(born August 22, 1920)

an American mainstream, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and mystery writer.


The author - 'Farhenheit 451' - 'The Pedestrian'

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The author :


'Farhenheit 451' :


  • Farhenheit 57 - Video + Transcript
    Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 "at the height of McCarthyism. Today, with the increasing proliferation of surveillance equipment in American cities, the spread of digital books and the decline of attention spans, Fahrenheit 451 remains a startlingly relevant work of fiction today..."



'The Pedestrian' :

  • 'The Pedestrian'
    It "is a short story by author Ray Bradbury. This story was originally published in 1951...
    In this story we encounter Leonard Mead, a citizen of a television-centered world in A.D. 2053.
    In the city, roads have fallen into decay and people only leave their homes during the day, staying home at night to watch TV.
    It is revealed that Mead enjoys walking through the city during the night, something which no one else does.
    On one of his usual walks he encounters a robotic police car... "



  • The Pedestrian - Animated movie based on the novel "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury. (


  • "The Pedestrian"
    "In this activity students are asked to read several definitions of "science fiction" and choose the one that best relates to this story.
    They write to defend their choice."