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Songs with Activities :


Beautiful Girls - Billie Jean - Boom Boogie - Buffalo Soldier -


Cleaning Out my Closet - EMINEM - Come Together - Crazy - Creep -

Dear Mr President - Don't Download This Song - Driving The Last Spike -

Earth Song - English is cuh-ray-zee -


Fix You - Frere Jacque -

Good-Bye My Lover - Goodnight moon -
Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes - Hey you - Horse With No Name -
I Just Called To Say I Love You - I'm With You - I will survive - If I can dream - If you were a sailboat - Imagine - In this life -
It's Probably Me
- I wish I was a Punk Rocker -
Ka-Ching - Shania TWAIN
Language - Let It Be -
Mulberry Bush -
No Bravery -
Painter - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park -
Runaway Train -

Sick and Tired - ANASTACIA - Singing In The Rain - Sorry - Strange Fruit - Sweet Home Alabama -
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
- Sunday with a flu -


Telegraph Road - Thanks for the memories - That's My Goal - The Good The Bad And The Queen - The Letter -
The Reason - Turn To Me -


We are the Champions - We Didn't Start The Fire - Welcome to My Life -
What A Wonderful World!
What have you done ?
- Where Is The Love ? - Who knew ? - PINK

Yellow Lemon Tree - You're Beautiful -
Zombie -

- See Singers

- MORE activities on the pages of "Vocabulary and Activities"
(Section : "SONGS")



  • Billie Jean by Michael Jackson - A Worksheet sent by Philippe Soleilhet
    Niveau 4ème / 3ème au vu du vocabulaire et des structures abordées
    (Ac. Versailles)
    + the VIDEO (YouTube) - UPDATED
    + the LYRICS (

    - with activities
    "see it started at the park
    used to chill at the dark
    oh when you took my heart
    that's when we fell apart
    coz we both thought
    that love lasts forever (lasts forever)"

    (Isabel Perez)


    - Listening practice: Spelling & Pronunciation (Rhyming Words) for pre-intermediate level
    - Listening practice: Present Perfect for pre-intermediate or intermediate levels
    - Prepositions & Particles for intermediate or upper-intermediate levels
    - Listening practice: Common Phrases for intermediate or upper-intermediate levels
    - Matching exercise: Providing Suitable Responses for post-intermediate to advanced levels






  • Goodnight moon by Shivaree - a worksheet

    Goodnight moon sung by Shivaree (YouTube) - UPDATED
    - the LYRICS (
    "There's a blade by the bed
    And a phone in my hand
    A dog on the floor...
    Something's under the bed...
    There's a big black crow sitting on my window ledge"

    Use of "there is" and prepositions

  • If I can dream - sung by Elvis Presley
    "notable for its direct quotations to Martin Luther King, Jr."

    Une fiche envoyée par Emmanuelle Duchiron (Ac. Versailles)

    + Lyrics (
    + Video (YouTube)

    - with activities
    "I was nurtured I was sheltered
    I was curious and young
    I was searching for that something...
    I have faltered I have stumbled
    I have found my feet again"

    (Isabel Perez)

  • Mulberry Bush by Gwen Stuffunny - with an animation


  • Frere Jacque by Dave Mathshoes - with an animation



  • "Turn to me" - a song by Vanessa Amorosi (
    - with an animation about kidnapped animals
    - see the lyrics



  • Boom Boogie - a song by The Tweenies (simple present - karaoke) - (BBC)



  • Driving The Last Spike Lyrics (by GENESIS) :
    "In the early 1800's, large groups of mainly unskilled labourers built england's railways. the cost in human terms alone was very high..."
  • English is cuh-ray-zee by Pete Seeger :
    "English is the most widely spoken language in the history of the planet.
    One out of every seven human beings can speak or read it.
    Half the world's books, 3/4 of the international mail are in English.
    It has the largest vocabulary, perhaps two million words,
    And a noble body of literature. But face it:
    English is cuh-ray-zee!"



    • Activités autour de la chanson 'If you were a sailboat' by Katie Melua - Niveau : 4ème / 3ème
      envoyées par Françoise Chapellier (Ac. de La Réunion)
      - Worksheet 1 : travail de discrimination et compréhension
      - Worksheet 2 : activités autour du conditionnel
      - Créations des élèves de 3ème
      - Lyrics
      Watch the VIDEO (YouTube)


    • Katie Melua - 'If You Were A Sailboat' (YouTube)
      - the lyrics :
      "If you were a cowboy I would trail you,
      If you were a piece of wood I'd nail you to the floor,
      If you were a sailboat I would sail you to the shore,
      If you were a river I would swim you,
      If you were a house I would live in you all my days,
      If you were a preacher I would begin to change my ways, ..."

      Katie Melua - 'If You Were A Sailboat'
      - a worksheet


    • 'Imagine' by John Lennon
      - un travail envoyé par Corinne CORMIER de l'Académie de Nice (.doc)
      "Attention : Dans l'activité 2 (lexicale), il n'y a pas d'antonyme pour "country", à eux de le découvrir et d'expliquer pourquoi."


  • I'm with you by Avril Lavigne - an activity
  • 'It's probably me' by Sting and Eric Clapton - SONG STUDY (absolutenglish-972)
  • I will survive :
    The Alien Video Song - I will survive
    "The video plays Gloria Gaynor's disco anthem "I Will Survive" as the theme for a three-fingered, one-eyed extraterrestrial named "Blit Wizbot."
    - with a worksheet for the lyrics


  • Language by Suzanne Vega :
    "I won't use words again
    They don't mean what I meant
    They don't say what I said
    They're just the crust of the meaning
    With realms underneath
    Never touched
    Never stirred
    Never even moved through"
  • Beatles : Let it Be by The Beatles - interactive exercise (





  • Sorry - Based on: Sorry by Madonna - a lesson plan FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!
    Language Function: talking about one's experience
    Grammar Focus: present perfect
    - with
    Teacher's Notes




  • Yodelice - Sunday With A Flu (+ Clip )
    "Closed my door, forgot my key
    Missed my bus in the pouring rain
    It’s been the usual sunday with a flu
    And I just can’t get over you"


    See Alabama

    Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young
    "Thanks to Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd was inspired to write the song "Sweet Home Alabama"."
    "Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
    a southern man don't need him around anyhow"

    Is "Sweet Home Alabama" Really Sweet?

  • WORKSHEET ON 'TELEGRAPH ROAD' by Dire Straits (Yvan Baptiste)
    - Lyrics
    - A Short History of America
    (animation) - This is a 12 panel piece of art which Crumb named "A short history of America".
  • Thanks for the Memories By Fall Out Boy
    - with activities
    "Been looking forward to the future
    But my eyesight is going bad
    And this crystal ball
    It's always cloudy except for
    When you look into the past (look into the past)
    One night stand (one night stand off)"

    (Isabel Perez)
  • That's My Goal - based on 'That's my goal' by Shayne Ward
    Vocabulary Area / Topic : Valentine's Day / love relationships
    Grammar Focus : adjectives and adverbs
    - with
    Teacher's Notes


  • "The Letter" by Joe Cocker
    ("Give me a ticket for an aeroplane. Ain't got time to take a fast train ...")



    • The Reason by HOOBASTANK (
      "I'm not a perfect person
      There's many things I wish I didn't do
      But I continue learning...
      I've found a reason for me
      To change who I used to be...
      And all the pain I put you through
      I wish that I could take it all away"

    • "The reason" sung by Hoobastank - a worksheet
      (sent by Marion Méranger-Galtier - Académie Orléans-Tours)
      - the VIDEO (YouTube) - UPDATED



  • Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan
    "Travail conçu pour des 3e sur le thème "Bullying". Cette chanson donne le point de vue d'une victime."
    - Exercices de Compréhension orale
    - A worksheet
    - The lyrics
    sent by Emilie Vallely (Académie de Strasbourg)
    Listen to the song - with the lyrics (YouTube)

  • What Have You Done By Within Temptation
    - with activities
    "Would you mind if I hurt you?...
    Wish that I had other choices
    Than to harm the one I love...
    I know I'd better stop trying
    You know that there's no denying...
    I know I should stop believing...
    I've been waiting for someone like you
    But now you are slipping away"

    (Isabel Perez)

    • Zombie (song)
      "Zombie" is a protest song by the Irish band The Cranberries from the 1994 album No Need to Argue.
      It is about the conflicts in Northern Ireland known as "The Troubles", with references to the Easter Rising of 1916."


    • Zombie - The Cranberries ( + the VIDEO (YouTube)

      Zombie - The Cranberries - A worksheet




Topics :

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Days, Months and Seasons - Death -
American English Pronunciation - Ellis Island - Environment -
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  • Blues Journey
    "Through informative interviews and a wealth of music clips, you'll learn the ins and outs of blues music and find out
    about the history of the blues using the loose lesson plan.
    Provides related lesson plans and website links. Flash-based resource"


  • Human Body - The Scary Skeleton - a song (You can listen to it) - (British Council)
  • Conditional : Norah Jones - Painter Song
    "If I were a painter
    I would paint my reverie..."
  • Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton :
    "Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?"
  • Family Portrait by Pink
    Watch the video and do the exercise.

    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid



      Starter Level (1-2) | Elementary level (3-8) | Pre-intermediate level (9-12) | Intermediate (13-15)
      - Download MP3 and script



  • Rock+Roll - lesson plans (Music and History / Myths) - (
  • Weather songs ( :
    You can listen to some clips and see the lyrics with the definition of each weather word.
    You can also test your weather knowledge !



Quizzes :

  • New York Philharmonic Kidzone - (
    Musician's Lounge, Composers' Gallery, Instrument Storage Room, Instrument Laboratory, Conductor/Soloist Dressing Rooms, Newsstand,
    Games (quizzes, scavenger hunts)
    , and Composer's Workshop.




  • The meaning of American Pie
    "Look at the video and learn about the meaning behind the lyrics of Don McLean's American Pie, the number five song of the twentieth century.
    Now Read about the song lyrics and learn more about America from the mid 1950s to the late 1960s.
    How many people and events can you identify? what do you know about them?
    Match their names and photos.
    See a list of terms used in these activities."
    Matching - Flashcards (Java / non-Java) - Concentration - Word Search
    Activities created by: Renée Maufroid


  • Rocking English (
    "When you press the start button you will see two lines of a song. The last word is missing.
    You must decide what the last word is; and you have to get it right quickly, or the singer won't be able to get out of the way of the rotten tomatoes the audience are throwing.



"The Cotton Club is a 1984 crime-drama,
centered on a famed Harlem jazz club of the 1930s, the Cotton Club.
The movie was ... directed by Francis Ford Coppola, choreographed by Henry LeTang,
and starred Richard GereDiane Lane, and Gregory Hines.
The cast included Nicolas CageBob Hoskins, ..."