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Facts :


  • Timeline: Trinidad and Tobago
    "1498 - Christopher Columbus visits the islands, naming Trinidad after the three peaks at its south-east corner and Tobago after a local type of tobacco pipe..."
    Country profile: Trinidad and Tobago : Overview - Facts - Leaders - Media
    "Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean, thanks to its large reserves of oil and gas, the exploitation of which dominates its economy."


  • Rastafari (
    "The roots, core beliefs and practices of Rastafari lie close to Bob Marley's music and philosophy. These pages put the religion in context and dispels popular misconceptions about the philosophy and lifestyle of devout Rastas."




  • Who seh wi chat patwa (patois)? (
    "It is said that Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Guyanese, St. Vincentians, Antiguans, all speak patois, which is the dialectal offspring of the language of the colonial powers of these islands. What do we really speak, and does our language have a distinct name? Let us first find out what is patois. It is an illiterate or provincial form of speech; broken English; jargon. Jargon is confused speech, gibberish, or technical phraseology."

  • Caribbean (Wikipedia)
    1 Historical groupings
    2 Present-day island territories of the Caribbean
    3 Continental countries with Caribbean coastlines and islands
    4 Island territories near the Caribbean
    5 Indigenous Tribes
    6 See also
    7 Regional Institutions


  • 'Jafaican' is wiping out inner-city English accents by LAURA CLARK, Daily Mail
    "If you struggle to understand Cockney, Brummie, Geordie and Scouse, then stand by for an even bigger challenge.
    It's called Jafaican and, slowly but surely, it is infiltrating the English language..."


  • Antilles "now generally refers to the islands of the Caribbean except the Bahamas." (Wikipedia)
    1 Background
    2 Greater Antilles
    3 Lesser Antilles
    4 References


  • PUERTO RICO (Laurence Bernard, Académie de Martinique)
    - with worksheets
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, in fact and Fiction (
    History :
    Preface:The Philosophy of the Pirates Page.
    Piracy: Then and Now (A brief history)
    What be a Pirate, Privateer, etc.
    A Pyrate's Life - Lifestyle, Organization, etc.

    Pirate Specifics :
    The Jolly Roger
    Pyrate Medicine (new)
    Myths & Monsters (new)
    Piece of Eight, Doubloons

    Tools of the Trade :
    A Pirate Arsenal (Weapons)
    The Ships
    A Pyrates Who's Who (of the Caribbean)
    Notorious Places of Pirate Lore...



Photos :



Cliparts :

Caribbean Food


Caribbean Clipart

Caribbean Beach


Caribbean clipart


Culture :

  • Identity - This is my England
    "Identity! Sometimes it makes my head hurt -sometimes my heart.
    So what am I? Where do I fit into Britain, 2000 and beyond?"
    Andrea Levy, a writer, is English born and bred.
    But her parents are Jamaican, and the colour of her skin not white.
    As a consequence, she is not always made to feel at home in the country she thinks of as home.
    In this article by her from The Guardian Weekend, February 19, 2000, she explores the question of identity, and its significance in a multi-cultural society like the United Kingdom."


    Lien modifié



  • Caribbean culture (
    Caribbean Maps & Guides / Novels & Tales / Childrens Books / Caribbean History & Culture /
    Caribbean Art & Architecture / Latin & Caribbean Food & Recipes / Cruising the Caribbean /
    Caribbean Nature / Snorkeling & Diving in the Caribbean / Caribbean for Couples & Adults /
    Caribbean Literature Pages / Caribbean Music Pages / Magazines for Caribbean Travellers


  • TRININDIANS - L'arrivée des premiers travailleurs Indiens à Trinidad et Tobago (
    - un dossier en français
    Objectifs :
    Découvrir la culture indienne à Trinidad et Tobago, lors de la commémoration du 150 ème anniversaire de l'arrivée des premiers travailleurs Indiens dans l'île.
    Découvrir une île de la Caraïbe anglophones : la République de Trinidad and Tobago et ses spécificités (arts, littérature, musique, sports &)


Food :



INTERACTIVE activities :

  • Jamaican Patois
    "Listen and Match the Jamaican patois sentences with their equivalent in standard-English."

    (Laurence Bernard - Ac. Martinique)


Activities TO PRINT :

  • PUERTO RICO (Laurence Bernard, Académie de Martinique)
    - with worksheets


Lesson plans :

  • The Caribbean Islands - a lesson plan (

  • Hope for Haiti Event Raises Millions - a lesson plan
    "Some of the biggest stars in entertainment gathered on Friday night to help raise money for Haiti. The event, called ‘Hope for Haiti Now’, was organized by actor George Clooney..."



  • Haiti in Ruins After Huge Earthquake - a lesson plan
  • The Empire Windrush Unit (Laurence Bernard - Ac. Martinique)
    "The idea of this unit stems from a text given for the Baccalaureat on June 2004, extracted from "And Justice There Was None" by Deborah Crombie, 2002.
    Along with the study of this text, I created a few activities to help the students understand the circumstances of the arrival of the newcomers, and the difficulties they might have faced to settle in their new neighbourhood.
    It was particularly important for me to go further as I teach in the Caribbean island of Martinique which is located between two islands of the British Commonwealth, namely St Lucia and Dominica. This was therefore a great opportunity for me to teach my students about the history of their region..."


  • Littérature anglophone des Caraïbes (CNDP)
    Fiches d'activités pédagogiques > Niveau collège : Poetry from the West Indies
    Culturel : découverte de la poésie anglophone des Antilles (Guyane, Jamaïque)
    - compétences : atelier d écriture
    - lexique : la nature, le départ, les activités physiques
    - grammaire : rebrassage du gérondif (V -ing), du prétérit et de l auxiliaire modal can

  • ISLANDS OF THE CARIBBEAN - lesson plan (Laurence Bernard, Académie de Martinique)


Webquests :

  • Rastafari, Bob Marley and Jamaica - a webquest
    "The idea here is to browse some web pages devoted to Rastafari, Bob Marley and Jamaica and to try to answer the 25 questions..."


  • The Rasta Quest - a webquest
    "The Rasta movement is upon you, coloring your voices with red, green, and gold!
    To prepare, knowledge of the Rastafarianism lifestyle is necessary; knowledge that will be gained through the use of this particular webquest.
    Through these means, you will learn about various aspects of importance to the Rastafarian culture, such as music, art, religious beliefs, daily life,
    and symbolic interpretation..."



  • Kingston - a webquest : History of Jamaica - Bob Marley


  • Travel to Latin America (
    "You work for a great travel agency that wants to design a trip for teenagers to a country in Latin America.
    You have been assigned to a group that is going to describe the country and prepare a trip which will make young people want to go visit this place.
    The Task:
    Design a one-week trip and a travel brochure that will make young people want to go to this country.
    You must create a name and a slogan for your agency that will reflect your purpose for this project.
    You will present your trip and brochure to the class. Any "props" necessary to enhance your presentation are encouraged. (examples: music, clothing, or any other item that would be represent your country s culture.)"


  • All aboard for the West Indies!!! - A Caribbean Webquest (
    "On this Adventure, you will embark on travels to exotic Caribbean islands in pursuit of discovering different cultures of five West Indies islands: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti."
    Teacher Page


Poems :

  • Aimé Césaire
    (1913 - 2008)
    He "was a French Martinican poet,
    author and politician."

    1 Biography
    2 Works 2.1 Poetry 2.2 Theater 2.3 Other writings...



  • Talking Turkeys!! by Benjamin Zephaniah - with a VIDEO (BBC)
    - avec des Fiches d'activités pédagogiques
    (CNDP) :
    Culturel : découverte de la poésie anglophone des Antilles (Guyane, Jamaïque)
    - compétences : atelier d'écriture
    - lexique : la nature, le départ, les activités physiques
    - grammaire : rebrassage du gérondif (V -ing), du prétérit et de l'auxiliaire modal 'can'


Songs :

  • Christmas in the Caribbean - sung by Jimmy Buffett
    "Lights are blowing in the palm trees
    Stockings hanging from the mast
    Santa riding on a dolphin"

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)



Videos :

  • Racial groups of the Caribbean
    "Out of many, one people" = National motto of Jamaica
    "There are about 9 different ethnic groups in the Caribbean who have their origins in Europe, Africa and Asia."



Cinema :





  • Sail Safe
    An Introduction to Safety at Sea
    + a game
    : "See how you fare on a dangerous voyage to the Caribbean."


  • Fair Trade - Interactive game
    "Do you know where in the world your clothes were made?
    Have you ever thought about how your clothes were produced?
    Join Frank on a fair trade journey to find out about globalisation and fair trade."


  • "The Spanish-speaking immigrants of the Caribbean brought creative new music-- and new percussion instruments--to the United States. Can you name these instruments?
    Play the game and find out!" - LIEN MODIFIE


Cartoons :