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(Updated on 01/05/2013)


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Resources :

  • Up Helly Aa

    PHOTO 35 : "The Guizer Jarl or Chief of the Jarl viking squad
    stands before the burning viking longship during Up Helly Aa
    in Lerwick, Scotland on January 26, 2010."


  • Scotland (Wikipedia) :
    1 Etymology
    2 History
    3 Government and politics

    3.1 Government & Law
    3.2 Politics
    4 Subdivisions
    5 Geography

    5.1 Geology
    5.2 Major cities
    5.3 Waterways
    6 Economy
    7 Demographics

    7.1 Language
    7.2 Religion
    8 Culture
    8.1 Sport
    8.2 Media
    9 Miscellaneous
    9.1 National Identity
    9.2 National symbols
    9.3 Scottish education
    9.4 List of things associated with Scotland...
  • Scotland ( :
    - dictionnaire écossais-anglais
    - proverbes écossais
    - chansons traditionnelles
    - poèmes
    - cartes



Cliparts / Pictures :

  • Haggis hanging in a butcher shop in Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland
    It "is a traditional Scottish dish that consists of sheep’s lungs, liver, and heart that are combined with oatmeal, onion, spices, and other ingredients,
    then stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and boiled for three hours.
    Titleholder: Eric Livingston, who ate three pounds of haggis in 8 minutes in 2008."



Vocabulary :

Listening :


INTERACTIVE activities :


Lesson plans :

  • The Water Horse: Cryptids, Loch Ness Monster - a lesson plan
    "Talking about the mystery that involves the Loch Ness Monster is a common moment in English classes because of its far fetched story. 
    I edited this scene to make the context more appealing to those who know little about the monsters origin."



  • My trip to Scotland
    "Voici le carnet de bord que nous avons fait pour notre voyage en Ecosse avec nos sections européennes 4èmes 3èmes.
    Nous avons pris le parti d'offrir aux élèves avant tout un carnet de souvenirs." 

    (Sandrine Malick - Ac. Versailles)


  • Destination - Scotland - a lesson plan (British Council) - UPDATED
    Level : Intermediate and above

    "Students will have the chance to read about Scotland and find out a little about its people, culture and language."

  • Views from Edinburgh (
    " Based on the works of Jackie Kay and Ron Butlin this kit looks at the Scottish city of Edinburgh...
    Four initial poems with two connecting threads are explored and put into the context of the author’s home city.
    A further poem and a short story by Edinburgh author Ron Butlin are introduced as further reading activities,
    giving another view of Edinburgh

  • Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster - a lesson plan (
    (compréhension, analyse, expression...)


Webquests :

Clips / Videos :

  • This is Scotland. You are Welcome. - 4:16
    "This is Scotland, a country of ancient heritage and vibrant culture, of breathtaking landscapes and unlimited adventures. You are welcome."




  • Homecoming Scotland 2009 - Caledonia TV Advert - 1:01
    "VisitScotlands latest advert was inspired by the desire to celebrate Scotlands Year of Homecoming in 2009.
    Dougie MacLeans classic song Caledonia was the obvious song for us to choose, not just because of the lyrics,
    but also because its a well loved anthem for many Scots."




  • NESSIE :

    022 Toyota Tacoma - Nessie



    Toyota Nessie
    "Hilarious commercial showing the loch ness monster
    using a cardboard cut-out of a toyota car
    as a decoy to lure people over so that he can grab them...
    very cool effects and commercial."






Cinema :

  • Brave ('Rebelle' in French)


Cartoons :


  • Cartoon: Scots' Porridge
    "This cartoon by Andy Davey from The Sun relates to UK Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to Scotland yesterday during which he delivered an impassioned plea to the Scots in defence of the United Kingdom, enticing Scotland to reject independence with an offer to devolve more power to Edinburgh." Read more >>