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(Updated on 16/02/2013)


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Vocabulary :

  • Boredom (Wikipedia)
    1 Causes
    2 Practical effects
    3 Philosophy
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    5 References
  • Boredom (
    Definition: disinterest; weariness
    Antonyms: excitement, interest, pleasure


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Quotes :

  • Boredom Quotes ( :
    Metallica: "Boredom comes from a boring mind."
    Soren Kierkegaard: "Since boredom advances and boredom is the root of all evil, no wonder, then, that the world goes backwards, that evil spreads. This can be traced back to the very beginning of the world. The gods were bored; therefore they created human beings."

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Cartoons :



I'm bored


Last day of school



The kids won't get bored




Stories :

  • The Phantom Tollbooth (1961)
    "a children's novel and a modern fairy tale full of wordplay and adventure.
    Written by Norton Juster and illustrated by Jules Feiffer, it tells the story of a bored young boy named Milo who drives through a magic tollbooth into the
    Kingdom of Wisdom, where he embarks on a noble quest and in the end learns a valuable lesson."




Songs :

  • Bored Of Everything - Ellegarden :
    "Wake up, stand up
    I know, but for what
    One thing I crave
    A weekend without computer games
    Pull the trigger and kill the zombies
    Sorry, I'm done...
    No doubt I want to be someone else
    I need to find something before I'm bored of everything"
  • Bored And Violent - OXYMORON :
    "There's violence coming up, trouble on the streets.
    Gangs are taking over, but where will this lead?
  • Boredom - S.T.U.N :
    "Boredom is for humans, boredom is for human beings"
  • Boredom - Procol Harum :
    "Some say they will and some say they won t
    Some say they do and some say they don t
    Some say they shall and some say they shan t
    And some say they can and some say they can t..."
  • I'm Bored - Iggy Pop :
    "I bore myself to sleep at night..."
    - with the
    VIDEO (You Tube)
  • History Of A Boring Town - Less Than Jake
    "A boring life in a boring town
    With that same old crowd
    And I used to say I'd never stay"
  • (Boring) Boring (Bored) by Venerea :
    "I'm bored ... I don't know what to do...
    The only problem is I'm just so boring"
  • Boring - The Pierces :
    "Nothing thrills us
    Life is such a chore
    When it's &.