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BOXING DAY or St. Stephen's Day

December 26th

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(Updated on 27/11/2013)


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Facts :



  • Boxing Day (Wikipedia) :
    1 Commonwealth observance
    2 European observance
    3 References
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Listening :



Activities TO PRINT :

  • Boxing Day Family Puzzler
    "All the solutions are numbers; each player/team should write down their guess and the closest answer for each question receives one point."
  • Boxing Day in Canada - A text with gaps. (



Webquests :

  • Christmas Webquest!
    "Une recherche pour trouver diverses informations sur Noël, les décorations et la tradition de "Boxing Day"."
    - prévue pour un niveau 2nde, mais peut être faite en 3ème.
    (Ac. Orléans-Tours)



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Songs :