"The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires."
~William A. Ward~

(Updated on 29/01/2013)


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  • SCHOOL PHOBIA = " irrational fear of school or the school situation"

    Is there such a thing as school phobia?
    "A school is being asked to apologise to the family of a boy it prosecuted for truancy.
    The boy was diagnosed as having "school phobia", but what exactly is that?"




  • Bullying - un dossier
    (CBBC Newsround)





  • Celebr8 by Levi Tafari
    "'Celebr8' is a poem about integration and diversity.
    It is by the Liverpool based poet Levi Tafari, himself of Jamaican origin.
    This short kit has been produced to support the newly launched British Council project 'Integration and Diversity in Education' (INDIE) which
    encourages young future leaders from a variety of backgrounds to take the initiative in promoting diversity in the own schools."

    - with Tasks and activities for exploiting the poem,
    Teachers' notes and answer key
    and the Text of the poem.

    (British Council)



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Schools in the UK - Public Schools in the UK



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  • Teachers complain of 'e-spying'
    "Teaching unions are complaining that e-safety software is increasingly being used to keep track of their members.
    They say thousands of teachers are having their every mouse-click monitored, eroding trust. "



  • Schools must embrace mobile technology
    "The need for schools to prepare for 21st century learning was top of the agenda at this year's BETT conference.
    They must embrace mobile technologies, games, podcasts and social networking, according to leading educationalist Professor Stephen Heppell.
    Schools should also break away from traditional classroom and curriculum models, he argued."
    An article + A video





  • Playground Games (traditions-uk)

  • Summerhill ( :
    " The function of the child is to live his own life  not the life that his anxious parents think he should live, nor a life according to the purpose of the educator who thinks he knows best."

  • A Virtual School Day at Woodlands Junior School (UK) - (
    - with an interactive quiz


  • How the UK education system works (Education UK - Page disparue)

  • Visit a school (south-west London) - 750 boys and girls aged 10-18
    - See "Activities", "Sport" for example


Listening :

  • Audio slideshow: Blake's 'Informal Panorama'

    "The artist Quentin Blake - best known for his illustrations in Roald Dahl's children's books - has unveiled a 70-foot-long work celebrating the 800th anniversary of Cambridge University.

    On display at Addenbrooke's Hospital - and in his own distinctive style - Quentin Blake's mural depicts famous alumni from centuries past.
    Take a guided tour with the artist himself."





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US schools



Directory :

    "Click a state on the map to find a list of elementary, middle, and secondary schools...
    The registry is organized by state and by grade level.
    The registry also includes sites for charter Schools, virtual schools, school districts, state and regional education organizations, state departments of education, state standards and state administrators." (edu-cyberpg)


Information :



  • Sudbury Valley School - The cutting edge school for independent children - Individuality and Democracy: A Way of Life
    - with a video
    "At Sudbury Valley School (in  Framingham, MA), students from preschool through high school age explore the world freely,
    at their own pace and in their own unique ways..." 


    The Sudbury Philosophy ( - UPDATED


  • School's cool in the USA
    - Une Présentation PowerPoint pour présenter "the American High school" (présentation des différents lieux, sports, activités, cérémonies...)

    envoyée par Virginie Gosset (Ac. Strasbourg)


  • Texas city revives paddling as it takes a swat at misbehavior
    "In an era when students talk back to teachers, skip class and wear ever-more-risque clothing to school, one central Texas city has hit upon a deceptively simple solution: Bring back the paddle...
    Corporal punishment remains legal in 20 states, mostly in the South, but its use is diminishing...
    Rules about paddling vary from district to district, but typically only administrators, not teachers, can mete out the punishment, which is done in private."



  • US school accused of web spying
    "Parents in the US have accused a school of spying on children by remotely activating webcams on laptops."

  • Schedules & Grades Compared
    - Sample schedules and grades (marks and years) comparing the school systems in France and the US

  • US school systems - Tableau comparatif sytème français et américain (


  • Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2006 (
    "This report covers topics such as victimization, fights, bullying, disorder, weapons, student perceptions of school safety, teacher injury, and drugs and alcohol. Indicators of crime and safety are compared across different population subgroups and over time..." (bluewebn)




INTERACTIVE activities :

  • Schools in America (B1) : "Elizabeth Malkin nous parle du système scolaire américain."
    4 activités texte à trou + audio
  • Education in America - multiple choice exercise (Ac. Caen)


Lesson plans :


Cartoons :


Videos :

  • Parent Trigger: A New Right for the Parents of California
    "The Parent Trigger is a historic new law that gives parents in California the right to transform their child's current or future failing school.
    All parents need to do is organize -- if 51% of them get together and sign an official Parent Trigger petition, they have the power to force the school district to transform the school..."


  • Sudbury Valley School - The cutting edge school for independent children - Individuality and Democracy: A Way of Life
    - with a video
    "At Sudbury Valley School (in  Framingham, MA), students from preschool through high school age explore the world freely,
    at their own pace and in their own unique ways..." 


    See Information

  • President Obama's Message for America's Students
    "The President gives a speech directly to Americas students welcoming them back to school. He emphasizes their hope and potential but makes clear they will need to take responsibility for themselves and their education to reach that potential. September 8, 2009."


    Transcript Of President Obama’s Speech To Students - Back to School Speech
    "I think these passages might be useful a useful addition to a lesson I do on the importance of effort, as opposed to “natural” ability..." (Larry Ferlazzo)

  • "Do You Believe in Me" Speech makes national star of Dallas ISD fifth-grader - UPDATED




  • French School Lunch Menus
    "In a ‘Tour de France’ of food, I post the school lunch menus from a different village or town in France every week."



  • Eurydice - the information network on education in Europe (




  •  See School lunches around the world

  • China schools seek to nip young love in the bud
    "In recent weeks a number of Chinese secondary schools have introduced prescriptive new rules designed to discourage teenage romance.
    But this has been met with scorn and outrage on both social and official media, as the BBC's Dong Le reports."

  • A Day in the Life of a Korean Student
    "Korean students are smart. They consistently rank among the top performing students in the world, especially in math, but it’s no surprise, given their study habits and sheer relentlessness...
    The following is my attempt to describe a typical day in the life of a fictional Korean middle school student..."



  • "The top 500 Universities in the world by rank as determined in a study from the Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China."
    N°1 : Harvard University,  located in CambridgeMassachusetts. (USA)
    N°2 : Stanford University, located in  in Palo Alto, California (USA)


  • The English Teaching Robot - with a video


  • Brazil's education challenge in bid to be world player
    "Eric and Raquel live in Brazil's biggest city, Sao Paulo, but although their schools are just 40km (25 miles) apart, there is a world of difference in the education they are getting."
    - with VIDEOS

    Recommended by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille) :
    "Les deux videos sont particulièrement intéressantes et assez faciles pour comparer la vie de deux étudiants venant de milieux très differents."

  • US and UK Universities 'dominant'
    "Universities in the USA and the UK continue to dominate an annual table ranking the world's top higher education institutions...
    Harvard and Yale are in first and second places, with Cambridge and Oxford in third and fourth."

    (BBC News)


  • No shorts, no sandals, no stonewashed, teachers told
    "New Brunswick's School District 8 has decided its teachers need to start dressing a little better when they go to class.
    A new dress code policy recently came into effect for the schools in the southern New Brunswick district where staff are banned from wearing T-shirts, shorts, sports sandals and blue jeans while at work - even on casual days..."



  • Students (Wikipedia)
    1 Scope
    2 International variations :

    2.1 Australia 2.2 Canada 2.3 Continental Europe 2.4 United Kingdom
    2.5 United States 2.5.1 First year 2.5.2 Second year 2.5.3 Post-second year
    3 Mature students
    4 Student pranks
    5 Other terms
    6 Idiomatic use
    7 References...


  • Mon école en Australie (en français)
    "Dans ce programme de la série "Montre-moi ton école", un enfant aborigène d'Australie fait vivre quelques moments de sa vie d'écolier."


  • Bullying (CBBC Newsround)