in the United States and Canada..."

    Why rednecks may rule the world
    "During this US election cycle we are hearing a lot from the pundits and candidates about "heartland voters," and "white working class voters."
    What they are talking about are rednecks...
    The term redneck indicates a lifestyle and culture that can be found in every state in our union. "


  • US election glossary
    "What is the difference between hard money and soft money? Or between Medicare and Medicaid?
    These are just a few of the many well-used - but often misunderstood - terms in US politics."





  • US Election Memorabilia - In Pictures - Weird and wonderful US election souvenirs
    "From badges to bumper stickers, the normal to the downright novel - political merchandise and memorabilia has been a feature of American election campaigns for more than a century."





  • US Voters to Elect New Congress - Script + Audio - 3 November 2014
    "Voters will fill all 435 voting seats in the United States House of Representatives.
    They will also elect - or re-elect - one third of the 100 members of the US Senate.
    Senators serve six-year terms. House members serve two-year terms. Many Americans know little about how Congress operates."


  • OBAMA'S CHICAGO SPEECH (Nov. 4th * mp3)
    (My English Courses)

  • Also on with the transcript



  • American elections - Activity to print sent by Brigitte Baudet (Ac. Rennes)
    Niveau 4ème


  • Ad-O-Matic (
    " It lets you upload your own photo and create a television commercial for you running for president.
    Users choose their political party and three issues that are important to them in the process of making the ad."
    (Larry Ferlazzo)


  • Election Day Resource Page - Nov 7th (Teacher Planet)
    Lessons and Units - Worksheets - Other Activities - Other Resources - Clipart & Images






  • Getting to Know the Candidates : Analyzing Their Campaign Ads (Education World)
    - see the campaign ads
    "Have them (your students) set up a chart with columns to fill in as they review the ads"
    (with "a few column headings they might use.")






    un diaporama jeu déclencheur de parole par Laurence Carta

    (Ac. Aix-Marseille)


  • Candidate Match Game II - ADVANCED
    "As you answer the questions, you can roll over each issue button to find background on their positions.
    Your answers are matched with the positions of the presidential hopefuls to reveal who is closest to your views..."





  • Unscramble the ... words that are related to elections. (



  • No one as Irish as Barack OBama sung by Hardy Drew & The Nancy Boys - the LYRICS
    "You don't believe me, I hear you say
    But Barack's as Irish, as was JFK
    His granddaddy's daddy came from Moneygall
    A small Irish village, well known to you all..."

    + the VIDEO




  • Elected - sung by Alice Cooper
    "I'm your top prime cut of meat, I'm your choice,
    I wanna be elected,
    I'm your yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce,
    I wanna be elected,
    Kids want a saviour, don't need a fake..."


    - the VIDEO ( YouTube)

  • Van Halen - Right Now - Lyrics
    "(Right now) Hey! It's your tomorrow
    (Right now) Come on, it's everything
    (Right now) Catch your magic moment
    Do it right here and now
    It means everything"

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)

  • Jackson Browne - Running on empty
    "Everyone I know, everywhere I go
    People need some reason to believe
    I dont know about anyone but me
    If it takes all night, thatll be all right
    If I can get you to smile before I leave"

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)

  • John Mellencamp - Our Country
    "I do believe
    There's a dream for everyone
    This is our country"

    - the VIDEO(YouTube)


  • Barracuda Lyrics sung by Heart
    "The real thing don't do the trick, no?
    You better make up something quick
    You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn it to the wick
    Ahh, barra- barracuda!"


    - the VIDEO (YouTube)

    Rock band Heart "have called in lawyers after US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin used their track Barracuda at a Republican Party rally."

  • Yes we can - Collage






  • Electoral College Picks the President
    "While millions of Americans will cast ballots for president on November 4, their votes do not directly send one of the candidates to the White House.
    In this segment of How America Elects, VOA's Jeffrey Young explains that the selection of the president is actually done by the Electoral College."





  • Obama is "elected US President" + VIDEOS
    "Democratic Senator Barack Obama is elected the first black president of the United States, according to projected results."

    (BBC News)




  • Negative 2008 - an animation
    America used to be a better place...
    by Mark Fiore


  • Celebs urge Americans to vote
    "Snoopy and Peanuts, Paris Hilton and Kristen Bell are urging US electors to vote in the presidential poll."


  • Homer votes Obama
    "This clip shows Homer Simpson trying to vote for Obama but he is failing at his attempt..."



  • Please don't vote
    "Leonardo DiCaprio, will i. am, Tobey Maguire, and Forest Whitaker took the lead in creating the public service announcements to encourage American youth to register to vote.
    The non-partisan PSAs, produced by DiCaprio's Appian Way, were created to engage and inspire young people to register and vote and participate in the upcoming election.
    Celebrities appearing in the PSAs include:
    Amy Adams,, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Connolly, Courteney Cox, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Jonah Hill, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Kiedis, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Levine, Laura Linney, Eva Longoria, Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Ethan Suplee, Kyra Sedgwick, Sarah Silverman, Michelle Trachtenberg, Usher, Forest Whitaker"


    '5 Friends Video' - a worksheet + Fiche du professeur
    (Florinda Fernandes - Calvados)


  • Mike Huckabee Ad: "Chuck Norris Approved" (YouTube)

    Mike Huckabee
    He "is an American politician and a political commentator for Fox News Channel.
    A member of the Republican Party, Huckabee served as governor of the U.S. state of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007
    and finished second in the 2008 United States Republican presidential primaries."


  • "Still" Ad
    "Still" details why John McCain would just be another out of touch president offering more of the same."



  • Palin 'lookalikes' go on sale
    "Sarah Palin action dolls, showing the US vice-presidential candidate in a variety of outfits, have gone on sale."











Obama wins!





Cartoon: Obama's Re-Election
"In this cartoon from The Hartford Courant, Bob Englehart parodies the iconic  "Hope" poster, which  became synonymous with the 2008 Obama
presidential campaign. In Englehart's 2012 version, Obama is offering
'No Hope, No Change, No Promises'..."



A lolcat
"is an image combining a photograph, most frequently a cat, with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption in (often) broken English—a dialect which is known as "lolspeak", or "kitteh" and parodies the poor grammar typically attributed to Internet slang. The name "lolcat" is a compound word of the phrase "LOL" and "cat".
A synonym for "lolcat" is cat macro, since the images are a type of image macro.
Lolcats are designed for photo sharing imageboards and other internet forums..."




McCain, Palin and the Economy

CBS News quotes Joe Biden talking about this cartoon :

"(LANCASTER, OHIO) - Joe Biden says an editorial cartoon he saw in a local newspaper best summarized his feelings about the McCain campaign's negative attacks on Barack Obama.

The cartoon, drawn by Daryl Cagle, appeared in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette today.

"There's a cartoon, I don't know if you guys saw this," said Biden at a rally at Ohio University, "It's John McCain and Sarah Palin standing on the corner of a building that has on the bottom corner written 'BANK.' And it has a group of people, businessmen dressed in suits standing on the ledge, some of them jumping off into the street. And it has Sarah Palin saying to John McCain, "You know, Barack Obama pals around with terrorists, you know?"

"I think it best captures anything I have seen," declared Biden.

"While the economy is going to hell in a handbasket, while people are losing their jobs, while things are going under, they're running the most scurrilous campaign in modern history trying to tie a decent honorable man raised by his grandparents and his mother who worked his way up -- who fought in a way that few people have to fight to make something of himself."



You can't find time...

I look like a pig ?

Lipstick on a pig!



A private matter







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