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+ The bank



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  • Global Wellbeing Surveys Find Nations Worlds Apart
    "Ten percent or lower are "thriving" in 41 of 155 countries or areas."
    - with an interactive map

  • The internet billionaire rich list - Who has profited from the web's biggest sites?
    "The internet has created some of the world's youngest billionaires, possibly in the shortest possible time scale, ever.
    The richest are Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the pair who set up Google in the late 1990s. They went from PhD students to (paper) billionaires in about five years."


  • G-20 :

    • G20 ministers meet in St Andrews
      "The world's most powerful finance ministers are gathering in St Andrews for a summit aimed at pulling the world's economy out of recession...
      Co-ordinating fiscal policy will be on the agenda, as well as how to police global financial and banking systems...
      The two-day G20 event... will be attended by ... the US Treasury Secretary, as well as the finance ministers of Europe's largest economies
      and those of China, Japan, India, and Russia. "

      + a VIDEO on the aims of the G20 summit
      + The cost of the financial meltdown: Deficits and spending - with a map

    • G-20 major economies
      "The Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors — known as the G-20 — is a group of finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 economies: 19 countries, plus the European Union (EU)."


  • Evolution of the Household - 1950 to today - UPDATED




  • Special Report : The World's Billionaires - The 1,125 richest people on the planet.



  • Autre lien valeur documentaire. Vous pourrez y voir des billets du monde entier. (






  • Pound Sterling
    1 Name
    2 Subdivisions and other units
    3 History
    4 Coins
    5 Banknotes
    6 Legal tender and regional issues
    7 On the value of British money
    8 Value against other currencies
    9 The pound as a major international reserve currency...



  • British Money (with images) -
    "We've tried to list them all in the chart ..., with their conversions into today's post-1971 decimal system noted in italicized parentheses and their old (pre-1971) equivalencies listed in non-italicized text."



  • Daily life in the UK (ukstudentlife) :
    Accommodation - Entertainment
    - Money - Post - Shopping - Telephone - Computer - Sport



  • What is a dollar worth? - Limited to years from 1913 to 2005
    Example : "What would an item or service purchased in 19?? be worth in 2005 dollars?..."
    (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)
  • Showcase of American Bills (