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(Updated on 06/09/2013)

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The 2011 Rugby World Cup

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    • As Manchester United ban iPads from Old Trafford, what else should go?
      "Manchester United have told fans to leave their ‘large electronic devices’ at home.
      What other objects should be prohibited and what is the strangest thing you have seen in a stadium?"


    • The United Sports of America - interactive map
      "If each state could have only one sport, what would it be? (Pennsylvania, you get field hockey.)"


    • Children are 'exercising less'
      "Only one in eight youngsters is getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF)...
      The Food4Thought campaign is designed to encourage children to consider their levels of physical activity and the long term consequences of their
      current food choices...
      The energy-dense snacks they consume in front of their televisions and computers are simply not being burnt off...
      Children need to be active to prevent obesity but also to promote healthy growth, bone strength and psychological wellbeing."



    • Doping (sport)
      "In sports, doping refers to the use of performance-enhancing drugs, particularly those forbidden by organizations that regulate competitions. Doping is mostly done to improve athletic performance..."





    • Obituary: Sir Edmund Hillary
      "Sir Edmund Hillary, who has died at the age of 88, made it to the summit of Everest in 1953, and became the first man on the planet to reach its highest point."

      Edmund Hillary


    • Sports as Social Studies (
      "Sports are an important part of just about every society, every country, every part of our planet. In one way or another, everyone is involved in sports or some sort, whether they're playing or watching or just know someone who does either. This article examines sports as social studies and has some fun along the way."






    • Bowls: The quintessentially British sport under threat
      "Britain's bowling greens are under attack, threatened by property developers and cost-cutting councils, prompting MPs to take action. But is bowling a quintessentially British pastime that should be protected?"



  • CARS :


    • An extreme adventure between two oceans
      "The Dakar 2009 is off to discover a new continent, South America that offers unlimited possibilities to amateurs of wide open spaces.
      The round trip to Buenos Aires, via Valparaiso is a challenge in which the most enduring competitors will find their way and have the opportunity to distinguish themselves.
      With close to 6,000 kilometres of specials and difficulties scattered on the whole course, the battle for the title will remain wide open until the finish."













  • RUGBY :


    • Rugby World Cup - Information (

    • Rugby World Cup 2007
      Official International Rugby Board (IRB) Rugby Union World Cup site for 2007.
      Includes competition information and official news plus Catch & kick it game.




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