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(Updated on 27/04/2013)


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Europe Day - European Union (vocabulary and activities)




Information :


  • Best Places To Live In Europe
    "With a high number of paid holidays, early retirement age and ample sunshine, the French quality of life is vastly superior to that in the British Isles, a new study has shown."

    - with PHOTOS


  • Common stereotypes

    "Heaven is where
    the police are British,
    the cooks French,
    the mechanics German,
    the lovers Italian,
    and it is all organised
    by the Swiss ...

    Hell is where
    the police are German,
    the cooks British,
    the mechanics French,
    the lovers Swiss,
    and it is all organised
    by the Italians ! ..."

  • EU and US: President roles compared
    "European Council leaders are set to elect a president under the rules of the newly-adopted Lisbon Treaty.
    But how does the position compare to that of other presidents, such as the President of the United States?"



  • Controversy over Czech EU art
    "A work of art being installed at the European Council building in Brussels has angered EU members because of the way it pokes fun of national stereotypes. It was meant to be the work of 27 European artists - but in reality it was all made by one man."
    Listen to the story.
    Difficult words are explained.




  • Who does what?
    At-a-glance guide to Europe's Institutions and Agencies
    European Commission  |  Council of Ministers  |  European Parliament  |  Court of Justice  |  Court of Auditors  |  European Central Bank  |  
      |  How they work





  • Europe's border-free zone expands
    "Celebrations have been held after midnight to mark nine new states joining a European border-free zone...
    The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia joined the zone. "



  • Schengen Agreement
    1 Pre-Schengen free-travel zones in Europe
    2 Membership and implementation
    3 Principles behind the agreement
    4 The Schengen Agreement and
    the European Union...



  • EUROPA - The Gateway to the European Union
    Discover the EU :
    The EU at a glance / Europe is fun! / Europe and Young People / Easy Reading Corner / Languages:Europe's asset
    Living in the EU :
    Your rights / Travelling / Studying / Working
    Interact with the EU :
    Your direct line / The EU in your country...


  • European Union (CBBC)
    What is the EU? What's EU Enlargement? What's the referendum about? Is the Union good for the UK?
    Who are UKIP? What does the EU do? Five top aims of the EU / Your EU rights / How is it run? Who's in the EU?
  • European Union - The twenty-five member states as of May 1, 2004 : liste et liens (

  • Search Europe - avec une carte interactive et des informations sur chaque pays (searcheurope)



Vocabulary :

    "An EU dictionary for Internet users. The EUABC is an Internet dictionary providing concise explanations of terms used in the EU debate, and a lot of useful links. Its aim is to inform people on the debate on the future of Europe."




Europe Day : voir la page de ressources


Maps :



  • Search Europe - avec une carte interactive et des informations sur chaque pays



Listening :



INTERACTIVE activities :

  • Europe Quizzes - interactive : Cities - Countries - Flags
  • The European Union - (Isabel Perez)
    "Write the name of the European Country that corresponds to each of the numbers
    (on the map)" (interactive)



Activities TO PRINT :


Lesson plans :


  • EU teaching resources
    "The EU is a complex subject, and teaching it can at first seem daunting.
    However, there are many useful online resources available to help you make it an interesting and accessible topic for pupils."



Webquests :





Games TO PRINT :




Stickers :



Cartoons :


The European Nature
(No link available)








Videos :

  • Is the euro crumbling ?
    "Rioting on the streets of Athens, banks are in trouble, investors worry, taxpayers are angry. The eurozone is in crisis.
    We explain what went wrong in the eurozone, and why the problems in Greece are now a global problem.
    For more background see our special report ."