Death keeps no calendar. (Wise sayings )


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(Updated on 26/12/2010)


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Examples :

  • 2017 Calendar Shows Many Sides of Vladimir Putin - Text + Audio - 18 October 2016
    "The world is getting its first look at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official calendar for 2017. It shows many sides of Putin.
    Some pictures show him doing manly things, while others seem to show Putin’s softer side. In one photo, Putin is seen smiling and holding a cat."




  • Pictorial Facts of the Day - Calendar 2012
    - "a day-by-day calendar of holidays, historic events, birthdays and special days for each month of of the year.
    Each day contains a short article about why the day is special, a historic event, custom, tradition, famous person or interesting facts related to the date."



  • Why do we still buy calendars?
    "The calendar sales season has begun, with 2012 editions going on sale in time for Christmas.
    But in the digital age, why is the paper calendar so popular?"


    Peculiar calendar themes :

    • Yoga cats
    • Coffins
    • Nuns having fun
    • Surf dogs
    • Steam engines
    • Goats in trees


  • 2012 Educators' Calendar
    "Enjoy your FREE 2012 Educators' Calendar, full of interesting holidays, significant dates in history, and month- and week-long celebrations.
    It's sure to present teachable moments all year long!...
    The 2012 Educators' Calendar is also available online."


  • Desktop Eco-calendars (
    "includes important environmental dates, facts, quotes and great ideas for seasonal activities."


  • A walk through Time - (
    Ancient calendars - Early clocks - Revolution in "Timekeeping" - The "Atomic Age" - World Time Scales - NIST Time Calibration


  • A calendar with important events in literature and literacy. (


  • Today in Literature, (
    a calendar of engaging stories about the great books, writers, and events in literary history.


Stickers :

  • Calendar Sticker Page - LIEN MODIFIE
    Stickers of special days and events to be used on calendars and schedules.

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  • A to Z Calendar Printouts :
    African-American History Calendar - Endangered Animals - Biomes Calendar - Holidays and Seasons - Weather ...


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Videos :

  • Why Does February Have 28 Days?
    "We can thank the Romans for our chaotic complex calendar system. February has been a neglected month throughout history.
    Essentially, it got it's 28 days because the Romans used the lunar cycles to design the months when they should have based their calendar off of the sun."