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La Guerre de Sécession / The CIVIL WAR


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  • The Civil War at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. -
    "Digitized images cover slavery and abolition, the weapons and leaders of the war, and the life and culture of the times." (Blue Web'n)

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Facts :

  • The Gentleman's Agreement That Ended the Civil War
    "150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War...
    On April 9, 1865, generals Grant and Lee met at the village of Appomattox Court House in Virginia to hash out the terms of the Confederate surrender.
    It was the welcome end of a long and bloody war, but the American government and the Union brass had no desire to punish their defeated enemy further...
    Read the story of the historic meeting at Smithsonian."


  • The Civil War "is quite an impressive interactive infographic on the Civil War. It shows casualties, stories, and a whole lot more."

  • Fort Sumter: How Civil War Began With a Bloodless Battle (National Geographic)
    "On April 12th, 1861, 150 years ago today, the first battle of the US Civil War was fought at Ft. Sumter, in Charleston, South Carolina.
    Southern states had been seceding from the union for months, but the US still maintained coastal forts..."


  • The Civil War - interactive timeline
    "An unfolding history of the major events of the Civil War since Lincoln's election using contemporaneous coverage from The Times' article and photo archives."




  • Camp Life: Civil War Collections from Gettysburg (
    "Step back in time, and try to imagine yourself a soldier in the Civil War.
    Where do you sleep? How do you pass the time? What personal items did you bring from home?
    Camp Life reveals the daily life of both Union and Confederate soldiers with an online exhibition of common everyday items. Learn what a "housewife" is, and why infantrymen were only issued half a tent..." (Surfing the Net with Kids)

  • American History - PowerPoint Presentations (
    Explorers - Civil War - Government -
    Native Americans - Industrial/Immigration - Geography -
    Colonial Times - Great Depression - Patriotic Symbols -
    Revolutionary War - Civil Rights - Multicultural -
    Western Expansion - World Wars - Many More
  • Civil War - LINKS (
    Battles - Biographies - Documents and Letters - Food - Maps - Medicine - Music - People - Pictures - State Resources -
    Timelines - Women

  • The Civil War for Kids - timeline - maps - graphs - leaders - flags - uniforms...
    - with activities : Fill in the Blank / Word Search / A Civil War Diary

  • American Civil War ( :
    - Clip Art, Images, Photos
    - Resource Materials
    - Sites For Background Information
    - Hands On Activities
    - Web Quests
    - Interactive Sites For Students
    - Work Sheets
    - Lesson Plans...


  • The Time of the Lincolns
    "a rich site for middle and high-schoolers that explores not just the Civil War, but also women's rights, slavery, abolition, politics and the growth of the industrial economy."
    (Surfing the Net with Kids)


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Listening :

  • Lee Surrenders! … 150 Years Ago - Text + Audio
    "April 9 marks the 150th anniversary of Southern General Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Northern General Ulysses S. Grant.
    His surrender meant the end of the U.S. Civil War. One historian says the dramatic event is one of the most important in U.S. history."



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  • The Civil War for Kids - timeline - maps - graphs - leaders - flags - uniforms...
    - with activities : Fill in the Blank / Word Search / A Civil War Diary (


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  • The Civil War - Lesson plans and Activities
    Education World looks at the war that divided the nation and ultimately abolished slavery.

    (Education World)


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